Monarch Of Time Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Chapter 40 Open secret

''It's Xiao Juyan and Lei Pong''

People in the crowd exclaimed as everyone looked at the center of the arena.

There, 2 young men were standing opposite to each other.

Both of them were wearing yellow robes, however each of them was carrying a different weapon on their backs.

One of them was relatively handsome and was carrying an iron hammer on his back. Shun Long instantly understood who this man was, as his face greatly resembled Xiao Shitou's.

''That person is Xiao Juyan'' Lu Wen said as he pointed towards that person with the hammer on his back.

''Sure enough'' Shun Long thought as he nodded his head.

''The person with the blonde hair and the spear on his back is Lei Pong who is ranked 101 in the arena rankings''

Fatty Fu interjected and just as he was about to continue explaining, Xiao Juyan started speaking

''Lei Pong, do you really think that you have a chance against me? You already lost to me once and you will definitely lose again the second time''

''Xiao Juyan, don't think that I'm the same person that I was 4 months ago. You were already at the peak of rank 5 earth grade while I was only in the middle stages of rank 5. But today, the result will be different.''

''Fine then, show me how things will be different this time around'' Xiao Juyan said in a mocking tone, as his entire body started changing into a rock-like substance, while he held his hammer in his hands.

''This is Xiao Juyan's 'rock body'. In the same realm, there is almost no attack that can break through his defenses and harm him.''

''That's not for certain, Lei Pong's 'thunderspear art' is extremely strong. Now that he has also advanced at the peak of rank 5 in the earth grade, he can definitely win this time.''

The crowd was then discussing how the battle would proceed when Lei Pong took out his spear and rushed towards Xiao Juyan.

''Their fighting styles are completely different. Lei Pong focuses on attacking, while Xiao Juyan focuses on defense''

Just as Lu Wen finished speaking, Lei Pong had arrived in front of Xiao Juyan and his spear pierced towards Xiao Juyan's chest.

Xiao Juyan stumbled 6 steps backwards as he vomited blood. There was no hole in his 'rock body' but parts of his 'rock armor' were broken as they fell on the ground after Lei Pong's attack connected.

Xiao Shitou's and Lin Wu's faces paled when they saw Xiao Juyan being injured.

Xiao Juyan however, didn't look to be in much pain and his rock body was slowly recovering, as he looked at Lei Pong and said

''Your attacks are strong but too bad that you are still no match for me''

Lei Pong looked at him confidently and responded

''Didn't you just vomit blood from just one of my attacks? I want to see what makes you so act so arrogant in front of me.''

Just as Lei Pong was about to attack again though, the aura on Xiao Juyan's body started to rise higher and higher, from the peak of rank 5, all the way until it stabilized at the early-rank 6 of the earth stage.

Lei Pong didn't pause his movement as he attacked again, but deep in his eyes, traces of anger as well as dejection could be seen.

Xiao Juyan easily parried Lei Pong's attack with his hammer, as he sent a punch at Lei Pong's chest, who was then sent flying at the edge of the arena

Lei Pong stood up, with blood flowing from his lips as he asked

''When did you reach the early stage of rank 6?''

Xiao Juyan didn't answer his question but instead, he asked one himself

''Do you think that you are the only one who is improving here?''

''Even if you are at the early stages of rank 6, you won't stand a chance against an inner disciple 5 months from now, so stop acting so smug.'' Lei Pong was exasperated as he said this

''Whether I'm a match for an inner disciple or not shouldn't concern someone like you who can't even reach the top 100, should it?''

Lei Pong dejectedly left the arena, as Xiao Shitou and Lin Wu quickly rushed to congratulate Xiao Juyan, before they leisurely walked out of the arena.

Shun Long was too about to bid farewell to fatty Fu and Lu Wen, when fatty Fu looked at Shun Long seriously

''Brother, you need to do your best and improve your strength as much as possible. I have heard that an alchemist in our 'Treasure Pavilion' somehow found an improved 'Qi barrier-breaking' pill that can allow people to directly enter the early and even the middle stages of rank 7 in qi condensation. I tried to purchase one for you, but they were all bought by some of the higher echelons in the sect.''

Shun Long and Lu Wen were both stunned by fatty's words, and a warm feeling started spreading in Shun Long's heart.

''What I'm going to tell you is somewhat of an open secret so pay attention. You need to improve your strength as much as you can in the next 2 months. Because there are 2 months before the outer sect examination begins.''