Monarch Of Time Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Chapter 22 How to get sect points

The red-winged condor landed in front of the city gates and Elder Lu turned to look at the people beside him as he said

''Follow me, we will go and get your sect robes as well as your sect identifying jades.''

Shun Long and the rest got off the red-winged condor who let out a screech as it flew up and slowly disappeared in the horizon.

Shun Long and his group followed Elder Lu who walked through the city gates. On the way, they saw countless disciples in yellow robes. The city itself looked to be even bigger than the imperial city of the 'Sky Fortune Kingdom' and even more bustling as well.

Elder Lu then said

''Actually, just from the island that you kids came from, every 3 years my 'floating cloud sect' recruits almost 60.000 outer disciples. Every disciple with average talent will usually take approximately 30 to 40 years to reach the late levels of the earth grade. And unless these disciples particularly stand out in some way, then until and if there comes a day where they can reach the Heaven grade in order for the sect to give them the chance to become sect Elders, they can only stay as outer disciples until then, even if they are at the peak of the earth grade.

And that's just the disciples that came from the same island as you. Overall, the sect has more than 1 million outer disciples.''

Shun Long was shocked as he thought inside that this is not a sect but a small kingdom instead.

Elder Lu guided them deeper inside the city as he continued explaining

''The city is called the 'floating cloud city' and it is divided in to 2 parts. The outer city where you disciples will stay and the inner city where the inner disciples and the Elders of the sect reside.

Inner disciples and Elders do not meddle in the affairs of you outer sect disciples but that also means that you have only yourselves to count on if you get in trouble with other disciples. However, murder in the 'floating cloud city' is forbidden unless it is in the arena so you don't have to be afraid of getting killed over minor things.''

As Elder Lu was speaking, they had already arrived in front of a huge building with 2 big words written on it

'Administration Building'

Elder Lu then explained as he headed inside

''This is the 'Administration Building' and it is also the most important place in the entire outer city. This is where you will get your disciple robes as well as your sect identifying jades. Administrator Feng will explain the rest to you.''

The 'Administration Building' had 5 floors, and Shun Long noticed that each floor was as wide as a football stadium. By the time they arrived on the 3rd floor, a middle-aged man wearing black robes similar to Elder Lu's had come out to receive their group.

Elder Lu cupped his hands at Administrator Feng as he said

''Administrator Feng, this is the recent batch of disciples that I was in charge of. Now that I have delivered them to you, this old man will take his leave, I hope you don't mind.''

Then Elder Lu grabbed Lu Wen from his left arm as he said

''Kid, you are coming with me now''

He then looked at the 3 disciples that had followed with him when he descended to the 'Sky Fortune Kingdom' and said to them

''You 3 can go collect your rewards for this mission.''

He then grabbed Lu Wen and disappeared from the room like a gust of wind.

Administrator Feng seemed to not mind Elder Lu as he looked at Shun Long and the rest before saying in a deep voice

''I assume that Elder Lu has explained to you the most important things regarding the city.''

Then by waving his left hand he magically took out 30 or so yellow robes as he said

''These are your outer sect disciples' robes. You are required to wear them at all times inside the sect. Remember, sect robes are a classification of your status inside the sect. Yellow robes are the outer sect disciples, green clothes are the inner sect disciples and black robes are the sect Elders. A sect Elder or an inner sect disciple will not come to the outer city and outer sect disciples are also forbidden from entering the inner city. There are always some exceptions however, for example, my 'Administration Building'.

All of you, come and take a sect identifying jade.''

Then, Administrator Feng pointed at a desk beside him where a pile of crimson-like jades were arranged in rows.

Shun Long walked forward along with the others and as his hand touched the red sect jade, a cooling feeling rushed through him.

Administrator Feng said

''Circulate your qi and send a strand of it to your jade to bind it.''

As soon as Shun Long had binded his sect jade, he sent inside his spiritual energy to examine it and noticed a number inside the jade.


''In your jades, you will all see a number if you send your spiritual energy inside. This is the number of sect points that the sect gives to all the newly accepted disciples.

Administrator Feng's voice was heard as he continued to explain

''This is the only time the sect will ever give you sect points for free. Remember, sect points are your resources in the sect. Without sect points, you can't do anything.''

''Administrator, how can we get more sect points?'' A young man dressed in golden robes asked. This was one of the disciples who was feeling the most sulky in the group, as he had already prepared thousands of gold coins but they had turned out to be useless. The most important thing for these young people was to get more sect points and get more things from the sect.

When Administrator Feng heard this question, he had a crafty smile on his face as he answered

''There are 4 different ways to get sect points inside the sect.''