Monster Paradise Chapter 243

Chapter 243 extracting a new skill
Chapter 243: Extracting A New Skill

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On the way back to the hotel, Qin Wei started asking Lin Huang about what happened. As Lin Huang told him the brief background of what was happening, they arrived at the hotel. It was 11:30 p.m. when Lin Huang checked the time.

Qin Wei looked at the time as well and said, "Its too late now, Ill not bother you. I might need some of your time tomorrow though to talk further."

"Sure, what time?" Lin Huang nodded.

"Lets meet at the restaurant at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow and after breakfast, lets go to the Union Government division together to submit the mission. Since you killed the Brain Eater, the reward belongs to you but Ill have the body. Well talk more after that." Qin Wei said.

"Will I be bothering you? If its not convenient for you, we can reschedule." Qin Wei thought and added.

Lin Huang nodded. "8:30 a.m. is fine."

"Since I have settled the Brain Eater, Ill take a few days rest in Luoxi City."

Lin Huang had been stressed for the past few days and occupied with the massive amount of information about the Brain Eater so he hadnt managed to rest well. Besides, he planned to stay in the city for a week. Since he needed two to three days for his Life Power to stabilize and he wasnt in a rush to leave to Meteorite Desert. He decided to stay in Luoxi City for a few days to rest and to adjust himself before departing.

The both of them took the elevator to level 76 and headed back to their own rooms. As he arrived in his room, he immediately looked at the Demonic Dandelion Vine monster card.

"Monster Card"

"Rarity: Epic"

"Monster Name: Bloody (Demonic Dandelion Vine)"

"Type of Monster: Parasite Species"

"Combat Level: Silver Level Rank-3"

"Skill 1: Leech Pods"

"Skill 2: Absolute Control"

"Skill 3: Supreme Intelligence"

"Summon Authority: Activated"

"Remarks: Monster skill has yet to be fully discovered, two more skills on the way"

"Card Remarks: Trainable"

Lin Huang then looked at the detailed description of Supreme Intelligence.

"Supreme Intelligence: Passive skill that can immensely increase ones intelligence."

"Remarks: The higher foundation in intelligence will result in an increase in intelligence."

Lin Huang was tempted when he saw the skill.

"Xiao Hei, extract the skill for Demonic Dandelion Vine."

If Lin Huang was to extract the skill now, the probability of obtaining Supreme Intelligence was only 1/3. Moreover, he did not need to add any other survival skill for it in the future so he decided to extract the skill now.

"Skill is being extracted Randomly choosing a skill Skill has been chosen Congratulations, you have received a new skill - Leech Pods."

Lin Huang was speechless at what he got.

"Can I use Leech Pods?" Lin Huang was skeptical.

"Im not a plant like Demonic Dandelion Vine with the gift. Even if I could transform my Life Power into pods, before I arrive at transcendent, theres no way that my Life Power could leave my body so itd be useless."

Lin Huang attempted to activate the skill. There were silver dandelion pods growing on his palm, however, they disappeared automatically.

"Just as I expected, Leech Pods will only work on parasites but no other creatures" What just happened proved Lin Huangs speculation right but soon, he thought for something else.

"What if I transfer the pods into a host, would my Life Power disappear as well?"

He thought of an experiment he could try and quickly summoned his Viridian Wolf and activated Leech Pods on his palm. He placed his palm on the Viridian Wolfs abdomen. Soon, the pods seemed to grow to Viridian Wolfs body.

A warning came from Xiao Hei.

"Warning: Something is wrong with your summoning card Viridian Wolf! A parasite has been detected inside it, would you like to recall the card?"

"No." Lin Huang shook his head and rejected to recall the card.

"I want to see if the pods that I've made would disappear."

Lin Huang noticed something strange as the pods went inside of Viridian Wolf. He seemed to have the same sensory ability that it had, where he could look from its point of view and even smell better. However, he could get out of that zone whenever he wanted. He could also control Viridian Wolfs movement including getting it to roll over, shake hands and greet with both hands

"I shall go to bed and see if the pods disappear tomorrow." Seeing that it was near 12 a.m., Lin Huang didnt plan to recall Viridian Wolf as he was afraid that the parasite would be removed if he did. After a quick shower, Lin Huang went to bed in the bedroom while his Viridian Wolf stayed in the living room.

Lin Huang woke up at seven the next morning. As he brushed his teeth, he was observing his Viridian Wolf. The Viridian Wolf found it strange that Lin Huang was looking at it. The pods in it hadnt disappeared while his control over it had not decreased either.

"Could it be the same as Bloodys parasite where as long as I dont recall the parasite, it would stay forever?" Lin Huang thought as the pods remained inside Viridian Wolf after a nights sleep.

"Ill be heading out later. Stay in the room and dont run around." Lin Huang patted Viridian Wolfs head, he didnt plan to end the experiment just yet.

Viridian Wolf looked unwilling as it laid on the floor but it didnt dare to disobey Lin Huang.

After showering, Lin Huang left without Viridian Wolf to breakfast. It was almost eight when he finished his breakfast at level 3. He started reading the news while waiting for Qin Wei. Qin Wei soon walked into the restaurant and got herself some food before sitting across Lin Huang.

"Youre done eating?" Qin Wei was not sure as she saw the table was clean.

Lin Huang nodded. "Yes, Im done. The service crew cleared the table."

"Are you just in Luoxi City for the mission alone?" Qin Wei asked while eating.

"Its mainly to kill a gold level Life Seed monster." Lin Huang didnt hide his intentions but he hadnt revealed what he was hunting.

"Oh, I see"

They chatted for a while, as Qin Wei finished her breakfast, it was almost 8:20 a.m...

Qin Wei looked at the time, stood up and said to Lin Huang. "Im done! Were 10 minutes ahead of time, lets go!"

"Lets go." Lin Huang stood up and followed behind her to the elevator.

They got a monster car at the hotel entrance and headed to the Union Government division.