Monarch Of Time Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Chapter 8 Shun Fang's scheme

As soon as Lu Wen finished his words, Shun Fang and Shun An both looked over at Shun Long. They too wanted to know how their son was healed.

Actually Shun Long didn't have to answer Lu Wen's questions and satisfy his curiosity if he really didn't want to do so, but this was still part of Shun Long's plan so he decided to nod and explain 'what had happened'. His parents were also curious as to how Shun Long had healed since he had mentioned earlier that his body was originally full of injuries and he was even brought on the brink of death when those masked people attacked him, before they eventually fled the scene.

Earlier Shun Long didn't have the time to finish his explanation when Lu Wen arrived at the hall, so he could only postpone it, but since Lu Wen asked it was the perfect time to present his explanation.

Shun Long turned to look at his parents who nodded at him and he then started explaining

''Originally I was attacked by some people and was left to die bleeding on the ground when a thunderstorm erupted, a few hours ago abot 3 miles away from the Blue Forest. Then just as I was about to die an elderly person that was flying close to me, grabbed me and rescued me from the storm. When he saw the injuries on my body, he gave me some mysterious pill and when I swallowed it my injuries started healing instantly. Then after an incense stick of time had passed my my injuries had already healed and not even a scar was left behind. It was truly miraculous. But then the elder abruptly left as soon as he saw that my injuries had healed and I didn't even have the time to ask for his name as he soared in the sky and flew towards the east.''

Shun Fang, Shun An and Lu Wen were all speechless.

'How could this kids' luck be so good' all 3 of them thought at the same time and didn't even doubt his story as it made completely perfect sense. So that's how he stayed alive and his injuries were healed along with his meridians.

Alchemist Lu was so jealous when he heard this that his face almost turned green from envy.

How high level of an expert would that person have to be to casually give away such a miraculous pill to a kid he had never even met before. It had to be known that cultivators needed to have at least reached the Heaven tier if they wanted to fly in the air. Chances are that such a person was also an alchemist since he could produce such a miraculous pill so easily or at the very least he had to have a close connection with a high level alchemist, so if Lu Wen could meet such a person and obtain even the slightest guidance from him, his benefits would have been immeasurable.

On the other hand Shun Fang and Shun An's faces went red with excitement.

Not only had their son met a high level expert who had healed his injuries, but that person had also solved the problem that was plaguing their son since his birth.

When Lu Wen got the answer to his questions he sighed in a tone filled with envy and regret, as he turned his sight from Shun Long to Shun Fang and Shun An, cupped his fists and said

''Formation master Shun, congratulations, young master Shun will definitely soar in the future now that his meridians are healed. I will take my leave for the night if there is nothing else.''

Shun Fang also cupped his fists at Lu Wen and said

''Alchemist Lu thank you for your help today, accept this gift of mine as a token of my family's gratitude since you came here so late in the night.'' Shun Fang then clapped his hands 2 times and two guards opened the doors of the main hall with another 2 following behind them, while carrying a big heavy looking iron cauldron. The cauldron had runes and lines carved on it's outer surface while it's lid was made of pure silver.

As soon as Lu Wen saw the cauldron his eyes shone with desire and he couldn't wait to return to his home and throw away his old cauldron and replace it with this one. Although Lu Wen was a genius alchemist famous in the entire Blue Forest-city, his current cauldron was only of rank 2 bronze grade, whereas the cauldron that Shun Fang had just gifted him was already a full rank higher, a pinnacle rank 3 bronze grade cauldron. As an alchemist he could obviously tell the grade of this cauldron even from a distance. It was said that only pinnacle rank 3 bronze grade alchemists had such cauldrons, and even some silver grade alchemists were using top grade 3 bronze rank cauldrons as well, since finding a silver grade cauldron was truly extremely difficult.

''Help alchemist Lu arrive home safely'' Shun Fang ordered the 4 guards that had just entered the main hall.

''I also hope that alchemist Lu will not speak to anyone of todays matters'' Shun Fang said casually, but this was actually the most important part of their conversation.

