Mommy Villainess Chapter 8

8 Order Of The Knights
"MY LADY, your beauty is blinding!"

For today, she wore a yellow brocade dress with mesh puff sleeves. The neckline was wide so she wore a black silk choker with a dangling amber gemstone.

For her face, she asked the maids to put light makeup on her. Her cheeks and lips were naturally pinkish anyway. And for her hair, Isabella tied it in an elegant braided bun using a flower-shaped pin. It matched the tiny dangling earrings and bracelet that she wore.

"Thank you, Isabella," Tilly said while looking at the maid's reflection in the mirror. Right now, she was alone in her room with Isabella. She asked the other maids to leave after they helped her dress up. "I can't wait to meet Captain Kiho."

Isabella suddenly went pale. "M-My lady, I know that you said that rumors are usually exaggerated to amuse people. But I don't think that's the case with Captain Kiho. It's an open secret that the Black Serpent Knights carry out assassination jobs for the emperor. Out of the four Orders in the empire, the Black Serpents are the scariest."

In the Moonchester Empire, there were Four Orders of the Knights:

1. The Black Serpent Knights

2. The Golden Tiger Knights

3. The Blue Dragon Knights

4. The Red Phoenix Knights

The Golden Tigers, Blue Dragons, and Red Phoenixes were all adored by the citizens. Only the Black Serpents were discriminated. And it wasn't only because of their assassination job.

[The Black Serpents Knights aren't from the nobles families. Most of them are mercenaries in the past just like Kiho. While the others are commoners. That's the reason why most people look down on them.]

Unlike the Black Serpent Knights, the other three orders were of nobility. The captains of the Golden Tigers, Blue Dragons, and Red Phoenixes were all higher nobles. And aside from their noble blood, they were also just as skilled as Kiho.

[But my captain is still the best for me.]

"Isabella, a good heart is more important than a noble bloodline when you're choosing a partner," Tilly gently said to Isabella.

Isabella still looked horrified. "But my lady, does the captain have a heart?"

She laughed at her innocence. She wasn't upset because she knew that Isabella said that out of ignorance. After all, the maid didn't know the captain personally. "Kiho is a good person. But I prefer it if I'm the only woman who sees his gentle side. If you discover the real him that's very different from the rumors, I'm afraid that you might fall in love with my captain."

The maid's face suddenly went red as if she was embarrassed. "M-My lady, perhaps you're in love with the captain?"

"We're not yet there," she said with a playful smile. "But we'll get there soon."

Isabella gasped and covered her mouth in surprise. "If that's how my lady feels, then I will support you. I'll try not to get scared of Captain Kiho."

"I appreciate that."

A few moments later, another maid came to inform him that Kiho has arrived in the estate.

When she went down, she was informed by the butler that Kiho was already in the parlor room with her father. After that, she went to the room where the two men were. This time, the head butler Gustang was waiting by the door.

"Lady Prescott has arrived," Gustang announced before he opened the double doors.

[Here we go.]

She went inside the parlor room alone. When she did, Kiho and her father stood up like the gentlemen that they were. But her gaze was instantly fixed on the captain.

[He's really handsome.]

Kiho was wearing a black formal suit with gold accents. And he was also holding a bouquet of red roses. For her, of course.

[His Majesty probably forced him to bring flowers, just like in the past.]

"Lady Prescott," Kiho greeted her formally when he walked towards her. Maybe he called her that way because they were in the presence of the duke. "Why are you so beautiful?"

She couldn't help but laugh softly at his praise. It wasn't just his words. The way he said it while looking at her like she was the most beautiful girl in the world made her feel giddy. "It is said that ladies look more blooming when they're happy."

The captain didn't smile but his golden eyes sparkled. Then, he finally gave the flowers to her. "The roses pale in comparison with you, Lady Prescott."

Okay, that made Tilly blush. "Those words warm my heart knowing that they came from a gentleman as dashing as you, Sir Kiho."

Their little moment was cut off when the duke "coughed" a little loudly.

"Tilly, Captain Kiho, why don't we all sit down first and talk?" Duke Prescott "suggested." Then, he turned to the door. "Bring in the tea and snacks."


