Monarch Of Time Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Chapter 26 Liu Mei

Just then, sudden melodious laughter was heard from a corner of the room, drawing everyone's attention.

An enchantingly beautiful woman was standing there, painting a picturesque scene.

Her flawless face had left both men and women in the room dazed.

Her breathtaking black eyes resembled the starry night while her perfect red lips were simply mesmerizing.

She wore long green robes that indicated her status as an inner disciple in the sect.

Shun Long had never seen a woman more beautiful than her in his life.

''Even those celebrities from my past life couldn't compare with this woman in front of me'' he thought while he was looking at her peerlessly beautiful face when a voice suddenly woke him up.

''Hey what are you all looking at?'' the voice was full of displeasure as it reverberated inside the room, coming from behind this peerlessly beautiful woman

Shun Long then noticed another pretty woman in green robes, standing even further behind in the corner. It was this woman who had spoken just now.

''This woman may be slightly lacking in terms of appearance if I were to compare her with the peerlessly beautiful girl beside her, but to be honest, she is also a great beauty as well.''Shun Long thought as his gaze turned to examine this girl too.

''Senior sister look, now everyone is looking at us.'' Apparently, this peerless beauty was the 'senior sister' while the other beauty standing closer to the corner earlier was the 'junior sister'.

Nobody knew what method these two girls had used to conceal themselves inside the room. Otherwise, with their extraordinary appearances, it would be impossible for people to not have noticed them.

''Hmph, so what if they are looking at us, I didn't expect that the 'Alchemists' Guild' in our 'floating cloud city' to only be at this level.''

''How dare yo..'' Bu Duyi who had 'only just recovered' from 'Senior Li Wei's' kick on his waist, and was enraged as he heard what this girl had just said. She directly implied that there was something wrong with the 'Alchemists' Guild' and Bu Duyi wouldn't allow them to expose him like that when even senior Li Wei had covered for him earlier today.

But contrary to all expectations, it was Li Wei who had cut off his words, by sending a heavy slap at his face.

Before Bu Duyi could even react, Li Wei warned him in a threatening tone

''If you speak one more sentence, you will have to collect your rolling head from the floor''

Then Li Wei put on the best smile he could muster and even though it looked like he was half-smiling and half-crying, he approached the two green-robed girls as he said

''Miss Liu Mei and miss Lan Jinjing, it is an honor for you to visit my 'Alchemists' Guild'. Please forgive that ignorant idiot who is too blind to see who you are. If you wish to punish him however, you can do so freely, I will definitely not object to it.''

Bu Duyi whose heart was blazing with flames of rage, now felt like he had just been showered with a bucket full of ice.

Shun Long was also speechless by how shameless Li Wei could be.

''These two girls must definitely have some extraordinary origins or this shitty old man wouldn't be so polite to them'' he thought.

The 'junior sister' of the two, Lan Jinjing looked at Bu Duyi as she said coldly

''For daring to speak like that to my senior sister, you deserve death!''

Lan Jinjing's eyes were bursting with anger and she looked like she was just half a step away from tearing Bu Duyi's body apart when Liu Mei stopped her and said

''We shouldn't kill anyone inside the city, even if it is scum like this person or we too would become the same as them in that case.'' Liu Mei said in a cold voice that didn't hide her displeasure towards Bu Duyi, before she turned her head to look at 'Senior Li Wei' saying

''Mister Li, you should allow this junior brother to participate in the test. Everyone inside the hall knows the truth about this matter and it could possibly affect your reputation. This junior brother only intended to take the test when this woman first insulted him'' Liu Mei said as she pointed at Jing Fei.

Jing Fei's face had turned completely white. She knew that these two stunning women were definitely inner sect disciples and this time she was most likely doomed.

Shun long was also surprised. Liu Mei's bluntness astounded him.

Nevertheless, he politely cupped his fists at her before turning and leaving the 'Alchemists' Guild'. His meaning was obvious.

Shun long had refused Liu Mei's goodwill as this was a matter of pride for him.

Since the 'Alchemists' Guild' had kicked him out the first time, he wouldn't return even if Li Wei had begged him. Besides, all that he wanted to do this time aside from participating in the examination for the rank 1 alchemists, was to verify some of his theories about medicinal ingredients and see whether a few of his hypotheses were correct or not. But even without the 'Alchemists' Guild' he could still do it, it would just take a bit longer to do it.

Lan JinJing was tongue-tied, it was the first time someone hadn't accepted her senior sister's polite intentions. People would usually rush to fawn over her but this guy did the complete opposite.

Liu Mei wasn't offended by Shun Long's refusal to her. It was actually the first time that a young outer sect disciple had picked her interest, her sparkling eyes looking at Shun Long's lonely back as he walked out of the Guild.

Just as Shun Long had left the 'Alchemists' Guild', a big ball of meat could be seen rushing towards him.

Shun Long instantly turned around and was about to curse Bu Duyi before turning to run since he couldn't beat him just yet, when he noticed that this person's shape was different from Bu Duyi's.

If Bu Duyi was like a rugby ball, then this person resembled more like a football (/soccer ball), since his belly was completely round.

Despite being fat, this person had arrived in front of Shun Long almost instantly, as he panted a bit before saying

''Brother, you were really impressive back there.'' the fat person said as he pointed behind him at the 'Alchemists' Guild'.

Shun Long looked at this person who was also wearing green robes and thought

''Aren't inner disciples supposed to all be in the inner city and only rarely to come to the outer city? Then how come I've already seen three today?''

This fat disciple then cupped his hands as he said

''My name is Fu Li and I'm from the inner sect. How can I address you junior brother?''

Shun Long was still on his guard towards this Fu Li but he didn't sense any ill intentions from this person, so he too cupped his hands as he said

''My name is Shun Long.''

Just as Fu Li was about to respond, a familiar white-robed man approached them as he said

''Brother Shun haha what a coincidence. Will you accompany this elder brother for a drink at the 'Mystifying Fragrance Pavilion'?''