Monarch Of Time Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Chapter 27 Friends

The young man in white was of course Lu Wen.

''Eh? Fatty Fu, what are you doing here?''

''I was just going to ask you the same thing. How do you know brother Shun Long?'' asked Fatty Fu.

''Ah right!'' Fatty Fu continued ''Brother Shun Long let's go to the 'Mystifying Fragrance Pavilion'. Just now I heard Lu Wen invite us which means he is obviously going to pay. We need to order the best food and wine. Especially the 'Mystifying Fragrance wine', its taste is truly heavenly.'' Fatty Fu quickly started salivating as he thought of the food and wine in the 'Mystifying Fragrance Pavilion'.

''Hey Fatty, who invited you? I only invited brother Shun, as for you, take a hike! Don't even dream of having me pay for your meal or I'll go bankrupt.''

Shun Long smiled as he saw the 2 bantering like old friends while they were walking towards their destination.

Although Fatty Fu seemed to be closer in age to Shun Long, he was still great friends with Lu Wen. After all, in the cultivation world, 10 years were nothing. When a cultivator reached the earth grade, they could already live for 500 years.

Their group walked for almost 30 minutes until they finally reached a very large and luxurious building. The building wasn't as big as the 'Administration Building' or the 'Alchemists' Guild' but it was definitely far more luxurious than both of them. After all the previous 2 involved pills and administration of the city while this one was probably the most luxurious building in the entire sect, the 'Mystifying Fragrance Pavilion'.

Shun Long, Lu Wen, and Fatty Fu all walked towards it and as they got closer, Shun Long noticed that the gates of the Pavilion looked like they were made from pure gold with many runic lines engraved inside.

Lu Wen knew that Shun Long would be curious since it was his first time visiting the 'Mystifying Fragrance Pavilion' so he explained

''This metal isn't gold, but it's a formless liquid that only high-grade formation masters can create. It is first formed in a liquid state and the formation masters need to hammer it and create the runic inscriptions inside it before it has completely solidified its shape.''

Fatty Fu interrupted Lu Wen as he said

''The gates of the 'Mystifying Fragrance Pavilion' are all created from this metal, and even a full-powered punch from a peak rank 9 earth grade expert probably can't destroy it. After all, this gate requires at least a formation master of the silver level to cre..''

''Enough Fatty, I will explain things so wait until we get to our table first.''

Their group had already reached the 'Mystifying Fragrance Pavilion' but Fatty hadn't noticed it and had kept blabbering.

Lu Wen said to the waiter

''Bring us to the 3rd floor and bring us 3 jars of 'Mystifying Fragrance wine'.''

The waiter bowed as he brought them to the 3rd floor and quickly brought over their wine. Fatty Fu then said to Lu Wen

''Wow, you really are willing to spend today brother Lu. 6000 sect points for 3 jars of wine, impressive. This little brother will be in your care in the future.''

''Scram fatty, next time you are the one paying for our wine. Today is an exception since I had to return home and I have been feeling so stifled that I couldn't take it anymore without drinking some good wine.''

Fatty Fu then asked ''Right, brother Lu how did you meet brother Shun here?''

Lu Wen and Fatty Fu both explained how they met Shun Long, and although Fatty Fu had expected such a normal situation, Lu Wen was astonished.

''Did you really fight with Bu Duyi?'' Lu Wen asked Shun Long, disbelief coloring his face.

Shun Long instead smiled self-mockingly as he said ''Fight? That shameless old man just punched me once, but I couldn't do anything to him and I almost died from that punch of his. But I will make sure to pay him back ten-fold in the future.''

Although his insides had almost healed by now, and his chest had no injuries anymore, his qi was almost depleted at this point. Shun Long however was shocked because even now, the triangular-shaped stone still hadn't stopped buzzing inside his spiritual space.

''That is still unbelievable. How could a rank 6 condensation rookie survive a punch from a late earth stage cultivator? This is a miracle, brother Shun you are truly amazing.'' Lu Wen said as he cupped his fists in respect to Shun Long's feat before they all opened their jars of wine to drink.

As they were all drinking, the atmosphere in the table became even friendlier and at this point, the three of them really regarded each other as true friends. After all, there was an old saying in the cultivation world 'Men become acquaintances after meeting each other, they become friends after drinking with each other, and they become true brothers after sharing life and death with each other.'

Lu Wen then asked Shun Long curiously

''Right, brother Shun, why did you go to the Guild? I remember that you only started cultivating less than 2 months ago. Could it be that you are interested in studying alchemy?''

''What did you say?''

Now it was Fatty's turn to be astonished, as Shun Long needed less than 2 months to reach his current level.

''HAHAHA my, Fu Li's brother is a genius that needed less than 2 months to reach the peak of rank 6 in qi condensation? Brother, you have to come and meet my grandfather. If he knew that I have a brother who advanced so fast in his cultivation, perhaps he wouldn't beat me every time he saw me before telling me to go cultivate harder.''

Fatty Fu thought for a bit before saying

''Yes, that's it! It's not my fault that I am not progressing fast enough in my cultivation, it's just that I'm not a genius.''