Monster Paradise Chapter 239

Chapter 239 the disappearance of zheng yihan
Chapter 239: The Disappearance of Zheng Yihan

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Name: Zheng Yihan

Age: 20

Combat Strength: Silver level rank-3

Hunter Association Authorization: Silver Hunter

Remarks: Expert in hidden weapons and close-quarter combat

After looking at Brain Eater hosts basic information, Lin Huang felt relieved that it had confirmed the identity of the murderer. Finally, after two days of no sleep there was a breakthrough in the development of the case, but knowing the identity wouldnt be enough on its own as nobody knew where she was right now or if she was even in Luoxi City.

Zheng Yihan was a silver level rank-3, with authorization to log into the Hunter Info Network. Using this she must have found out that the Hunter Association was after her but with Brain Eaters intelligence how would she react? would she choose to mess around with the hunters who were after her, would she change to another host so that she could stay in Luoxi City or would she escape the city? Those were all unknown.

Lin Huang did not plan to do anything before obtaining more information. Since he had not slept for a night, he took a nap while waiting for any news from Yang Ling. Finally, after two hours of napping, Yang Ling called. Lin Huang was only resting and wasnt in a deep sleep. As his Emperors Heart Ring beeped, he sat right up immediately and picked up the call.

"So what? Did you see her appear anywhere?" Lin Huang asked.

Yang Ling opened his arms wide in the video call.

"I didn't see her anywhere. After she got rid of the bodies, she seems to have disappeared completely from Luoxi City. I watched all of the 8,000 surveillance cameras around the city three times since the day she got rid of the body, I havent seen her face once."

"Do you mean she has left Luoxi City?" Lin Huang frowned.

"Maybe she has left, maybe shes hiding or maybe she has a new face. Those are all possible." Yang Ling gave three different answers.

"If shes hiding, isnt it impossible that she doesnt appear anywhere on the surveillance cameras for more than 20 days?" Lin Huang figured since the Hunter Association had launched the mission many days before; the host, Zheng Yihan might have been disposed of.

Yang Ling disagreed with Lin Huang. "Thats not impossible, I could do that."

"There are not that many surveillance cameras in Luoxi City. If she chose to stay in an old, small area without any surveillance, she could wander around without getting captured as long as she does not enter any areas with surveillance."

"I have been watching her Emperors Heart Ring and looked at the user record. It has been more than 20 days since she last used the Chilly Night application. Judging by her behavior, its not possible that she had found her new target for face-changing." Yang Ling suspected.

Lin Huang agreed and nodded. "Thats right. Shes now in the body of a silver level rank-3 with outstanding combat strength and an attractive appearance. Such a host is like a beautiful flower exuding an amazing scent that attracts bees around her, providing her with good food. Without finding a better host, its not possible that shed give up on the current host."

Yang Ling thought and voiced his suspicion. "Its not possible that shed leave Luoxi City unless shes forced to. Although I have no idea how shes managed to get into the city, looking at the Union Governments security system its hard for her to pass through the other footholds."

"Do you mean among the three possibilities, the possibility that shes hiding is the highest?" Lin Huang asked.

"This is what I thought. However, my analysis is just for reference. Exactly what happens depends on what this Brain Eater is up to." Yang Ling shrugged his shoulders with the attitude that Lin Huang was on his own now.

"Alright then The Brain Eater would need to eat at least once a month. It has been 25 days since shed last eaten. If shes still in the city, shed be eating again within these next few days. I think shell use the Chilly Night app again, watch it for me." Lin Huang planned to wait for another few days. If the Brain Eater had left the foothold, hed have to abort the mission and think of other ways to get the skill for the Demonic Dandelion Vine as he didnt want to spend too much time here.

"Dont worry, Ill do that. Ill receive a notification as soon as she logs into the app." Yang Ling was confident.

It was five in the evening after hed hung up the phone. Lin Huang had dinner downstairs and returned to his hotel room. It seemed like all he could do now was wait for Brain Eater to log into the app. It had been 25 days since the Brain Eater had last eaten. If she was still in Luoxi City, she would definitely kill someone again within two to three days as shed die if she didnt eat for more than a month.

It was past six in the evening. After reading the news for a while, Lin Huang started playing Gun Master in the living room. Since he had nothing to do, he wanted to get Lin Xuan to train with him. Before entering the game, he connected the game with his Emperors Heart Rings notification so that he could be notified even when he was playing the game.

As he entered the game, he realized that Lin Xin and Lin Xuan were online too. He pulled the both of them into the virtual training ground that hed built inside the game. Although theyre in different game consoles, as long as the virtual training grounds number was the same, theyd be on the same battle map. Seeing Lin Huang in the game, Lin Xin ran towards him.

"Have you guys had dinner?" Lin Huang patted her head.

"Yes, we have. Brother, why are you so free today?" Lin Xin smiled and asked.

"My task here is stuck at the moment. Im waiting for news from a friend and since I have nothing to do, I thought Id train here." Lin Huang explained.

"How long will you stay there?" Lin Xin asked.

"I would be in Luoxi City for four to five days at most. If it cant be done, I will abort my mission. I dont have time to waste here, I have more important things to do."

Lin Huang had not been training his Life Skill recently as his Life Power was being stabilized. It would take less than a week for it to completely stabilize naturally. If he didnt manage to kill Brain Eater this time, he could always train his Demonic Dandelion Vine once he became a Gold Hunter. It was unnecessary for him to waste too much time in Luoxi City. After a quick chat, Lin Huang started training his gunfighting techniques with Lin Xuan