Monarch Of Time Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Chapter 41 Outer sect examination

Fatty Fu revealed something shocking just now.

If there was an outer sect examination and it was an 'open secret', then why hadn't Shun Long hadn't heard anything about it.

Fatty Fu saw that Shun Long had stayed quiet so he explained

''It's an open secret because only people who have been in the sect for more than 3 years know about it. This test mostly concerns the newest 60.000 disciples that join the sect every 3 years, so why would the older disciples go about spreading the news of a sect examination for no reason?''

Shun Long understood that fatty's words made perfect sense. Why would the older disciples help the new ones for no reason?

''Although there must definitely be some new disciples that know about the sect exams, there can't be too many of them. Probably only people like Xiao Shitou who have an older brother inside the sect would know about it. The rest of the disciples are most likely kept in the dark until the sect examination begins.'' Shun Long thought to himself and surmised that even if he wasn't completely correct, the truth probably wouldn't be that far off from his guess.

When Lu Wen thought about the sect rewards his eyes shone as he said

''Brother, don't take the sect examination lightly. Just the rewards for the top 3, and even the top 10 are enough to make me jealous.''

Shun Long couldn't help himself as he asked

''Fatty do you know what the rewards are?''

''Haha I knew that you would be interested. I don't know if the prizes for this year will be different, but 3 years ago the first place winner got a spatial ring, a rank 1 silver grade sword, and 10.000 sect points.''

Fatty Fu and Lu Wen were both trying to rouse Shun Long's interest in the rewards, and indeed they were successful as soon as fatty mentioned the spatial ring.

Shun Long was embarrassed when he thought of his previous visit to the 'Treasure Pavilion' and how he had to carry 40 sets of medicinal herbs like they were cabbages.

However, Lu Wen's next words were like a bucket of cold water to Shun Long

''The top 3 is probably to be impossible for you brother, however, if you can manage to somehow reach the early rank 8, you can try to get a good place at the exam.''

Shun Long looked at Lu Wen who continued

''It's not that I'm looking down on you brother, but there will be disciples who have reached the peak of rank 3 in earth grade, while you still are at the peak of rank 6. No matter how talented you may be, you can't fight someone who is 6 small realms higher than you.''

Shun Long understood that Lu Wen was only looking out for him and he was just trying to be realistic. After all, how could someone who has barely cultivated for less than 5 months by now, fight against earth grade experts?

''Usually, the outer sect examination takes place in the Demonic Mountain Region, but there are some rumors circulating, that this year's sect examination will be different compared to last time's.''

After fatty Fu finished speaking, he took Shun Long and Lu Wen to the 'Mystifying Fragrance Pavilion' where they spent 3 hours before deciding to split up.

As soon as Shun Long returned to the inn, he entered his room and started to ponder over what he had learned today.

''Since the information came from fatty, it must definitely be true. In that case, I only have 2 months to strengthen myself before the outer sect examination begins. I also need to refine the 40 sets of ingredients that I purchased from the 'Treasure Pavilion' into medicinal pills before the day of the auction arrives, or I may miss the 'fire-spirit fruit' and the 'water element grass' since I don't know what their final price in the auction is going to be.''

Shun Long then took a deep breath before he decided to first refine the 40 sets of rank 1 medicinal ingredients that he had, into 'Qi barrier-breaking' pills.

He sat on the floor as he warmed up his cauldron, before starting refining the pills.

Refining 40 sets of medicinal ingredients was very taxing to Shun Long. After 14 days of constant refinement, he had finally refined all the herbs into pills, when the day of the auction finally arrived.