Mommy Villainess Chapter 85

85 Devotees Of The Gods
SENTINEL, after sending Lady Nystrom to the prayer room of the Red Phoenix, returned to his original human form.

He had the form of a small and skinny teenaged human boy. He had short caramel brown hair, light brown eyes, and pale skin. Compared to his master's appearance that he copied, he looked like a child even though he was already five hundred years old.


He only copied the human form of the Red Phoenix to entice the heart. He had been doing that for many decades already. As the Red Phoenix's sentinel, he wouldn't let an undeserving person own the precious heart of his master.

When the first Supreme Fire Mage died, the heart of the Red Phoenix disappeared with her. But not for too long.

In each generation of the Fire Mage clan, there would always be a woman born with the heart of the Red Phoenix. In the past, the Fire Mage clan used to be a close-knitted one. They built a hidden community where the Moonchesters wouldn't find them. That community protected each woman born with the heart hoping that one day, their clan would be cleared of the accusation against them and be welcomed in the empire again.

But that didn't happen.

When the Moonchesters found the Fire Mage Village, they killed all the Fire Mages they found. From then on, the surviving Fire Mages got scattered and never found one another again. Because of that, there were "vessels" that were born without being protected.

That happened again and again until finally, Lady Nystrom was born.

"It wasn't just a co-incidence that you were born with the heart of the Red Phoenix, Lady Nystrom," Sentinel whispered to himself. "You're the only one that Master has been waiting for all this time."


LUNA was surprised when she realized that Kiho couldn't move. He was frozen in his seat but she knew it wasn't because of his Mana. She was sure of it because she noticed the sudden change in the air. As a witch who made a pact with the Red Phoenix, she could feel it in her bones that it was awake.

Lady Nystrom is definitely near the real Red Phoenix now.

Since Kiho was the Black Serpent, he definitely felt his fellow god's awakening. He didn't have his old memories but his anger for the Red Phoenix was etched in every fiber of his being.

Yes, the Red Phoenix and the Black Serpent never got along.

Luna was suddenly nervous when she saw the glint of anger in Kiho's now golden eyes. She was sure he was trying to break free from the numbness that was currently binding him. The sudden increase of his Mana was proof.

No if the Red Phoenix feels Kiho's presence, all hell will break loose!

She knew she had to do something so she stood up behind the duke.

Forgive me, Your Grace, Luna said, then she put her hand on top of his head. I have to make you sleep for now.

A few moments later, Kiho lost consciousness.

And that was exactly her goal for coming along with the Nystroms.

Whatever happens, I have to prevent Duke Nystrom from waking up as the Black Serpent.

Her thoughts were cut off when she felt a sting at the back of her hand. If she didn't put a protective spell around her body as soon as felt the sharp pain, her hand would have been cut-off.

"What the hell did you do to my god?!"

Luna turned around to face the owner of the voice.

She was greeted by a young man with light blue almost silver-ish hair and ash gray eyes. He was handsome, but the anger on his face made him look quite intimidating.

He has the scent of the blood of the Blue Dragon.

Aside from Lahara's family, only one clan in the empire had that blood.

"Ah," Luna said when she realized who she was. "You must be Captain Sherwood. Duke Nystrom was expecting you but it's still rude to trespass the mansion."

If the captain entered the residence the proper way, then Louisa would have ushered him to the tea room. But seeing that he came alone, she could only conclude that he entered the mansion without Louisa knowing. Based on his flustered face, it was obvious that he came in a hurry.

"I wouldn't have resorted to trespassing had I not felt Duke Nystrom's unstable Mana," Captain Sherwood hissed. "I knew he was in danger and I wasn't wrong. What did you to the duke, you witch?"

"I just made him sleep."

"And why did you do that?"

She acted like she was zipping her mouth. "None of your business, Captain."

He smirked

and then pointed a gun at her.

Before she could even blink, he pulled the trigger. He also used his command of the wind to make the bullet reach her faster.

"Insolent child," Luna said, then she caught the bullet with her bare hand.

The bullet wasn't an ordinary bullet because it was made of dark magic. Had she been hit by it, she would have combusted. That was how strong the dark magic of the bullet was.

No wonder the captain looked shocked that she was able to stop it with one hand.

"Insolent brat," Luna said while opening her palm. The bullet turned into dust because of her powers. "You're two hundred years too early to challenge the sole survivor of the Colorless Coven."

"Ah, the witches with pink eyes."

She wasn't surprised to know that the captain knew her clan.

After all, the Sherwoods were famous for being the "Bookkeepers" or Historians of Moonchester Empire. Their family was full of scholars. She heard that the current duke of House Sherwood chose to enter knighthood instead of becoming another scholar in the family.

This one is definitely not normal.

If Captain Sherwood called Kiho his 'god,' it only meant one thing.

"How did you know about the duke's real identity?" Luna confronted the captain. "Who told you about that, Captain Sherwood?"

"Ah, so you knew Duke Nystrom's real identity as well," Captain Sherwood said in amusement. "Would you tell me how you found out about his real identity if I asked you?"

Of course not.

"Touch," she conceded. "I heard from the old legends that the Blue Dragon and the Black Serpent were sort of related to each other. Apparently, the Blue Dragon was the Black Serpent's keeper. Is that the reason why you're so drawn to Duke Nystrom now?"

"Maybe, maybe not," he answered vaguely with a playful smile. "Anyway, even though you know that Duke Nystrom is a god, you're keeping mum about it. Is there a reason why you're hiding his real identity while staying beside him? Are you a friend or a foe?"

"I don't have any ill-intention towards the duke."

"That's a relief," he said. "I don't want to kill you because I don't want to get on his bad side."

