Mommy Villainess Chapter 81

81 Greetings From The High Pries
THE FLAME from the fancy bracelet disappeared as soon as it appeared.

That was when Tilly realized that it wasn't a simple piece of jewelry. It was the same tool that Captain Denver used to conceal his power.

"Hon, I think it functions like Captain Denver's armband," Tilly said excitedly. "If I have this, then I can just say that the flame I produce is from the bracelet and not from within my body. It's the same trick that the hidden Fire Mages are using right now. Captain Denver told me about it when he brought me to the hospital before."

"Ah, is that so?" Kiho said, obviously uninterested. "How nice of Captain Denver."

"Don't be jealous," she slightly scolded him. "Shouldn't we be happy that Captain Denver is an ally?"

He paused for a while, then he nodded. "I guess you're right," he said finally. "But you wouldn't be allowed to use other pieces of jewelry aside from your wedding ring inside the temple. How would you use that?"

"I'm sure Captain Denver knows that," she said. "If he sent me this despite knowing that, then I believe that this bracelet has a purpose. I'll bring it with me just in case I might need it."

"Do you trust Captain Denver that much, honey?"

"Yes," she said truthfully. "I need to trust anyone who can help me survive." She cupped his face between her hands. "Kiho, I want to live long for you and our Baby Winter. And for that to happen, we need as many allies as we could gather. Plus, no matter how big of a help Captain Denver would be, in my heart, you're still the biggest support that I need." She kissed him on the lips. "You believe me, don't you?"

"Of course," he answered right away. "Sorry. I know that I'm starting to get annoying. I can't help but feel jealous. But from now on, I promise to be more open-minded. Please be patient with me, honey. I'm trying."

She nodded and gently pinched his cheeks. "I understand, hon. If another woman starts to get close to you, I'd feel jealous, too. But let's have faith in each other, okay?"

"Okay," he said while nodding. "Thank you for always being understanding, Tilly."

"I want our marriage to last forever, Kiho," she said softly. "I know that it's not going to be easy because of who I am. Most of the time, I feel guilty. If only I didn't have this heart, then maybe we'd get to live peacefully."

"Shh, don't say that, honey," he told her gently. "Your heart is the reason why we're together. And why you were able to carry our baby in your womb. I don't regret being married to you, Tilly. I'm willing to go through anything just to be with you."

"Aww, you're so sweet," she said. Then, she opened her arms. "Hug me."

He gave her a small smile. Then, he held her by the waist and lifted her, causing her to squeal and hug his neck tight. In one swift movement, he was able to put her on his lap. "Tilly, I know that you have to fulfill your duty as the Beast Priestess. Miss Luna also asked you to find the altar room for the Red Phoenix so you could hear its voice. I know that you're strong and smart. But if you feel like you can't do any of it, it's fine if you quit. We can always find another way to get what we need." He caressed her face gently. "Remember, our priority is your safety. As well as Winter's, of course."

"I'll remember that," Tilly promised her husband. "I won't risk my life and Winter's safety at the temple."

"Yes, thank you," Kiho said. Then, he kissed her forehead. "I'll be praying for your safe return, my babies."



Aku felt like his heart was squeezed when he saw that Nia was still in a terrible state.

His beloved was still unconscious, and her beauty was yet to return to normal. Her hair was growing slowly and the burnt marks all over her body were still very reddish. He could see that a tube attached to Nia's arm allowed her to consume fresh blood.

But it didn't seem like it was working.

"Howard, did you lie to me?" Aku asked the High Priest coldly. "You said Lahara's blood would help Nia recover. But why is her recovery so slow? She can't even wake up."

Howard bowed so lowly he thought he would break his back. "My deepest apologies, Your Majesty. Her Royal Highness's blood as a Moonchester is too "thick" and too pure that it's rejecting Lahara's blood. It might be because Lahara wasn't a pure descendant of the Blue Dragon."

"Does it have to be the blood of the Blue Dragon?" he asked in annoyance. "If you need more blood from that freaking clan, then can't you get some from the Sherwoods? They also have the Blue Dragon's blood in them, don't they?"

