Monster Paradise Chapter 268

Chapter 268 sent home
Chapter 268: Sent Home

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After getting off the call with Mr. Fu, Lin Huang knew that he had 12 days before the training would officially begin. Mr. Fu was unsure of the contents of the training programme as it varied from year to year. However, most of the the training revolved around improving combat strength.

"Since the training will only start 12 days later, with the additional half month that I spent in Luoxi City, nobody would suspect me if I level-up to gold-level rank-2." After making sure that it would not seem dodgy, Lin Huang went back on his earlier decision and decided to level-up to gold-level rank-2 before leaving Luoxi City.

Summoning his fastest monster, the Nephilic Judge, Lin Huang spent two and a half days killing more than 60 gold-level monsters and finally, he was now a gold-level rank-2. He had filled the 11th circle of columns in all his gold-level Life Wheels. As the sun was setting on the third day, the Nephilic Judge killed the last monster. Lin Huang then took out the black dimensional relic that Mr. Fu gave him. After setting the location to his home, he walked through the relic.

As he stepped in, Lin Huang was sent to the living room in his home in Winter City. It was the place where him and Mr. Fu left earlier.

"Xin Er, Xiao Xuan, Im home!" As he arrived home, Lin Huang shouted upstairs.

Before he could put on his house slippers, Lin Xin and Lin Xuan dashed downstairs.

"Brother!" Lin Xin ran into Lin Huangs embrace. Although she was already in her graduating class, Lin Xin behaved like a kid.

Meanwhile, Lin Xuan was shy as usual as he stood to a corner. After Lin Huang let Lin Xin go, he patted Lin Xuans head.

"Brother, youre home early this time. Including today, youve only been gone for 20 days." Lin Xin giggled.

"I thought youd be gone for more than a month."

"I spent most of the time on transportation the last time, the actual business Im dealing would usually only take a couple of days." Lin Huang told the truth.

"I came back early this time as master gave me a dimensional relic."

"Then why did you only take 20 days this time?" Lin Xin raised an eyebrow.

"I spent some time looking for a Life Seed monster." Lin Huang explained to her as he smiled.

"Hmph, you werent actually looking since you still had time to play Gun Master with Lin Xuan." Lin Xin said while she sulked.

Lin Huang smiled awkwardly, he did not bother to explain to her that he had asked Bloody to find the Life Seed monster for him. Bloodys parasitic abilities were too powerful and he did not want Lin Xin and Lin Xuan to know about this as it would give them no benefits. They might spill too much if they meet bad people.

"I will be staying home for more than a week before I leave again." Lin Huang said helplessly.

"You just got home and youre leaving after a week?" Lin Xin stared at Lin Huang.

"Didnt you just kill the Life Seed monster?"

"Master arranged a training session for me thatll start in nine days time." Lin Huang explained.

"Cant you go after getting more rest?"

"I cant do that Im not the only one wholl go through this training, there are many people joining me as well." Lin Huang smiled and shook his head.

Lin Xin gave in once Lin Huang explained.

"Enough about me! Howve you guys been doing at home?" Lin Huang asked.

"Xin Er, hows your homework going?"

"Nothing special happened while you were gone." Lin Xin shook her head.

"Everything is good at school. Its just that I cant adapt to them calling me by a different name. Im now in the top 10 of my class and Im aiming to get into the top 3 as my next goal!"

"Keep going and get into a prestigious school!" Lin Huang patted Lin Xins head and looked at Lin Xuan.

"How about you Xiao Xuan? Do you listen to your sister when I was away?"

Lin Xuan nodded immediately.

"Oh yeah. Although Lin Xuan cant really speak yet, he can already write." Lin Xin thought of that and told Lin Huang.

"You can write now?" Lin Huang just recalled that he asked him to read more before leaving earlier.

"Yeah, Ive no idea when he learned to write." Lin Xin stuck out her tongue.

Lin Xuan took out a writing board and wrote on it with his finger.

"I learnt it myself by looking at some documents on the Heart Network."

Lin Huang was silently shocked at how fast Lin Xuan learned new things.

"Have you watched all the Hunter Arena videos that I sent you?"

"Yes, Ive also watched many live battles of Gold Hunters." Lin Xuan wrote on the writing board.

"I thought all of them looked weak though... So I didnt join any of the battles."

"Just watch, you dont have to join the battles as you might bring trouble to yourself." Lin Huang patted Lin Xuans shoulder.

"If you need to train by fighting, you can always look for me. We can get a private room for training or I can even bring you to the wild zones to fight monsters."

"Okay." Lin Xuan nodded.

Lin Huang felt hungry after chatting with the both of them. He recalled that he had yet to have dinner.

"Have you guys had your dinner?"

"Yes we have, brother. Have you not?" Lin Xin asked immediately.

"Theres nothing to eat at home, Ill order some take-away for you."

"Its alright, I brought home some local specialties." Lin Huang took out all the local specialities and presents like the toys he bought from Luoxi City.

He kept all the food in the refrigerator and some in his storage space when the refrigerator was full.

The two kids were busy opening their presents and forgot about Lin Huangs dinner. He then took out a frozen cake and put half of it on the dining table while the other half went into the oven.

Three minutes later, Lin Huang took out the cake from the oven and cut the two cakes into six servings.

"I have cakes!" Lin Huang shouted for the two of them.

"Theres cake?!" Lin Xin and Lin Xuan put down the presents and ran straight to the dining table.

Lin Xin had loved cakes since she was a young girl while Lin Xuan only used to eat meat and eggs. Perhaps Since there were eggs in the cakes so he liked them as well.

"This is the frozen cake that I brought back from Luoxi City. There are two ways to eat this cake! One is to eat it while its frozen while the other is to eat it hot from the oven. Lets try them out."

After Lin Huang talked, he ate the cakes for dinner while Lin Xin and Lin Xuan ate them as dessert.

"Its delicious!" As they put the cake into their mouths, Lin Xin and Lin Xuan commented at the same time.

"Glad that you guys love it. Ive bought 30 cakes but Ive already ate five to six of them." Lin Huang knew that they would love the cake. He was not a dessert kind of guy and even he loved the cake. The both of them would definitely love it.

After dinner, Lin Huang entered the Gun Master game with Lin Xuan to train his gunfighting techniques with him after cleaning his room