Mommy Villainess Chapter 74

74 New Brewing Troubles
"MISS LUNA, please think about my offer," Tilly said seriously. Right now, they were in front of the carriage that she asked Damian to rent for Luna. After having late lunch, Luna thanked her and said she needed to leave. She offered to get the witch a ride and thankfully, she accepted it. "I'll be waiting for your decision. If you can't come to our residence, please send me a letter and I'll come to you instead."

"We will come to get you, Miss Luna," Kiho added, then he turned to her. "The two of us. Right, honey?"

She smiled and wrapped an arm around his waist. "Right, the two of us," she said, then she turned to Luna. "Miss Luna" She stopped talking when she realized that Miss Luna was looking at Kiho with sparkling eyes. The witch was literally drooling over her husband. To hide her annoyance, she cleared her throat. "Miss Luna, did you hear what we just said?"

"I'll definitely come and visit your residence to see that handsome face," Luna said while ogling Kiho. Then, she wiped the drool on the side of her mouth before she turned to her. "I'd love to visit your residence if it means seeing your husband again."

Okay, that kind of upset her.

"Hon, please wait inside our carriage," Tilly said while looking up at her husband. When he was about to complain, she open her eyes wider than usual. "Now."

Kiho nodded. Well, their carriage was just next to the one they rented for Luna. Maybe he thought that he could reach her anytime if something bad was to happen. "I'll wait inside, honey," he said. Then, he turned to Luna and bowed. "Have a safe trip, Miss Luna."

"Thank you, Sir Kiho," Luna said with shining eyes. "My trip is already worth it because I met you."

Her husband obviously looked unimpressed.

[Thank goodness.]

Kiho just politely bowed to Luna again before he walked away and got inside their carriage.

Damian was standing outside their carriage but the young knight was far enough to not hear their conversation from there.

[I feel like I owe Miss Luna an apology because of what I did to her in the past.]

But before Tilly could open her mouth, the witch beat her to it.

"Lady Prescott, you're husband is the last of his kind," Luna said, her pink eyes glowing in a reddish shade again. "Protect him at all cost."

She didn't know why but she suddenly got goosebumps. Luna may look like a lunatic. But the words she said just now had gravity in it. "What do you mean by that, Miss Luna?"

"His face is a national treasure!" the witch said playfully, the glow in her eyes and the seriousness on her face disappearing altogether. "Be careful, Lady Prescott. A face like that could start a war." She held her by the shoulders. "For the sake of your peace, don't let another woman steal your husband."

This crazy witch definitely wasn't sprouting random things.

Well, Luna might look and sound like she was only joking.

But Tilly, from her experience in dealing with Luna in her past life, knew that the witch wouldn't say rubbish things. Her words were always filled with riddles.

"Kiho is one of a kind and his face is a national treasure," Tilly said under her breath while thinking carefully. "If he gets stolen from me, a war might start." She gave Luna a questioning look. "Are you saying that my husband is an important existence in the empire?

Luna pulled her hands away from her as if she was burnt. "Don't be too serious, Lady Prescott. I'm just saying that your husband is too handsome so you should be worried about other women who might seduce him."

"You're not the type of person who'd give random advice to married couples, Miss Luna," she said. "Your words always have a deeper meaning than what you make it sound like."

"Why are you talking like you know me well?"

She just smiled sadly at the witch.

What she couldn't tell Luna was in her past life, she also gave her a "random advice." But she didn't listen to her.

In her first life, Luna told her that the empire's greatest treasure wasn't the throne. The witch said that she already had "them." But of course, her foolish past self didn't listen to Luna. So in the end, she was left with nothing and died a painful death.

[Come to think of it, Miss Luna in my first life was probably telling me that the empire's greatest treasures were Kiho and Winter. But was it because a family is priceless or was the witch trying to tell me something else about my husband and son?]

"I'll tell you everything once you decide to work as my doctor," Tilly said confidently. "See you later, Miss Luna."

Luna laughed in amusement. "You're really interesting, Lady Prescott."


"WHERE have you gone to, Captain Sherwood?" Aku asked the captain in a strict tone. It was way past lunch when Captain Sherwood came back to the palace. Right now, they were in the throne room. "Just because I didn't kill you don't mean I won't change my mind again."

"My deepest apologies, Your Majesty," Captain Sherwood said with a bow. When he raised his head again, he saw the look of amusement in his eyes. The captain didn't look sorry at all. "The captains of the Four Orders have been busy this afternoon. Several groups of rebels from different areas in the Royal Capital have appeared. They were all claiming that the Fire Mages have found the heart. Well, the ordinary citizens don't have any idea what the heart the rebels are talking about is. But the fact that they mentioned the Fire Mages is enough to instill fear among the people, especially the commoners. After all, if a war breaks out, the class that would be affected most is the poor."

"Uh-huh," he said lazily. "I've received several reports about it already."

