Mommy Villainess Chapter 95

95 Conflict As Old As Time
"THE High Priest worships our son, Kiho," Tilly said to Kiho. She should have said this from the start. But there were so many things they had to discuss first so she almost forgot to tell him about the conversation she had with Howard. "He told me that our son is the Moon Serpent that will swallow the moon someday."

"The moon represents His Majesty," Kiho said in surprise. "Was the High Priest implying that our son would kill the emperor in the future?"

She nodded as confirmation. "According to him, that's the real prophecy."

"If that's true, then does it mean that His Majesty knows the truth from the start?"

"That seems to be the case."

"If His Majesty is waiting for our son to be reborn despite the prophecy, it only means that he needs our son for something important," Kiho said with a hint of worry in his voice. "I don't like this. He wants your heart and now, he's aiming for our son who hasn't even been born yet."

She noticed that Kiho was angry. His golden eyes were gleaming with anger and his jaw was clenching hard. "Hon, calm down," she said gently, then she cupped his face between her hands. "We won't let anyone use or hurt our baby boy. We're here to protect him, right?"

That seemed to calm him down. "Yes, we will protect our baby."

She smiled and kissed him on the corner of his mouth.

He returned the favor by kissing her fully on the lips.


"But honey, why do you want the High Priest to join our side?" Kiho asked after the kiss. "He tried to hurt you. And I don't trust people who worship other people."

Her husband has a point.

"You're right. The High Priest is supposed to be on the neutral side," she agreed. "Whenever there was war between kingdoms, their neutral ground would always be the Holy Land. I can't trust the High Priest for serving two masters. He claims he's a man of god but he follows the emperor's unreasonable requests." She looked at her palm that Howard cut. The wound was already healed, but she would never forget what he did. "Kiho, the High Priest tried to take my blood and use it to heal Her Royal Highness."

He growled angrily. "God, His Majesty is really making me angry."

She turned to him and gave him a sympathetic smile. "His Eminence said that His Majesty told him to use my blood to try and heal Her Royal Highness."

His brows furrowed in confusion. "Can your blood do that?"

She shrugged. "I don't know. I forgot to ask Wixx. But aren't Ancient Beasts considered as gods? A lot of people seem to worship them."

"Isn't it only because they're old beings?"

She laughed at that. "That's the only reason why you think the Ancient Beasts are worshipped?"

"I don't know why but I never understood why the Ancient Beasts are worshipped," he admitted. "The Blue Dragon is just an extra large snake. The Black Serpent is just a large reptile. The Red Phoenix is just a flaming bird. And the Golden Tiger is just a plump tiger."

Again, she laughed until her stomach hurt. "Kiho, you are so rude. If the gods heard you, they would punish you."

"Wouldn't that be bullying?" he asked in a teasing voice. "The noblesse oblige teaches the nobles like you that the strong must protect the weak."

"Your funny side is also sexy," she said between giggles. "Gosh, why are you so perfect?"

"I'm just trying to be the best version of myself for you."

She smiled at that, and then she remembered the memories of her first life.

To be honest, she didn't want to remember them anymore. But she had to because she wanted to somehow use that knowledge to her advantage.



"If you meet that black-haired lady again, please promise me that you'll tell me."

He suddenly looked worried. "Tilly, are you still jealous of her?"

She bit her lip and nodded.

Telling Kiho about her first life was easy. She knew that he'd believe her. But it was choice not to tell him.

She didn't want Kiho to find out about their terrible marriage in the past. And most of all, she didn't want him to know that he had loved another woman in her first life. Heck, she didn't even want him to know Lucina Morganna's name in this lifetime.

"I read in a book that pregnant women are sensitive and they get jealous easily," Kiho said carefully. "Even if you have nothing to be jealous about, I understand if you still feel that way. I will never get tired of proving to you that you're the only one for me."

God, her husband really loved her.

I give up.

"Kiho, you said earlier that you feel like I don't love you enough."

"I didn't really say that," he denied gently. "But I guess that means the same thing."

She nodded as an agreement. "You're right, I'm holding back my feelings for you. To be honest, I didn't realize that I was doing that until you pointed it out." She held his hand and squeezed it. "So thank you for telling me your honest thoughts."

"My master taught me that good communication is needed to get along with other people."

She gasped when she remembered something after he mentioned his master. "Kiho, Wixx seems to know the Nystrom clan."

""Clan?"" he asked. "You mean to say, 'Nystrom' is a first name and not a surname?"

She nodded. "You didn't know?"

"I didn't know," he confirmed. "Master told me it was his first name."

"Wixx said some rude things about the Nystrom clan," she continued. "But since he's a fossil I mean, he's old maybe the Nystroms he had met were those in the same generation as him. We can't really trust his words."

He slowly nodded as if he was absorbing her words well. "Tilly, is Father still trying to find out where the Nystroms are originally from?"

"Yes. What about it?"

"I'm becoming more interested to know about my master's root," he said. "It's now our family name. I hope that Nystroms aren't bad people because I don't want you and our son to be ashamed of the name you're carrying."

"We will never be ashamed of the name you gave us," she assured him. "Never."

He rubbed his nose against hers.



She wrapped her arms around his neck tight. "I was saying something before I got distracted."

"Uh-huh," he said while wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Kiho, from now on, I won't hold back," she promised him. "I'll give you my whole heart."

He smiled at her promise. "I like that."

She giggled when she felt his erection against her hip. "I can feel that, hon."

"Then will you do something about it?"

Were they seriously going to do it on the windowsill?

Hell, yeah!

She laughed softly, then her hand gently cupped him.

Kiho suddenly caught her lips for a fierce kiss.

While returning his kisses with as much fervor, her hand started to become closer. She played with his cock until he released some pre-cum. And then, she pulled his length out of his pants and lifted herself up.

She was already very wet so she knew that she was ready to take him.

He helped her by lifting her dress up. Then, he slid his hands under her dress and cupped her mound.

"God," he whispered, then he held her by the waist. "You're so wet."

"You made me like this, Kiho."

She kissed him on the lips while holding on to his shoulders. Then, she straddled his hips and sank down taking him all the way inside. As soon as she did, she moaned into her mouth.

God, she felt like she would break into two while accommodating his massiveness inside her. It was kind of painful, but the pleasure was greater. Just having him inside her almost made her come right away.

"Ah, so deep," she said, then she started to move slowly.

"`Need help, honey?"

She shook her head. "I want to be in charge tonight."

He kissed her on the forehead. "Okay."

Tilly thrust her hips, tentatively at first. When she took him deeper, she finally got the perfect rhythm that made her breathe heavier. And then she covered her mouth with her hands when she moaned loudly. "God, I hope they can't hear us."

"They won't," Kiho assured her. Then, his hands went around her hips and he thrust his pelvis up while matching her downward slides. Ah, that felt good. "I'll never get enough of you, Tilly."


"WHAT ARE you doing, Luna?"

"I'm putting a spell around this room so we can't hear scandalous sounds from the duke and the duchess," Luna answered while she was putting a talisman on the door. "Louisa probably won't hear it since she's human. But we're different. We need this to protect our ears."

"I don't really understand but okay, I trust you," Sentinel said. "Hey, what do you know about the Red Phoenix and the Black Serpent?"

"I heard that the reason why the Red Phoenix gave his heart to the first Supreme Fire Mages was because the Supreme lost his heart," Luna said, then she turned to Sentinel. "Apparently, the Black Serpent ripped the first Supreme's original heart out of her chest to protect the Moonchesters."


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