She rolled her eyes at him. "You're acting like a woman obsessed with His Grace."

"Hmm I can't deny that," the captain said playfully. "These days, I can't get Duke Nystrom out of my head. I can't help but worry about him every minute of the day. If I could follow him anywhere and anytime, I would. But I couldn't so I sent my people to protect him instead. Obviously, that created a misunderstanding."

She cringed at everything he just said. "I think the duke would only get more confused if you tell him everything that you said to me just now."

"What's confusing about it?" Captain Sherwood asked, even tilting his head to one side. "I care about Duke Nystrom because I love him. Is that hard to understand?"

"Okay, but what kind of love are you talking about?"

Captain Sherwood smiled brightly. "The kind of love where I want Duke Nystrom all to himself."

She was too shocked to react.

And she didn't have the chance to give a response to the captain's declaration because on her left side, she heard a loud thump. When she turned to the source of the noise, she saw Kiho standing with the chair on the ground.

It looked like the chair fell on the floor when he abruptly stood up.

He's already awake?

She made sure to put a huge amount of sleeping spell on him to make sure he'd be knocked out for an hour! But it hadn't even been ten minutes since then.

Is he that worried about Lady Nystrom and his child that he easily broke free from my spell?!

"Your Grace, how long have you been awake?" Luna asked worriedly. "How much did you hear?"

"I woke up at the moment when Captain Sherwood said that he couldn't get me out of his head these days," Kiho answered hesitantly while holding his head as if he suddenly got a migraine. Then, he turned to the captain with an awkward look on his face. "Captain Sherwood, please tell me I just hit my head hard and so I'm hearing things."

"No," Captain Sherwood said with a boyish grin while looking at Kiho with sparkling eyes. "I mean everything I just said in the way that you understood, Your Grace."

"Sorry, Captain Sherwood," Kiho deadpanned without missing a beat. "My wife has already occupied all the space in my heart. Please don't waste your time on me."

The captain just remained smiling.

Luna didn't have a problem with the kind of "feeling" that Captain Sherwood had for Kiho

but she couldn't trust him.

What is Captain Sherwood planning?


"ARE YOU ready, child?" Mikhail Denver asked Flint while they were quietly walking in the dark alley. Both of them were wearing a face mask that didn't only conceal their faces. Their masks also had the ability to change their voice. "You know what to do, don't you?"

"Yes, Master," Flint answered cheerfully while holding the armband in his right arm. "Burn anyone that would try to harm our Supreme."


To be honest, it was a big risk to go to the city where the temple was as the captain of the Red Phoenix Knights. He wanted to bring the elite team of the Fire Wielder Guild. But he knew he would gain attention if he did.

So he had no choice but to bring a child with him.

Flint may one of the youngest members of his guild. But he was definitely one of the most talented "Fire Wielder" that they ever produced.

Most of all, he's attached to Lady Nystrom.

"Recently, some people with strange but strong powers arrived at the Royal Capital," Mikhail said to the child. "I believe they are the members of Her Royal Highness's infamous "collection." They disappeared when the Nystroms left the Royal Capital to go to the temple. Do you know what that meant, child?"

"Yes, Master," Flint answered firmly. "They followed the heart."

And now, they were discreetly following the trails of two of the princess's allies that went to that city to probably capture Lady Nystrom.

As if I'd let them touch our Supreme.

He stopped walking the moment the enemies they were hunting appeared before them.

Ah, they noticed us tailing them.

There was a huge guy clad in black cloak. He had gray hair and tan skin. His physical built suggested that he was strong. But his Mana level was relatively normal.

The big guy's companion, a fragile-looking lady clad in black cloak, was a familiar face.

If I'm not mistaken, that's Lady Alisa Hayward. She's recognized as one of the empire's youngest female doctors. Most of all, she's a close friend of Her Royal Highness.

"I can't believe I have to take care of small-fries just when I'm about to meet my fianc who I haven't seen for a long time," Lady Hayward complained with a pout. "I guess I have no choice but to kill you then."

"Big words," Mikhail said with a smirk, his voice sounding metallic because of the mask he was wearing. "Let's see who'd end up dead, my lady."


TILLY DIDN'T like pain.

Well, who does?

At first, she cried from so much pain because of the heat of the flame engulfing her.

But when she realized that she wasn't really being burned into ashes, she calmed down. When she got a hold of herself, the fear that she felt a while ago was replaced by anger. Just what the hell did she do to end up being roasted by a f*cking old dude that happened to be a god?

She rarely cursed but it was probably normal for a person going through so much physical pain to become foul-mouthed.

Gosh, this is pissing me off.

When hatred rose up in her chest, the heat she felt a while ago suddenly cooled down. Or would it be more correct to say that the heat she released from her anger was now hotter than the flame eating her alive?

For some reason, getting angry made her feel more powerful than usual.

Just a few moments later, she was able to stand up straight and own the red flame.


"God, you smell awful."

Tilly flinched when she heard a deep and low male voice from behind.

Suddenly, her heart thumped hard and loud against her chest. So even without turning around, she already recognized who the owner of the voice was.

It's the real deal.

She took a deep breath, then finally, she turned around to meet the real owner of her heart.

Oh, pretty.

The Red Phoenix looked exactly like the "copy" she met earlier. But for some reason, the real one felt more regal.

"Why do you have the stench of that black snake" the Red Phoenix stopped talking when he looked at her face properly. Then, he suddenly froze. She was starting to get worried that he might have reverted back into a being statue when suddenly, tears rolled down his cheeks. "Soleil?"

"I'm not Soleil," Tilly said. Then, she raised her left hand and showed him her wedding ring proudly. "I'm Tilly Nystrom, Kiho's wife."


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