Mommy Villainess Chapter 90

90 Earth Shattering Momen
WIXX was surprised when the glass where Lady Nystrom was started to crack, then the ground shook hard.

"My lord, the lady is angry," Sentinel said, fear evident in his voice. "I can feel it in my bones."

"I know," Wixx said. "She must have seen something in her past that made her upset."

Whenever Soleil was seriously angry in the past, she would always make the ground shake as if the earth itself was afraid of her wrath.

He didn't have his physical body right now so he wasn't sure if he could stop Lady Nystrom's anger. But he hoped his remaining power was enough. To be honest, unsealing a small portion of her old memories had almost depleted his energy.

But before my consciousness disappears, I have to make sure that she's safe first.

His thoughts were cut-off when the glass box completely shattered. He was about to jump and catch Lady Nystrom but abruptly stopped when he realized he didn't have to.

Lady Nystrom remained floating in the air, her body suddenly engulfed in black flame.

And just like Soleil in the past, Lady Nystrom's hair also started to turn darker. After all, the angrier the Supreme was, the darker her hair turned into. Once her hair colored turned completely jet-black, the temple and the other buildings around would definitely crumble.

"Sentinel, get ready," Wixx told his servant seriously. "We have to stop Lady Nystrom!"


LUNA was surprised when the ground started to shook hard. Worse, she also felt a strong and menacing aura that she had never felt before. For the first time after many decade, she felt fear again. What is this feeling?

"Is it just the ground or is it me shaking from fear of that menacing aura in the air?" Captain Sherwood asked. He was still kneeling on the floor but this time, his body was uncontrollably shaking. "This is the first time I felt this kind of threat."

The captain is right.

That was also when Luna realized that her body was also shaking nonstop.

"I need to go," Kiho declared in an eerily calm manner. Unlike her and Captain Sherwood, the duke wasn't shaking. When he turned to her, she noticed that he had a blank look on his face as if he wasn't really himself. "The heart is summoning me."

"The heart?"

Kiho had never referred to Lady Nystrom as the "heart."

Luna gasped when she realized what was happening. Duke Nystrom is starting to awaken as the Black Serpent!


AKU just went in his palace when he suddenly felt his strength abandoning him.

The next thing he knew, he was already on his knees while his whole body was shaking uncontrollably. His heart was also beating loud and fast against his chest. He didn't want to admit this but this was the first time he felt fear again after a long while.

"Call the royal doctor and the Healing Mage!" Sir Gregory yelled at the servants of his palace that were panicking when he suddenly fell on the floor. Then, the knight got down on one knee to check on him. "Your Majesty, what's wrong?"

To be honest, he was very embarrassed at the moment because he fell on his knees.

But that was the least worrisome thing in his mind.

Only one phenomenon could make a Moonchester like him to be forced to kneel.

"The heart is starting to awaken," Aku said with a bitter smile. "Is Lady Nystrom asking to be killed even before she gives birth to her son?"


TILLY was very furious.

She could literally see red and nothing else. All she heard right now was the voice in her head telling her to burn everything. And so she made her body burn to release the anger that had built up in her chest.

I must burn everything

She was about to increase the amount of flame her body was releasing when suddenly, she felt cool arms around her waist.

It was akin to someone pouring water on her because all of a sudden, she was awake.

The room was she was in was very dark and hot. Her feet weren't touching anything and her body felt light. If she was floating, then she might not have returned yet to her current world.

My tummy feels cold.

When she looked down, she broke into tears when she saw a pair of round golden eyes staring back at her. Not only that. The young boy had also burgundy hair, milky skin, and beautiful face.

"Winter," Tilly said in a cracked voice. Then, she got down on one knee and hugged him tight. Her baby boy's body was as cold and as soft as she remembered. But she knew that her son wasn't sick or anything. It was just his normal body temperature. He got that from Kiho. "It's really you," she whispered, and then she broke into sobs. "I've missed you so much, baby."

"Mommy," Winter called her in his gentle voice that she almost didn't recognize. After all, in her previous life, he had stopped talking to her way before she was sentenced to death. "I'm scared, Mommy."

She gasped and pulled away from him. Then, she put her hands on his shoulders and looked at him with worry. "Why are you scared, baby?"

