Monster Paradise Chapter 295

Chapter 295 i hate spiders
Chapter 295: I Hate Spiders!

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"The Volcanic Giant belongs to the undead. It has powerful defenses and super regeneration abilities. The only way to kill it is to break its volcanic heart in its chest. This monster has powerful strength and explosive abilities. It can invoke a burning sensation in its attack," Lin Huang explained to the both of them.

"Let me try killing it, if I cant handle, you can help." Yi Yeyu said to Li Lang. She then summoned the Rainbow Sparrow and headed for the gigantic human-form monster.

After fighting the Volcanic Giant for a while, she avoided its punch several times and pierced her sword into its head. Its tough head was like a soft tofu that she pierced through easily without any effort with the green sword. The Volcanic Giant toppled onto the ground, proving that even though Yi Yeyu did not aim for its heart, her sword could extinguish the fire in its heart. It had also confirmed Lin Huangs speculation. Even he could not kill that Volcanic Giant easily.

He then walked over to investigate the Volcanic Giants body and the same thing that happened to the Fiendish Terraflame Lizard occurred. The fire in its body disappeared. After putting away the Volcanic Giants body, Yi Yeyu agreed with Lin Huangs theory about her ability to suppress fire element monsters.

"Lets try killing non-fire element monsters. If you can do the same, that shows that your body can cause this effect to more than just fire element monsters," Lin Huang suggested.


Yi Yeyu had the same idea as Lin Huang after killing two fire element monsters consecutively. She wanted to see if she could do the same to other types of monsters that were not of the fire element.

Bloody slithered out of Lin Huangs sleeve when Lin Huang instructed it to look for a non-fire element monster. Soon, it guided the three of them towards the fourth monster. Around half an hour later, they arrived at their destination. The Transcendent monster that they had picked this time was an undying monster called the Afflicted Weaver.

"I hate spiders" Seeing that her target was a spider that was as huge as a hill, Yi Yeyu had goosebumps all over her body.

"Spiders are cute! Look that those eight round eyes blinking on top of its head and the sexy hair on its legs," Li Lang smirked.

"Go f*ck yourself!" Yi Yeyu shouted.

"This is an Afflicted Weaver. I bet you guys have heard of this monster." Lin Huang looked at the both of them questioningly.

"The Afflicted Weaver that has spells on it?" Li Lang raised his eyebrow, not looking too well.

"Yes, youll be cursed with bad luck if any of the thorns on its body cut you unless you kill it and bathe yourself in its blood. Or else, youll have bad luck for a month." Lin Huang confirmed.

"Why not we find another one?" Li Lang wanted to back out.

"Didnt you say that this spider is cute?" Yi Yeyu glared at Li Lang.

"I" Li Lang did not expect his teasing to end up like this.

"We can change to another monster if you dont want to kill this one," suggested Lin Huang upon seeing their hesitation although he did not think that this monster was a threat.

"Its okay, Ill kill this one then!" Yi Yeyu rejected Lin Huangs suggestion.

"Didnt you say that you hate spiders?" Li Lang looked at Yi Yeyu in confusion.

"Because I hate it, I must kill it." Yi Yeyus answer rendered everyone speechless.

Li Lang simply could not understand how a womans mind worked.

"Since you have decided, then lets try it out." Lin Huang recalled the time when Yi Yeyu had used a relic to kill all the spiders the last time. She really hated them!

"Try not to be cut by its thorns during the battle. Besides bad luck, theres venom in the thorns. Be aware of its spider web as well, dont get in contact with that as itll make your body numb. Those are the two points you should take note of. I trust you can take care of the rest," advised Lin Huang.

"Same old, same old. Ill try to kill it but if I cant handle, come help me," Yi Yeyu said to Li Lang. She rode on the Rainbow Sparrow and headed towards the Afflicted Weaver.

Seeing that Yi Yeyu left, Lin Huang said, "Li Lang, get ready to help her."

"Do you doubt that shell be able to kill it?" Li Lang asked.

"She might not be able to kill it in one hit like she did earlier."

As they chatted, Yi Yeyu had confronted the Afflicted Weaver. After managing to avoid its attacks, she dashed forward and aimed her green sword relic on the Afflicted Weavers abdomen.


The tip of her sword collided with the Afflicted Weavers hard shell and a clear metal noise rang out. There was a light, white stripe left on its shell. Seeing her failure to pierce through the shell, Yi Yeyu backed off immediately as she was now sure that her body could only cause that effect to fire element monsters and could not do the same to other monsters. Noticing that Yi Yeyu could not break through its defenses, the Afflicted Weaver seemed to have its guard down and it rushed towards Yi Yeyu.

Yi Yeyu panicked when she saw the giant spider chasing after her. All she could do was to block its attack clumsily.

"You should go now," Lin Huang said to Li Lang.

"Okay!" Li Lang then rode on his Ashenquill Eagle and headed to where Yi Yeyu was. Li Langs weapon was a black spear relic. Lin Huang could sense the spears power from afar and he could tell that it was at least a rank-3 relic. Li Lang had a nifty skill and if it were to be made into a card, it would definitely be an epic-level card. He had mastered the skill well; even Lin Huang did not expect Li Langs skill to reach the foundation of the realms. As soon as he had sufficient battle experiences, he could get to the level-1 realm.

When Li Lang joined the battle, Yi Yeyu calmed down. She managed to perform up to more than 90% of her ability. Both of them managed to kill the Afflicted Weaver more than an hour later. Just when Lin Huang landed with Alexandrian Eagle, he heard Yi Yeyu expressing her loathing for the monster.

"Ugh! How disgusting! You can keep the body." Looking at the dead Afflicted Weaver, Yi Yeyu had goosebumps rise again.

Li Lang put the body in his storage space unwillingly and showed his sad face to Lin Huang.

Lin Huang looked at the sun and said, "Today is only the second day and weve already killed four monsters out of six. Great progress. You guys must be exhausted, lets have lunch and get some rest."

"Lets grill the spider. The leg can totally feed the three of us since we dont have to submit the complete body anyway," Li Lang suggested and laughed.

"Go f*ck yourself!" Yi Yeyu glared deadly at him while Lin Huang shook his head and munched on his snacks