Monster Paradise Chapter 302

Chapter 302 lin huangs plan to kill
Chapter 302: Lin Huangs Plan to Kill

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As the Blazing Alligator escaped, the Fire Phoenix that was in the air flapped its wings and dived into the lava ocean once again.

"It got away?!" Yi Yeyu shouted in exasperation. They had finally found the Fire Phoenix but just witnessed it going back into the lava.

"Dont worry, it shouldnt be running away." Lin Huang shook his head.

"With the Fire Phoenixs characteristic, itll usually fly away if it wants to leave instead of diving into the lava. It might be capturing the other Blazing Alligators."

"Now that the both of you have seen the Fire Phoenixs ability, even a double mutated Blazing Alligator can't fight back. If we were to fight it, we might all die. Maybe we should come up with a plan." Li Langs usually playful demeanor vanished during critical times.

"The location that we are standing in isnt suitable for battle. We dont have much space to land in the crater. If we fall into the volcano, normal lava aside, well definitely die if its spiritual lava. Theres no place for us to stand in the lava ocean. Although we could fight at the foot of the volcano, wed be blocked by the volcanoes at the back. Theres no way for us to escape if we can't fight it," Li Lang voiced his concern. Before the battle started, he figured that the Fire Phoenix had the advantage of winning.

"I have a double mutated white flame-level summoning monster, the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit. What Im thinking about is to get the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit to hide while I distract the Fire Phoenix. When its distracted, the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit will use its Punishment Chains to seal its Life Power. Once thats done, Yeyu will get on her flying mount to attack," Lin Huang said and looked at Li Lang.

"Stay up there. If its getting away, block its way with your flying mount. Even if you only manage to stop it for a couple of seconds, thatll be good enough."


Li Langs facial expression was completely solemn as he listened to Lin Huangs arrangement. He did not have any disagreements; he knew very well that if he were to fight the Fire Phoenix himself, he would be killed immediately. Lin Huang chose to distract the Fire Phoenix himself as he knew he had the ability to do so. If Li Lang were to follow him, he would definitely be a burden instead.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang assigned that job to himself as he knew that it was unlikely for the Fire Phoenix to escape. As it encountered an attack, such a powerful monster would be triggered and respond madly towards its attacker. Yi Yeyu did not say anything as she knew why Lin Huang had come up with such an arrangement. No matter if it was Lin Huang or Li Lang, they were here for her to level up. Li Lang proved his friendship as he agreed to come along, while Yi Yeyu did not mind if he could help at all. She would grateful if he did not become a burden.

The both of them did not even ask about the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit as they had their minds occupied by the plan.

"Ill be down there, so the both of you hide yourselves now. When Im fighting the Fire Phoenix later, Yeyu, please be patient and only attack it when the chains of the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit are tying it down or else, our plan will go to waste," Lin Huang reminded.

"Okay." Yi Yeyu nodded.

Lin Huang then summoned the Alexandrian Eagle and headed down to where the volcanoes were. The Alexandrian Eagle landed at the bottom of the volcanoes, a couple of meters away from the lava ocean. He then recalled the Alexandrian Eagle and summoned the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit. Yi Yeyu and Li Lang were shocked when they saw the gigantic Sanguine Skeleton Spirit. Although Lin Huang had mentioned that it was his summoning monster, the both of them thought that it looked very similar to the one that Lin Huang had killed earlier.

"Don't you think that this Sanguine Skeleton Spirit looks like a replica of the one that he killed earlier?" Li Lang asked Yi Yeyu.

"Perhaps monsters of the same size look the same to us, but its probably an illusion. Just like human twins. If they look alike and have the same height, itll be difficult to tell whos who," Yi Yeyu explained. She had some doubts too but that involved Lin Huangs secrets so she did not want to pry any further.

"Illusion in terms of the size?" Li Lang frowned. Although he thought that it was strange, he accepted Yi Yeyus explanation anyway.

As Lin Huang summoned the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit, he instructed the monster, "Hide in the lava and shield your aura to the maximum. When the Fire Phoenix attacks me, itll be distracted at some point. Then, catch the opportunity to tie it up with your Punishment Chains!"

"Hehehe You mean kill the Fire Phoenix? Id be happy to help, Master." The Sanguine Skeleton Spirits bloody robe moved without any wind and excitement shone in his blue eyes.

"This fella So, do all Transcendent monsters really have their own characteristics?!" Lin Huang did not expect his inference earlier to be true. This Sanguine Skeleton Spirit seemed to have retained the character it embodied before it was killed. However, Lin Huang was not sure if it still retained its old memories.

Lin Huang frowned as he watched the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit dived into the lava with its aura undetectable. Although he knew that it had an instinct for faking its death, shielding its aura was an easy feat for it. However, the fact that it managed to hide its aura to the point that even Lin Huang could not detect it was terrifying. Lin Huang then sat at the foot of the volcanoes while waiting patiently for the Fire Phoenix to appear again.

Time passed by. It had been half an hour since the three of them waited. It was almost six in the evening and the sky was turning dark. Yi Yeyu was getting impatient at the peak of the volcano as she was worried that the Fire Phoenix had left and would not ever appear again. However, Li Lang was relieved. Although he hoped to help Yi Yeyu with leveling up, witnessing the Fire Phoenix capture a double mutated Blazing Alligator terrified him. The calmest one among the three of them was Lin Huang. He knew very well that he could not fight the Fire Phoenix. However, the battle would not depend on the strength of his ability alone. As long as the techniques were properly executed, it was still possible for them to defeat it. Moreover, even if they could not kill it, he was confident that they could leave in one piece.

He was not afraid of the Fire Phoenix. On the contrary, he was excited about the battle. Another half an hour passed. When it was almost half past six, Li Lang and Yi Yeyu both figured that the Fire Phoenix would not make its return. Just when Yi Yeyu was ready to get Lin Huang to give up, the lava ocean churned vigorously. A giant bird appeared from the surface of the lava with a Blazing Alligator that was a few times larger than the bird itself