[IT'S finally over]

Tilly was relieved that their discussion was finally over.

Right now, she and Kiho were in the pavilion by the pond. That area was still a part of Duke Prescott's large estate. Inside the pavilion, there was a table for two were tea and snacks (again) were served for them.

Outside the pavilion, the maids were at standby. One of them was Isabella who was sticking out like a sore thumb. Her close aid was obviously watching Kiho's every move even though she still looked scared of the captain.

"Tilly, you also like fishes?" Kiho asked while they were standing side by side while watching the Koi fishes in the pond. He had his arms on the railings while leaning forward as if he wanted to get a closer look at the fishes. "Are they edible?"

Tilly laughed at his very practical question. "Yes, you can. But I'd rather not since I treat them as pets."

He turned to her and his usual stoic face was a little bit livelier today. "Would you like me to build a pond for you at my estate?"

"That would be nice," she answered with a smile.

"I have a garden that I don't have any use for," he said with a hint of excitement in his voice. "I'll ask my people to renovate it for you."

"Thank you, Kiho."

"I can't wait to bring you home."

In the empire, it was common for the future bride to move in to the house of her fianc a few months or weeks before their wedding. Once she moved in to Kiho's residence, she would receive bridal lessons.

The captain didn't come from a noble bloodline so in a normal case, it would be hard for him to find nobles who would be willing to teach his future bride. But Emperor Aku took care of that matter for Kiho.

[His Majesty really treats him like a brother.]

"You say that but you're leaving me as soon as we got engaged," she complained lightly with a pout. "Do you really have to go on a mission right away?"

Kiho told her and her father a while ago that he would leave in two days because he received an order from the emperor.

She was upset by the news but her father didn't mind. According to the duke, it was only natural for a captain like Kiho to be that busy even though he just got engaged. Her father also advised her to get used to it because it would definitely happen again in the future.

[I know that. I just can't wait to meet Winter again. If it's possible, I'll choose to have the honeymoon first before the wedding.]

Premarital sex was also quite common in that world. A couple just has to be discreet about it. Well, it was acceptable for married nobles to have a lover so she shouldn't be surprised that sex between unmarried couples wasn't a big deal there.

"I'll be back before you know it," Kiho said as if he wanted to comfort her. "Since the Pillas Islands is a part of the empire's territory, His Majesty gave me the permission to use the magic portal connected to it. Usually, getting to the Pillas would take five days by a ship. But since I'll be using the portal, it will only take me a day to get there."

Pillas Islands was a tropical country that was also known as the "Great Sea of the East."

"But isn't the island infamous for its sea monsters?" she asked worriedly. "Will you be okay?"

He frowned upon her question. "Tilly, I'm strong."

[Aww he's offended.]

"I'm not questioning your skill, Kiho," she said gently. "I'm just worried about you."

He blinked in surprise. The offended look on his handsome face was instantly gone. "You're worried about me? But why? I'm strong. That's the only thing I can brag about."

"I know that you're strong. You wouldn't be a captain at age twenty one if you weren't," she said. Then, she gently placed a hand on his cheek. He seemed surprise, but he didn't move away from her touch. "But you can't stop me from worrying about you, Kiho. I don't want you to get hurt. Now that we're about to get married, you have to know that you don't own your body alone anymore. If you get hurt, I'll be sad and upset. And if you die, I'll be a young widow. Do you want me to get married to another man once you're gone?"

"No," he said in a firm voice. Then, he put his hand on top of hers. "I don't want that to happen, Tilly."

"Then, you should take care of yourself more."

"Is this really okay?" he asked in a somewhat worried voice. "Is it really okay for me to be selfish and keep you all to myself?"

"As long as you don't get too possessive or obsessive, I'll be yours," she promised him. "We belong to each other now, Kiho."

"Okay," he agreed in a somewhat shy tone. She also noticed that for some reason, he looked a little flushed. "Tilly, if you have time today, would you like to visit the town with me?"

Tilly couldn't help but smile as she felt the butterflies in her stomach once again. "Only if it's a date, Captain."

"It's a date," Kiho said, his cheeks now completely red. "Let's go on a date, Tilly."


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