Mommy Villainess Chapter 72

72 Unlikely Alliance
KIHO didn't have a choice but to join his fellow captains for lunch.

Since they were all hungry, they went to the first restaurant that they saw. They were at Aristo so naturally, every store in there was high-end. The steakhouse that they chose was famous for its high-quality beef.

Majority of the customers were higher nobles. They seemed shocked and amazed when the four captains of the Four Orders entered the restaurant.

[This is a rare sight after all.]

To be honest, there was a line outside. But when the staff saw them, he immediately called the owner of the restaurant. Then, the earl who owned it escorted them inside and even ushered them to the VIP lounge. They had privacy there because they were separated from the hall where most of the customers were.

The VIP lounge was closed and was only opened for them.

[Well, the captains of the Four Orders are important people in the empire.]

"This is my first time in this restaurant," Captain Sherwood said cheerily after they made their orders. They all got rib-eye steak and red wine. "Am I the only one?"

"This is my first time as well," Captain Denver said. "Actually, I rarely get the chance to dine in restaurants since our workload has been full recently."

"Uh-huh," Captain Sherwood agreed.

"This is also my first time here," Kiho said. "If the food here is great, I'll bring my wife here next time."

"I've been here with my wife before. She loved it here. I'm sure Lady Prescott would be pleased if you bring her in this restaurant," Captain Ainsworth told him. "Captain Kiho, thank you for helping me reserve a jewelry set for my wife. I heard the slot for the "pre-order" thing is limited. I'm glad I made it before it was gone."

"Oh, yeah," Captain Sherwood added. "Thanks for the assist, Captain Kiho."

Before they left the restaurant, Captain Sherwood and Captain Ainsworth had successfully reserved a slot of Tilly's pre-ordered jewelry set.

"You're welcome," Kiho said to Captain Sherwood and Captain Ainsworth. "Thank you for the patronage, captains."

Their small talk was interrupted when their food finally arrived.

Four staff served them, one for each of the captain. The steaks served to them were big and juicy. The bottle of red wine that came with the food was apparently the best one in the restaurant. Aside from that, the presentation was pretty as well.

[I'm sure Tilly would love it here.]

All of the captains had only taken a bite of their steak when something unimaginable happened: the restaurant was suddenly attacked by rebels.

"Nobody moves!" one of the rebels, dressed like a proper nobleman, shouted while holding a rifle. How he managed to bring it in the area without being spotted by a knight would definitely be investigated. "We'll shoot everyone who'd move!"

The rebels were eight men armed with rifles and swords. Two of them closed the doors and the windows. Based on the noise and cry of help outside, it was obvious that the knights and the civilians were killed outside.

[We didn't hear or feel a thing. They must be using some sort of concealment spell. That could also explain how on earth they managed to sneak in weapons in Aristo.]

"Stop eating, you f*cking nobles!" the angry rebel yelled again, pointing his rifle at the nobles. Most of the customers right now were ladies from affluent families. None of the nobles listened to the rebel and just continued eating and talking to each other. "Are you listening to me, you m*therf*ckers?!"

"Oh, shut up," a lady shouted back at the rebel. "If you have something to complain about the empire, then say it to our great captains and let the innocent people have lunch in peace!"

The rebel looked taken aback. "C-Captains?"

Everyone calmly and politely pointed at their direction.

When the rebels turned to the VIP lounge, they were greeted by the four captains of the empire's Four Orders.

Captain Sherwood was smiling and even waving at the rebels.

Captain Ainsworth looked worried about the customers' safety.

While Kiho and Captain Denver looked passive as usual.

"A-Attack!" the leader-like among the rebels shouted while pointing his rifle at the captains. "The captains are here so we can't afford to hold back!"

But the captains didn't need to move to seize the rebels.

When the rebels started to fire at them, Captain Sherwood just waved his hand and the direction of the wind changed. The bullets, instead of aiming towards their direction, took a turn and shot the rebels instead.

Captain Ainsworth stomped on the ground and a concrete wall sprouted, protecting the innocent customers from stray bullets.

Captain Denver tapped the gems embedded in his armband, effectively burning the enemies' swords and other weapons into ashes.

"Retreat!" the leader said. "Retreat!"

Kiho snapped his fingers. Then, a thick layer of ice wrapped around the rebels' bodies like ropes. [Where did these rebels come from?]

