Mommy Villainess Chapter 96

96 The Sky Gods Remorse
"TO BE HONEST, I'm not really sure about what happened between the first Supreme and the Black Serpent," Sentinel said. "I was just a little boy when the conflict among the Beast Gods occurred. All I know is the Black Serpent ripped the heart of the Supreme and gave it to the Moonchesters. To save the Supreme, the Red Phoenix gave his heart to her. And that's the reason why the Red Phoenix hates the Black Serpent."

"But why does the Black Serpent hate the Red Phoenix?" Luna asked curiously. "And when Duke Nystrom almost awakened, his behavior changed. It was as if he suddenly hated Lady Nystrom and the heart. Did the Black Serpent hate the Supreme in the past?"

"I'm not sure," the young boy said. "It was very complicated. I think the Black Serpent was forced to choose between his love for the Supreme and his duty to the Moonchesters."

Her brows furrowed in confusion. "The Supreme and the Black Serpent were lovers?"

"They were married."

She gasped in surprise. "So, the history is repeating itself with Lady Nystrom and Duke Nystrom now?"

"Let's hope that the history wouldn't repeat itself, Luna," he said while shaking his head. "Another bloody war would break out if it happened again. And to prevent that from happening, the Black Serpent in Kiho Nystrom should never awaken."

"If they're not supposed to be together, then why did the heavens let Lady Nystrom and Duke Nystrom conceive a child?"

"Because the Moon Serpent has to be born," he said firmly. "Only beings as powerful as the Supreme and the Black Serpent could conceive the child that the gods favor."

"The Moon Serpent?" she asked in surprise. "The duke and the duchess's child is the Moon Serpent? And how come the Moon Serpent is favored by the gods? I thought it was a monster that ate the moons out of greediness."

"That's not true," he denied. "The Moon Serpent is a god in his own right. He was summoned to stop the war among the moons."

"But if I remember the legend right, the last moon was sent by the sky god to earth to kill the Moon Serpent, right?"

"The last moon tricked the sky god," he said. "I don't know how or why but the last moon managed to make the sky god believe that the Moon Serpent must perish."

"The last moon is the first Moonchester, right?"

He nodded. "Despicable, aren't they?"

"Uh-huh," she agreed. "The Moon Serpent died unfairly."

"That's true," he said. "The sky god regretted trusting the last moon. But when he turned the last moon, he blessed him with divine powers that not even him could kill the Moonchester anymore."

"So, that's the reason why the Moonchesters are very powerful."

"Yes, it's because they are blessed by the sky god himself," he explained. "But the sky god hasn't lost hope yet. To punish the Moonchesters, he tried to bring the Moon Serpent back to life. The only way to do that is for the Moon Serpent to be reborn again. The sky god knew that only powerful beings could conceive the Moon Serpent. So when the first Supreme Fire Mage and the Black Serpent had fallen in love with each other, the sky god chose them to be the Moon Serpent's parents."

"Did they conceive the Moon Serpent before?"

"Yes. But the Moonchesters had realized that the child that the Supreme had was the Moon Serpent. They killed the child even before it was born."

"Oh, god."

"That's the reason why the Supreme put a forbidden spell on the Moonchesters. That spell forbids the Moonchesters from reproducing from people outside their family. And also, she put a curse on the first princess that affects Her Royal Highness until now," the young boy said. "That was how angry the Supreme was."

"Now I understand the root of anger between the Moonchesters and the first Supreme," she said while shaking her head. "But if His Majesty already knows that Lady Nystrom's child is the Moon Serpent, why is he waiting for the child to be born?"

"I'm not sure but I believe that His Majesty wants to use the Moon Serpent against the sky god," Sentinel said. "I don't why though."

"I still have so many questions, Sentinel."

"I've already told you what I know," he said. "Right now, our goal is to keep Duke Nystrom from awakening. Not until Lady Nystrom finds the Red Phoenix first."

"We have to babysit them."

"Yes," he confirmed. "We have to take care of them. And if possible, we have to separate them once the Black Serpent awakens."

"Separate them?" Luna asked in surprise. "Why?"

"If both of them retrieved their old memories, they might kill each other at first sight," Sentinel said seriously. "So we better pray to gods that the duke and the duchess's current love for each other is strong enough to erase their old wound."


TILLY couldn't help but smile while watching Kiho in the mirror.

She was sitting in front of the vanity mirror while her husband was standing behind her. He had a look of concentration on his handsome face while braiding her hair.

Yes, he's braiding my hair and he's very good at it.

According to Kiho, he wanted to assist her in any way possible because she didn't have her maids.

We assigned Louisa to take care of the guests.

It was fine with her because Kiho was obviously having a good time "helping" her, especially while they were taking a bath together this morning.

Gosh, let's not think about that for now.

"Hon, why are you good at braiding?" Tilly asked curiously. "Where did you learn it from?"

"I used to have a long hair," Kiho said. "Longer than yours."

She gasped in surprise. "Really? How old were you then?"

Gosh, she could imagine Kiho with long hair. He already had a pretty face so she was so sure that long hair would also suit him well.

"I had a long hair ever since I can remember," he said. "When I met His Majesty, I had a long hair. He used to braid my hair for me. And then, eventually, he taught me how to braid my hair on my own."

She felt a hint of sadness in Kiho's voice.

Despite everything, His Majesty is still close to his heart.