Lu Wen was extremely happy and knew that he owed Shun Fang a huge favor for this as a grade 3 bronze rank cauldron wasn't something you could buy easily, let alone one that was at the pinnacle of it's grade.

Lu Wen answered

''Please be at ease formation master Shun, I Lu Wen am not that kind of person'' answered Lu Wen as he cupped his fists one more time and then followed the guards outside.

He also understood what Shun Fang's words meant and knew that he couldn't divulge today's matters regardless. Just the fact that the expert who saved his son, Shun Long, could fly into the air, meant that that person had to be at least a Heaven grade expert. It was also highly probable that that person was also a high grade alchemist as well and so Lu Wen couldn't and wouldn't casually discuss such a persons private matters for fear of bringing a disaster upon himself.

When Lu Wen left, Shun Fang looked at his son with eyes full of happiness and gratitude as he said

''Little brat your father knows that your body is alright and I am finally at ease, but you went through a lot of stuff today, so you should go and rest. Tomorrow we will go together and choose a cultivation technique that suits you HAHAHA.''

Then without waiting for Shun Long to reply Shun Fang quickly and happily left the hall with Shun An by his side, both of them smiling happily.

The servants were startled to see Shun Fang and Shun An smiling so brightly as they left the hall and headed to their courtyard

Shun Long also followed his memories and as soon as he left the main hall he started walking towards his own room as well.

Shun An suddenly stopped while they were walking and asked Shun Fang in a slightly serious tone

''Although Master Lu came today, he didn't do anything aside from an examination, isn't it too much to give him a pinnacle grade 3 bronze cauldron as a gift? After all he wouldn't dare to discuss today's matters that easily, especially when they involve a person who is most likely a Heaven grade expert. Did you do it just to make sure that he wouldn't tell anyone about Long'ers recovery?''

Shun An asked as if she had just come to an epiphany. Although she was a very smart woman, she wasn't as used to dealing with people as Shun Fang, so it took her a while to see through Shun Fang's intentions.

But Shun Fang was an old fox and his aim wasn't just that so he explained to his wife

''Even if it was just to make sure that Lu Wen stays silent, for a matter that involves my, Shun Fang's son then it would still be worth it. I don't want people to know yet that Long'er is alright since he was nearly assasinated today, but I also gave him the cauldron because of Lu Wen himself.''

Shun An looked at Shun Fang but she didn't understand what he meant. Isn't Lu Wen just a grade 2 bronze rank alchemist? Although he is talented, he isn't the best in the entire Sky Fortune Kingdom, and many grade 2 and even grade 3 alchemists would jump in delight at the opportunity to get their hands on such a treasure. As if looking through Shun An's thoughts, Shun Fang said

''Lu Wen may just be a bronze grade 2 alchemist but that's only for now. It will probably take less than a year for him to reach bronze grade 3. At that time having a talented grade 3 alchemist help my son when he needs him will definitely be worth this investment.''

Shun An looked at Shun Fang's bright eyes in shock and asked as if she had just understood his intentions

''Do you mean that you intend for Long'er to..?!''

''Yes'' Shun Fang answered immediately in a voice full of confidence and a tinge of pride in it. Then he continued and with a murderous look slowly filling his eyes he said

''If any stray dogs think that they can just come and try to kill my son without any repercussions, then they really are naive. They better prey I don't find who was behind that attack or else..''

Shun Fang finished his sentence and then harrumped, as if he was trying release part of his pent up anger that suddenly filled him when he mentioned Shun Long's assasination attack again, as he and Shun An walked to their rooms to rest.

Shun Long then reached his courtyard, and walked straight towards the biggest room at the center. His room had 5 big wooden bookshelves inside it, all of them filled with all kind of books, with subjects that involved, alchemy, formations, cultivation etc. Shun Long directly locked the door as soon as he entered the room and walked toward the bed that was situated at the side of the room opposite to the bookshelves. He decided to sit down at the center of his bed with his legs crossed and as he closed his eyes his thoughts drifted towards the triangular shaped stone in his mind.