"I'm afraid the Sherwoods aren't direct descendants as well, Your Majesty," the High Priest said. "If the blood isn't pure, then it wouldn't have the effect that we desire."

"Let me ask again: does it need to be the blood of the Blue Dragon?"

"My deepest apologies but I haven't tried using the blood of the other ancient beasts' descendants, Your Majesty," the High Priest said. "I'm not sure if others would work when it comes to recovering one's beauty."

"Then, go and find out," he hissed. "Lady Nystrom is going to serve the temple for three days. I know that you already know who she really is. Get her blood and see if it could be used for Nia's recovery."

"I will do so, Your Majesty," Howard said, his head still hanged low. "I will do anything and everything for Her Royal Highness."

"You better," Aku said. "If my beloved doesn't return to normal, I will make sure that you and your church will be forgotten from the history of Moonchester Empire."


TODAY was the first day that Tilly was going to serve the temple as the Beast Priestess.

Wow, I'm nervous.

It only took an hour to get there via carriage.

Of course, Kiho was with her the entire time to help her calm down. Sadly, he was only allowed until the entrance of the temple.

"Honey, stay strong," Kiho whispered while caressing her face between his hands. Then, he kissed her forehead. "I'm staying near the temple. If you quit, I'll fetch you right away."

"Having you stay near the temple makes me feel safer," Tilly said, hugging Kiho tight and sniffing his manly scent that she loved. She would miss him even if she was only supposed to stay in the temple for three days. She wanted to engrave every inch of him in her mind. "Winter and I will hurry back to you, Kiho."


AFTER TILLY was ushered inn a chamber inside the temple by a priestess named Lilly, she was asked to change clothes.

Unlike what she was used to, she didn't have any maids to assist her in changing clothes in the temple. Not that she minded. Taking off her light dress was easy even for a pregnant woman like her.

And wearing the plain long-sleeved white dress was easy. Instead of boots or fancy shoes, the dress was paired with flat ballet shoes.

Oh, the outfit they gave me is very comfortable.

The chamber that she would be using for her stay was also smaller compared to her room in the mansion. But it was spacious enough for one person. It also had all she needed: bed, a small tea room, a balcony, and her very own toilet and bathroom.

I kind of like it here.

Also, she was glad that the staff there didn't confiscate her belongings unlike what Luna told her. They simply reminded her that she couldn't wear any piece of jewelry except her wedding ring. After that, they helped her bring her belongings inside her room.

I'm yet to meet the High Priest though.

She was testing how soft the mattress was when she heard a knock. Then, a few moments later, the door opened and Lilly entered the room. She noticed that the priestess was holding a tray that had a cup of tea on it.

"Lady Nystrom, please drink this tea before we begin our lesson. The tea we make here is good for the health, especially for pregnant women like you," Lilly said in a soft and gentle tone while placing the tray on the night table. "We will teach you what you need to do for the following days. Once you're done drinking the tea, you may go out and join us."

"Okay, Miss Lilly," she said with a smile. "Thank you."

After Lilly left the room, she stood up and drank the tea.

As soon as she had taken a sip, she felt dizzy. She dropped the cup on the floor while her body started to fall on the ground as well.

Ah, she should have been more careful.

Damn it, Tilly said when she felt her body hit the cold floor. I didn't expect them to attack as soon as I arrived!


HOWARD was shaking while holding Lady Nystrom's wrist.

He secretly put a sleeping pill in her tea and sneaked in her room to do his job. To be honest, he didn't want to do this to a guest. Much more to a pregnant woman. But Emperor Aku would surely destroy the church if he didn't do as he was told.

Please forgive me, Lady Nystrom. I just need a drop of your blood.

Howard swallowed hard, then in one swift movement, his hand moved to slash her palm with the dagger that he was holding.

He was expecting blood to come out of the duchess's hand but instead

a bright red flame suddenly came out from her wound!

He gasped when he realized that the flame was about to burn him. But for some reason, a thin layer of ice started to come out from Lady Nystrom's body and literally froze him in his place. How come the duchess could use ice when she was supposed to be a Fire Mage?

Unfortunately, he didn't have the time to think about it when the red flame grew bigger and was about to burn him alive.

Howard could only scream in fear. "Please no!"


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