Monarch Of Time Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Chapter 5 Parents

The roaring voice shook the entire Shun estate to its core and even the servants and the guards inside all hastily knelt down in fear.

Outside of the Shun estate the pedestrians around went pale from fear as a carriage rushed quickly towards the estate's gates. The carriage stopped a few meters away from Shun Long and the driver quickly reigned in the horses and hastily fell on his knees, when the door of the carriage was suddenly kicked from the inside, and ended up flying through the air until it collided with the estate's walls and instantly broke into fragmented pieces of wood and scattered to the ground.

From the inside of the carriage a furious man in his early 40s jumped down, the ground slightly shaking from the impact when he landed. The man was tall, over 1.80m (5.11ft) and dressed in luxurious blue clothes. His facial features were sharp and he had thick eyebrows, his nose was straight and his body build was burly. His black eyes had almost turned scarlet at this point and his hair was standing on edge from the rage and aura he was exuding.

He furiously walked towards Shun Long each step of his shaking the earth around him, and before Shun Long could react he felt his shoulders being pressured so badly that his bones were hurting from it.

The man stared deeply in Shun Long's eyes and then roared at the 2 guards who were standing guard in front of the estate earlier, but were now kneeling on the ground in fear, in a voice so loud that it could be heard through the entire Blue Forest-city ''SUMMON ALCHEMIST LU''.

Then the man didn't even wait for Shun Long to speak as he dragged him to the main hall of the estate and forced him to lie down on a bed that the servants had just brought over to the hall. After he checked Shun Long's body thoroughly for any injuries but not finding anything in the end, the man finally exhaled in relief as if he had been holding that one breath this entire time.

Shun Long hadn't cried in his past life no matter what hardships he may had suffered, no matter how terrible a pain his previously malnourished body may have felt, but for the first time in his life his eyes turned red as 2 drops of tears spilled from the corners of his eyes.

Then in a voice choked and full of emotion he finally said one word


A word he never had the chance to utter in his past life, and also a word he had always strongly felt that he would never want to say in his life.

Even though the original Shun Long had a deep relationship with his parents, Shun Long now wasn't just the previous Shun Long's soul.

An abandoned orphan who had to work for everything his entire life, never having a single person to show him what true family love and concern was like, finally had all his mental barriers broken after seeing the concern and love along with rage in Shun Fang's eyes and he could truly feel that deep affection and care that this man was harboring towards him.

Just as Shun Fang was about to ask his son what had happened for him to return home in such a state, a beautiful woman in her late thirties entered the hall. As soon as Shun An noticed her son's destroyed clothes she instantly assumed the worse and rushed to hug him as her eyes instantly burst in tears.

Shun Long felt a feeling from Shun An similar to the one he was feeling from Shun Fang.

''Mother'' he thought inside his head and truly felt what motherly love felt like, as he used both of his arms to hug both his father and his mother.

An unclocking sound could be heard inside his mind, as an ancient book silently appeared next to the triangular stone in his mind, but Shun Long had no time to check it as his parents both sat in front of him and Shun Fang finally asked, with hints of anger obvious in his voice:

''I only left Blue Forest-city for 8 days, what happened while i was gone? How did my son got hurt so badly and where are Gu Yi and Gu Shi?''

Shun Fang and Shun An both wanted to know how their son ended up in such a state especially with Gu Yi and Gu Shi.

Could it be that Gu Yi and Gu Shi didn't do their job properly? But they had both always followed Shun long whenever he left the estate.

''Father, Gu Yi and Gu Shi both died protecting me today.'' Shun Long said his voice stone cold but a hint of furious anger could be discerned from it.

''What happened?'' Shun Fang and Shun An asked shocked.

Gu Yi and Gu Shi were both Shun Long's bodyguards and Gu Yi was even an early rank 2 earth rank expert whereas Gu Shi was a peak rank 1 earth rank expert. Even in the entire Blue Forest-city Gu Yi and Gu Shi were considered relatively strong experts which is why Shun Fang would have never believed this if this had came out from the mouth of anyone else apart from his son's.

Cultivation started from Qi condensation rank 1 to rank 9 and the levels in each rank were divided into early, mid and peak. After the Qi condensation level was the earth rank, so 2 strong earth rank cultivators dying was a truly shocking matter.

''Rumors were circulating that someone in the outskirts of Blue Forest, found a 'red pine fruit'. '' answered Shun Long.

''Father you know that my meridians are blocked and I can't cultivate but if I could fine the 'red pine fruit' and ask Master Lu to concoct the meridian opening pill for me, I could finally start cultivating.''

Before Shun Fang had a chance to interject Shun Long continued

''I know you have always felt bad because I can't cultivate and have also searched for the red pine fruit and other solutions for me, even if you have never said this yourself I know it's true.'' said Shun Long.

Shun Fang didn't say anything and his face turned slightly red. He didn't want his son to find out but he had always felt regret that Shun Long was unable to cultivate so he had always searched for possible solutions both inside Blue Forest-city or in the Imperial capital.

Shun Fang himself had ventured into the Blue Forest plenty of times but so far he had never found what he needed for his son.

''So this time, hearing that someone found the 'red pine fruit' while you were in the imperial capital, I couldn't stay still so I asked for both Gu Yi and Gu Shi to come with me together to the Blue Forest. After all my plan was only to search around the Blue Forest's outskirts and with 2 earth rank experts accompanying me the chance of running into danger was truly low.

But who could have known that we would get ambushed on the way by 5 masked people wearing black robes?!'' said Shun Long in an angry voice.

Shun Fang and Shun An understood. If 5 masked people ambushed and attacked 2 earth rank experts then most likely the person behind this assasination was someone who wanted to harm the Shun family by killing off their heir instead of just finishing of his 2 bodyguards and then kindly letting Shun Long go.

Shun Long explained how these people encircled and attacked their group, and how in the end they got scared off by the sudden lightning storm and ended up fleeing before finishing the job.

Shun Fang and Shun An were both glad and sighed in relief, thankful for their child's luck and how he managed to escape from such a death trap, when suddenly a guard entered the hall, knelt down on 1 knee and said:

''My lord, alchemist master Lu has arrived.''