"Your Majesty, was it you?" the captain asked, obviously not scared of him. Well, he could talk freely since it was only the two of them in the throne room right now. "Was it you who ordered those "rebels" to scare the public using the Fire Mages' name?"

"What do you think, Captain Sherwood?"

He shook his head. "That's not something that you'd do, Your Majesty. After all, when you want something, you keep quiet about it so other people wouldn't discover it. That's the reason why you locked up Her Royal Highness in the palace until your debut in society. Am I right?"

Ah, the Sherwoods' knowledge about the royal family was starting to be a problem.

[I should deal with them soon.]

"It wasn't me," he admitted. "I'm afraid this is the work of my beloved Neoma."

"Her Royal Highness?" Captain Sherwood asked in surprise. "Is the princess awake, Your Majesty?"

"Unfortunately, Neoma is still unconscious," Aku said, the he let out a deep sigh. "But her "collection" of "unique" warriors has returned to the Royal Capital after they heard the news about the princess."

Aku wouldn't lie: he never liked Nia's "collection."


"KIHO, are you upset?" Kakie asked her husband nervously while they were sitting side by side in the carriage. To give them privacy, Damian sat beside the coachman instead of joining them inside. "I didn't get hurt though. The fiasco was over when we arrived here at Komodo."

"I know and I'm glad that you weren't hurt," Kiho said patiently. "But I almost got a heart attack when Captain Denver informed me that you were here. I thought you were going to stay home all day because you felt unwell."

Okay, now she felt guiltier.

"Tilly, I'm not asking you to lock yourself up in the house or report to me every hour," he continued softly. "I understand that you're an independent woman and I like that about you. But please. Tell me whenever you're going out. I want to know where you are so if something like that happens again, I could follow you right away." His hand touched the black earring in her lobe, the one that they used as a communication device. "I'm just one call away, honey."

"I'm sorry, Kiho," she said, a lump forming in her throat. She wasn't a crybaby but her hormones were messing her up. Gosh, who would have thought that she would cry just because Kiho scolded her lightly? "This may sound like an excuse but I really thought it would just be a short trip. I was craving for Komodo's street food and so I went here without telling you. Please don't be mad at me."

Panic crossed his eyes when tears started to fall down her cheeks.

"Tilly, don't cry," Kiho said in a panic while wiping her tears off her face using his hands. "I'm not mad, honey. I just want to remind you that you can depend on me anytime. As long as you understand, then we're good."

She nodded. "Hon, I'm really sorry."

He kissed her on the forehead. "Apology accepted, honey. Are you still craving for some street food? I've been here a lot in the past so I can recommend some good food stall."

Tilly smiled, her mood instantly turning bright again. "Yes, I'm craving for it again."

"Alright, let's go on a date before we go home," Kiho said, then he kissed her on the lips this time. "I can't really stay upset with you for longer than a minute."


AS MUCH as Luna wanted to enter the White Tower's premise, she couldn't.

The closest she could get was to the tower's gate located at the foot of Mt. Erion. The White Tower stood at the mountain's peak. So yes, anyone who intended to go to the tower had to climb all the way up. But of course, it wouldn't be a walk in the park.

Considering her power, she could easily climb the mountain to reach the White Tower. But that would mean the ugly mages up there would detect her.

"Tsk," Luna clicked her tongue in annoyance. "You should have expected Lahara to come back as a corpse after you let her leave the White Tower to support the princess. Ah, wait. You didn't even get her body, did you?"

After her monologue, she did what she came there for: she spat on the gate.

Now she felt good.

"Lahara, you bitch," she said while looking at the White Tower. "You deserve to be burnt to death."

Just because a person was dead didn't mean she should speak about her with respect, right?

First and foremost, Lahara and that now crispy fried princess ruined her life. If Lahara didn't get burnt to ashes, she would have ended her life anyway.

[So, my utmost gratitude to you, Red Phoenix.]

Speaking of the Red Phoenix

"I found your heart," she said while looking up at the sky, wondering if the sky beast could hear her from there. "Did you send me back at the Royal Capital to meet her? She's an interesting fellow, and so was her family."

She couldn't get Sir Kiho out of her mind.

Well, the captain was really handsome. She didn't lie about that. But of course, that wasn't the reason why she was interested in him.

"I can't believe that the Supreme Fire Mage married an ancient god," she whispered to herself. "The son of the Supreme and the Black Serpent he's the key that the emperor needs for his goal. I have to protect that child."

Yes, from the very beginning, she didn't have any intention to turn down Lady Prescott. And she wanted to know her secret as well. Actually, she already had an idea. She just wanted to confirm it.

"Ah, Lady Prescott," Luna said under her breath. Then, she closed her eyes and sniffed in the scent of blood in the air. In her mind, she could see Lady Prescott's image. And behind her was a woman who had her back on her. The only feature she could see from the other woman was her long, jet-black hair. "Be careful of her."


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