And just like that, the assailants were apprehended.


"THIS ISN'T the end!" the rebel yelled while being escorted by knights from Captain Ainsworth's squad out of the restaurant. "Even if you caught us now, our allies would definitelt avenge us!"

No one batted an eye at the threat.


The customers inside were safely evacuated by Captain Sherwood (the "crowd favorite" among the captains). Kiho and Captain Denver helped give first aids to the victims outside the restaurant while they were waiting for doctors.

Every captain of the Four Orders knew first aid. Heck, if they needed to, they also knew how to perform minor surgeries. After all, doctors weren't always present during wars.

"You can ignore us all you want!" the rebel continued to shout. "But one day, I swear! They will be back and reclaim their rightful places! I'm talking about Fire Mages!"

Now everyone who heard that turned to the rebel.

Kiho felt annoyed.

The Denvers, who were legit Fire Mages, had been trying hard to hide their identities for so long. But why were these stupid and fake supporters using the Fire Mages to instill fear in the public? God, he wanted to kill these fools.

"Fire Mages, huh?" Captain Denver smirked at the rebels. "If they are real, then why didn't you bring them here instead?"

Kiho was impressed. [Good acting, Captain Denver.]

Thanks to that, he calmed down.

"They are real!" the rebel insisted. "The Fire Mages will rise soon now that the heart has been found!"

Okay, Kiho was surprised by that.

When he turned to Captain Denver, he also looked shocked.

[Does it mean another group had found out about Tilly?!]

Kiho felt gutted.


"Shut it," Captain Sherwood told the rebel. "Who cares if you found the heart or something? At the end of the day, that heart would be crushed by His Majesty anyway."

He tried hard to control his emotions when he heard that.

The rebel was about to speak again but when Captain Sherwood waved his hand, a strong wind pressure hit the rebel at the back of his head causing him to lose consciousness. The rebel had to be carried away by the knight escorting him.

"I wonder why the rebels are starting to get bold just because of a piece of heart," Captain Sherwood said to himself, then he turned to Kiho. "But come to think of it, His Majesty wouldn't have to deal with it himself. Isn't it the captains' job to crush everyone who'd be foolish enough to fight against the royal family? Right, Captain Kiho?"

"Of course," Kiho said blankly. "That's the captains' duty."

[Count me out though.]


"CAPTAIN DENVER, I have a request," Kiho told Denver.

Right now, they were at Captain Ainsworth's office because it was the closest one from the restaurant where they came from.

They were still with Captain Sherwood and Captain Ainsworth. After all, the four of them needed to write a report. Every time a captain used his Mana to seize an enemy, they were required to file a report and send it to the emperor.

The captains weren't allowed to use their Mana without a valid reason, especially if civilians were around.

"My wife asked me to go the charities she supports to ask them what we can provide for them," Kiho continued. "One of the charities she supports is your guild's foundation. Specifically, she's sponsoring two of your students."

He couldn't find a better timing to ask that. So even though Captain Sherwood and Captain Ainsworth were in the same room, he had to ask now.

But he was hoping that Captain Denver would get his real intention.

"We want to know what kind of training the kids are going through so we could provide the right weapons and clothing for them," Kiho continued. In reality, his question meant for Captain Denver to share the kids' training menu so he could copy it for Tilly. He specifically said "kids" to let the other captain know that he wanted the basic menu for his wife to start with. "Can you make a list of that?"

Captain Denver looked confused at first. But later, understanding crossed his eyes. Then, he nodded while giving him a knowing look. "I'll give you a list later, Captain Kiho," he said. "Please tell Lady Prescott that we're grateful for her support."

Ah, mission accomplished.


TILLY'S craving was the reason why she was in the carriage now heading to Komono. It was the area for commoners. She wanted to go there to have their street food that was only sold there. She could ask for her servants to buy it for her but she couldn't wait anymore.

She knew that Komono wasn't really safe for a higher noble like her. But she dressed like a commoner, used a simple carriage, and made Damian wear commoners' clothes instead of his military uniform.

[I can't wait to see Komono's famous street food.]

She was humming happily when suddenly, the carriage stopped.

Damian immediately pulled out his sword. Based on the serious look on the knight's face, she realized right away that they were in danger.

Tilly unconsciously placed her hands on her tummy. [What now?]


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