Monarch Of Time Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Chapter 37 Arena Match

Shun Long was already interested in participating at the auction, but now that he heard that the last 2 ingredients he needed would probably appear there, attending the auction 15 days from now became one of his top priorities.

''Senior, after deducting the cost for the 40 sets of rank 1 herbs, the 'white-root Ganoderma', the 'blood lotus' and the 'black-tongued python's' poison, our 'Treasure Pavilion' still owes senior 844 sect points for the 'Qi barrier-breaking' pills.''

Yin Xing said, as he took out his sect identifying jade, and transferred the remaining amount to Shun Long.

Shun Long then, suddenly noticed a problem... he didn't have a spatial ring to carry all the stuff that he had bought today.

He took a deep breath as he thickened his face and said to Yin Xing

''I will also need a big bag.''

Yin Xing looked like he didn't understand until Shun Long pointed at a finger on his right hand and said

''Recently I met with an accident and my spatial ring was stolen. Until I find the culprit and get it back, I obviously have to carry everything myself. Hence why I wear these black robes, so I don't get recognized while carrying my stuff with me.''

Even Shun Long admired himself and his ability to spout nonsense in broad daylight.

Yin Xing showed a look of understanding as if he had just now realized the senior's predicament and he said to Mei Yi

''Quickly bring a bag for senior.''

Mei Yi rushed out and soon returned with a big black bag that Shun Long filled with the ingredients on the table.

Yin Xing's and Wong Bo's eyes twitched, watching those ingredients worth over 1000 sect points fill a bag like they were some kind of cheap goods that you could pick up from the side of the road, but they didn't dare comment on it.

Although Shun Long's face was pretty thick and could ignore their reactions, he still had bought everything that he needed from this trip of his to the 'Treasure Pavilion', so he bade farewell to Yin Xing and the rest as he left to return back to his room at the inn.

After Shun Long left the appraisal room, Yin Xing looked at Wong Bo and Mei Yi and said

''You guys did very well today. But remember, if in the future this senior returns to our 'Treasure Pavilion', you must make sure to inform me immediately.''

He emphasized the last words and Wong Bo and Mei Yi both nodded before they all left the room.

On the way back, Shun Long first found an isolated corner near the inn he was staying at and after switching back to his outer disciple robes, he returned to his room where he placed the big black bag that was full of medicinal ingredients on the floor.

Shun Long sighed as he said

''It really is difficult to walk around without a spatial ring. I need to obtain one soon or in the future I will be in trouble if I have to carry so much stuff again by myself.''

Although Shun Long had said that, he knew that a spatial ring was definitely very expensive if even fatty Fu didn't have one yet, but he was determined to inquire about it the next time he visited the 'Treasure Pavilion'.

After Shun Long left the black bag with the ingredients in his room, he went to find the inn-keeper to pay the 4 sect points for the next month as well.

As Shun Long now had 845 sect points on his 'sect identifying jade', the measly 4 sect points that his room costed for a month didn't mean much to him now.

After paying the inn-keeper, Shun Long decided to eat outside today. Although he had eaten the food that the inn delivered at his room every day, it was food of the lowest quality, and having to eat that for a month, had already made his stomach grumble.

Although Shun Long couldn't be considered rich right now, with 841 sect points on him, he was definitely not poor anymore, so he chose a relatively good restaurant to eat.

He ate both meat and vegetables until he was full, and although the wine here couldn't compare to the 'Mystifying Fragrance Pavilion's', it was still much better than the plain water he drank every day for the past month that he was locked inside his room.

As Shun Long paid the bill and left the restaurant, he noticed a commotion around him, as most disciples on the street were all heading towards the east of the city.

Shun Long stopped a young man who was running and asked

''Excuse me brother, why is everyone in such a hurry?''

The young man that Shun Long had stopped looked at him as if he was an alien and said

''Haven't you heard? Today is the arena match between Xiao Juyan and Lei Pong. The winner will advance into the top 100 ranks of the arena.''

As soon as this disciple finished his explanation, he ran towards the east of the city.

''Arena matches? How interesting.''

Shun Long thought to himself as he too followed the rushing crowd.