Monarch Of Time Book Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Chapter 11 The Golden Book reacts

Shun Long had told his father to destroy the engagement 'completely', which showed how dissatisfied he was with the Lin family.

But what he didn't know was that Shun Fang was even more dissatisfied than him... he was burning with anger. The Lin family wanted to take advantage of him for so many years and then just come and ask for a mutual divorce? These idiots had to be dreaming..

For a woman to get divorced by the man's side of the family was an extreme insult, as it deemed that woman unfit to marry. Even prostitutes had better reputations in this world than women who were engaged and then divorced before completing the marriage, unless that divorce was mutual from both sides.

A divorce being 'mutual' here doesn't refer to both families not wanting their children to marry each other, but it indicated that nothing had happened in-between which would create any suspicions that the woman who had been betrothed to them had been unfaithful.

Even prostitutes who sold their bodies did it for work, and the men who slept with them did it for enjoyment, but no man would ever want to marry a woman that was engaged with him and yet eyed another man secretly.

That's why the Lin family went in such pains to beg Shun Fang to mutually end this engagement, or Lin Wu's reputation would greatly suffer.

But they underestimated Shun Fang's fury this time. Not only did he kick them out of his estate, but in the next 2 days, word had spread throughout the entire Blue Forest-city and even beyond that, that the Shun family would not accept Lin Wu as their daughter in law and that Shun Long had divorced her.

Shun Long had already heard that the the Lin patriarch's daughter had already been labeled as an unfaithful woman in nearly every household of Blue Forest-city in the last 2 days but frankly he didn't care.

That woman's family abused their status as their 'in-laws to be' for many years and then they wanted to end the engagement without even giving him a proper explanation?

As if Shun Long was naive enough to accept a lame half-assed excuse like ''my daughter will go cultivate in the sect so you have to break up with her now that she decided that, but thank you for being a fat sheep that we could take advantage of for so many years'.

Shun Long easily saw through their lies and understood that there was definitely something else at play here, he just didn't know what yet.. but one thing was for certain, his feelings for the Lin family couldn't drop any lower right now.

He even suspected that the attack he had suffered half a month ago, had something to do with the Lin family. He didn't have any clues back then but now it definitely made sense when he tried to connect the dots. If he died to an assasination, the Lin family could definitely bring up the matter of mutually ending the engagement to Shun Fang as Shun Long would have already been dead , and Shun Fang would have had no valid reason to refuse them then.

The more Shun Long thought about it the more it made sense and his eyes turned colder.

Then he muttered:

''You better not have had anything to do with this Lin family, or you better watch as I play you to death''

Shun Long had spent the past 3 days constantly sparring with guards, while revealing more and more of his strength.

In the end he had only revealed a cultivation level of an early rank 5.

He understood that 'Monarch's Hourglass' was truly a heavenly technique. As long as he didn't intentionally circulate the power inside the balls of qi that he had created and stored in his body, others couldn't tell his level of cultivation, but Shun Long also assumed that if the disparity between his level and his opponents was too big, then no matter what, he would be seen through in the end.

So to avoid such a situation, he decided to not keep his cultivation hidden any longer, the cultivation of an early rank 5 of course. After all he wouldn't reveal his full strength for no reason.

It was already miraculous that he had reached the early rank 5 in half a month, Shun Fang and Shun An already found this unbelievable.

He wondered what would they think if he told them that he had already reached rank 6 peak, but in the end he decided not to. That speed of advancement was already too monstrous and he couldn't explain it, unless he divulged the existence of the 'Monarch's Hourglass and the triangular shaped stone, but these were his biggest secrets and it would surely bring him endless questioning from his parents. Also even if he tried to explain the truth to them it was unsure whether they would believe him, so in the end he decided not to tell them about his real cultivation level yet, after all they were already extremely satisfied with his progress so far and he saw no harm in having a few secrets for his own.

After he had revealed his new strength of an early rank 5, Shun Long could hold his own against a guard who was at the middle of rank 7 in qi circulation.

This was shocking to both Shun Long and the guards as well as Shun Fang who happened to see them sparring.

That was more than 2 full minor levels above Shun Long's own. If he had used his full cultivation, Shun Long estimated that he could probably fight against a peak rank 8 or even early rank 9. For someone who has been cultivating for only 15 days to fight against a late stage qi condensation cultivator was already unheard of. But for that same someone to fight against an early rank 9 qi condensation who was already almost at the peak of his grade... then even the word crazy wasn't enough anymore.

After Shun Long had his fill of sparring with the guards, he told his parents that he would stay in his room again for a few days and see if he can advance his strength any further as he also mentioned that he was planning to participate in the 'floating cloud sect's' selection test that was taking place in the imperial palace in 1 month, the same test that Lin Shang had talked about.

Shun Long's will was to become rich and strong so others couldn't control him, and he couldn't achieve this in a place as small as the Sky Fortune kingdom.

He had already heard from Shun Fang, that Sky Fortune kingdom had more than 100 other kingdoms around it, and that's just what Shun Fang knew. Who knew how big the actual number was? Could he spend his life in a place as tiny as the Blue Forest-city?

Originally Shun Long's parents didn't have any hope for him to participate in the 'floating cloud sect's' selection test that happened every 3 years, even when they had learned that their son's meridians were cured. But now that they had seen Shun Long's frightening speed of advancement they were hoping that their son would escape this tiny place called Sky Fortune kingdom and go cultivate in the behemoth known as the 'floating cloud sect'.

Shun Long had returned to his room sitting cross legged at the center of his bed, as he sent his spiritual strength to his spiritual space, so he would enter the triangular stone's space once again, when the golden book showed a reaction for the first time.