"Sorry, honey," Kiho said. "I shouldn't have told you that story."

"It's okay, Kiho," she said with a smile. "Just because His Majesty is an enemy now doesn't mean that you could easily forget the fond memories you have with him."

"Don't worry, honey. I won't let those memories take over," he assured her. "My resolve to protect you and Winter from the emperor is unshakable."

"I know that, hon."

He just kissed the top of her head as a response. Then, he looked at her in the mirror. "I'm done, honey."

She looked at her reflection in the mirror and she was pleased with his work.

Kiho tied her hair in a pretty lace braid. With her peach dress with mesh top, she looked like a princess from a D*sney movie.

"You're good, honey," she said, then she looked up at him. "You made me look like a princess."

"You naturally look like a princess, Tilly," he said, then he leaned down to kiss her on the lips. After that, he looked at her with warm gaze. "I want a daughter that looks like you."

She giggled at that. "I haven't given birth to our Winter yet but you already want a daughter? I mean, I want a daughter as well. But before we plan for our second baby, I want us to spoil Winter first once he comes out."

"Whatever you want, honey."

Tilly just smiled at that, then she stood up. As usual, Kiho assisted her right away. "Thank you, hon."

Kiho's eyes sparkled, then he offered his arm to her. "Shall we go, my lady?"


TO SAY that Tilly was surprised upon seeing Captain Sherwood after breakfast would be an understatement.

But there he was, standing in front of all of them.

"Captain Sherwood, may I know what you're doing here?" Tilly asked him. "Aren't you busy as the captain of the Blue Dragon Knights?"

"I am, Lady Nystrom," Captain Sherwood answered cheerfully. "I'm just here to make sure that Duke Nystrom is safe."

Okay, that's creepy.

"I'm fine, Captain Sherwood," Kiho answered in an obviously awkward voice. "You didn't have to ask for my well-being personally."

"What happened, Captain Sherwood?" she asked curiously. "If you're here to personally check on my husband, does it mean something happened that caused you to worry about Kiho?"

"Oh," the captain said. "You're sharp, Lady Nystrom."

Ah, so something really happened.

"He's hurt," Sentinel declared.

"Uh-huh," Luna agreed. "I can feel a healing spell coming from him."

The captain turned to the two with a questioning look on his face.

"Miss Luna is my doctor," Tilly explained as calmly as possible to avoid suspicions. "And Sentinel is my butler." She respectfully pointed her hands to the captain. "Miss Luna, Sentinel, this is Captain Sherwood of the Blue Dragon Knights."

After that, the three exchanged polite greetings.

"Even if it's you, we can't let you leave our house without having tea first," Kiho said bluntly. "Captain Sherwood, would you like to have tea with us?"

"Absolutely, Your Grace," Captain Sherwood said with a big smile. "I'd love to have tea with you."

Tilly cleared her throat. "With us," she said with a forced smile, then she wrapped her arm around Kiho's waist. "You can't monopolize my husband, Captain Sherwood."


"YOU CAN'T enter the room right now, Count Huxley!"

Aku let out a frustrated sigh when he heard the noise outside his office. He stopped signing the papers on his table. Then, he waited for the door to open.

As he expected, a few moments later, the door burst open and Count Huxley entered his office angrily. Behind him was Sir Gregory who was trying to stop the count from entering without his permission.

But obviously, his knight failed to do his job.

I can't blame Sir Gregory though. Count Huxley is known for his bad temper.

"Good morning, Lord Huxley," Aku greeted him with a smile. He wasn't particularly fond of the count. But House Huxley was an important family because they produced the strongest and the best weapons in the empire. After all, the count's family was known as a "military" family. "What's this about?"

He motioned for Sir Gregory to leave the room.

The old knight bowed to him before he quietly left the room.

My morning is already ruined.

If only Count Huxly wasn't a part of Nia's "collection," he would never let him slide for entering his office without permission.

"Your Majesty, I need your permission," Count Huxley said. The count was tall and skinny. He had dark green perm hair with bangs that almost covered his blue eyes. And yes, he was always angry. "I need your permission to allow me to kill Mikhail Denver."

Oh, god.

"Are we thinking about the same 'Mikhail Denver,' Lord Huxley?" he asked in frustration. "As in Mikhail Denver, the captain of the Red Phoenix Knights? The heir of Marquis Morgan Denver? And the master of the Fire Wielder Guild?"

"Yes," the count answered angrily. "I'll kill that bastard."

"Why do you want to kill Captain Denver?"

"He killed Alisa Hayward my fiance!"

Okay, that was a surprise.

Lady Alisa Hayward was a close friend of Nia.

And yes, the woman was also a part of his beloved's "collection."

Lady Hayward is the daughter of a viscount. They may not be a big family. But they're a family of doctors. Her death is a loss to the empire.

"My condolences, Lord Huxley," he said. "But if your accusation is true, then you have to present me some solid evidence. After that, we'll take Captain Denver on a noble trial."

"No," the count said angrily. "I want to kill him by my hands, Your Majesty. And it will also do you good if Captain Denver died."

That caught his attention.

"What do you mean by that, Lord Huxley?" Aku asked curiously. "What will I gain if Captain Denver died?"

"Don't you know, Your Majesty?" Count Huxley asked with clenched teeth. "Captain Denver is a Fire Mage!"


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