"You're hurting yourself by being angry, Mommy," Winter lightly scolded her. He had the same tone as Kiho whenever her husband would scold her for her bad temper. "Please don't be angry," he pleaded in his cute voice. Then, he touched her face gently. "You're prettier when you're happy, Mommy."

"Your father said I look hot even if I'm angry."

He rolled his eyes at what she said. "Dad spoils you too much, Mommy."

She laughed heartily.

To be honest, she didn't remember if she had this kind of moment with Kiho and Winter in her past life. But she didn't want to think about that anymore.

Because this time, she had already changed her life.

And I wouldn't let anyone destroy my family.

"I'm sorry for scaring you, baby," Tilly said with a sad smile. "But mommy won't forgive the people who ruined our family in the past and are doing the same terrible thing again. I will calm down, but I won't forget. Will you think that I'm a bad person if I say that I hold grudges?"

He shook his head. "But please take care of yourself, Mommy. How can you protect me and Dad if you lose yourself in anger?"

"Gosh, you already talk like an adult," she lightly complained. "You definitely got that maturity from your father." She couldn't help but gently pinch his cheeks. "And thank god you got Kiho's prettiness."

"I got it from you, Mommy," Winter said with a smile. And boy, her baby also got Kiho's adorable dimples. Gosh, her son was so pretty. "Mommy, we don't have time. Please wake up before something bad happens to both of us," he said in a hurry. Then, he kissed her cheek. After that, his small body started to vanish. "We will meet again soon, Mommy you, Daddy, and me."

Tilly nodded, sad that she had to part ways with Winter so soon. "See you later, Winter."

When her son completely vanished, she realized that she forgot to ask him about something very important.

Does Winter have his old memories as well?


TILLY slowly opened her eyes when she regained consciousness.

She found herself lying on Wixx's lap who was looking down at her with a worried look on his face. She knew that she was in that position because he was making sure that she was safe and not because he was taking advantage of her. For some reason, she knew that she could trust the Red Phoenix.

Is it because I have his heart?

"Lady Nystrom, are you okay?" Wixx asked in a worried voice. "You almost created a catastrophe, you know?"

Tilly suddenly got emotional when she remembered the painful things that she remembered from her past life. "Wixx, my fellow Fire Mages died in the past because of me. They tried to save me, but in the end, they were sentenced to death because I was incompetent. I had your heart but I couldn't do anything for anyone."

"Don't cry," he scolded her as if he was talking to a child. "Unfortunately, we didn't get to meet in that life time so I didn't know what actually happened to you. But I'm certain that the Moonchesters had something to do with it. So take care of that anger in your heart, Lady Nystrom. Anger fuels the flame of your heart. But of course, you should always be careful."

Her brows furrowed. "Why are you talking like you're already saying your goodbye?"

"Because I am," he said in a serious but sad voice. "Lady Nystrom, I've already used up all my strength left in this prayer room. So now, my unconsciousness will fade."

"Will I get to talk to you like Miss Luna does?"

He shook his head. "I was able to link my mind with Luna because she found my prayer room by accident. Her strong power allowed her to connect to mine. But once my consciousness disappears, I will return to my sleeping body."

"Where can I find you, Wixx?"

"I'm sorry but I don't know where the Moonchesters hid my physical body," he said. "But I know where you can find people who are also looking for me. Lady Nystrom, go to the East and look for the island that worships the sun. They are on your side."

"That's so vague, Wixx."

"I've been locked up in this prayer room for a very long time. If Luna didn't find me here, I wouldn't have seen the outside world through her eyes," the Red Phoenix said. "Thanks to her, we were able to meet. I've forced myself to stay unconscious all these years because I wanted to tell you where you must go."

Okay, she was touched.

I'm sorry for calling you 'fossil,' Wixx.

"May I touch your face, Lady Nystrom?"

She nodded. "You have my permission."

"Thank you," he said, then he caressed her face with the back of his hand. "Find me, Lady Nystrom. Once you do, I'll give you all the power you need to burn your enemies. My flame only belongs to you. Remember that."

She nodded firmly. "I will find you, Wixx."

"Rest for now, Lady Nystrom," Wixx said, then he covered her eyes with his hand. "I'll make your heart sleep again. You shall only awaken once you've found me."

Tilly had so many questions left but then, she started to feel drowsy.

"Thank you for everything, Wixx," Tilly murmured. "Now I can see as you as the regal Red Phoenix instead of a red bird dude"

"Just sleep, you insolent child."


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