Monster Paradise Chapter 316

Chapter 316 good news from bloody
Chapter 316: Good News From Bloody

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Before Li Lang took out his black crystal barrel, Lin Huang did not know that Li Lang had been a cannoneer as his part-time job. Yes, not a firearm master, but a gun master; a profession that would only be helpful when it came to battles. Yi Yeyus eyes lit up when she saw the relic on Li Langs shoulders. She was always passionate about firearms. However, she was not gifted in the profession, which was why she had always been envious of firearm masters and gun masters.

Lin Huang and Yi Yeyu were waiting for the show to start as Li Lang opened fire into the volcano randomly. Soon, he triggered the Volcanic Giant in the volcano. Hearing the Volcanic Giants roar, Li Lang could tell that it was a big guy. He then rode on his Ashenquill Eagle and backed away from the crater. Soon, the Volcanic Giant climbed out of the crater. As the monsters head appeared from the crater, Li Lang finally knew what he was facing.

"Volcanic Giant" He was nervous as the Volcanic Giant had powerful defenses as well as strong attack and explosive abilities. The only disadvantage was that it was slow.

"It's a Volcanic Giant. Do you think he wont be able to fight it?" Yi Yeyu asked Lin Huang.

"Yes, its hard to break its defenses but this monster is the best for him to train himself. With the pressure on strength, he can definitely find his opportunity to attack as the monster isnt very agile," Lin Huang explained.

"Lets not pick fire element monsters the next time. Id like to train by myself," Yi Yeyu suggested. She could kill all fire element monsters easily, so it would not be challenging for her at all.

"Sure!" Lin Huang agreed.

Facing Li Langs challenge, the Volcanic Giant ignored Lin Huang and Yi Yeyu, who were at the bottom of the volcano, completely. Soon, it was lured by Li Lang to a flatland, then he recalled his Ashenquill Eagle. It was a tough battle. Although his marksmanship was good, he had yet to master the gun realm. Moreover, the Volcanic Giant had powerful defense among the holy fire-level monsters and he could not break through its defense.

As the shots were fired at the Volcanic Giant, they only left marks that were one to two millimeters wide on its body which were healed immediately. Fortunately, the Volcanic Giant had low intelligence and slow speed, so Li Lang managed to avoid it and proceeded to attack it. As time passed by, Li Langs Life Power was almost drained an hour later. Seeing that he had reached his limit, Yi Yeyu rode on her Rainbow Sparrow with her sword. A red sword glow broke the speed of sound and pierced through the Volcanic Giants head. It then fell to the ground.

Li Lang gaped in admiration and was upset when he recalled his inability to break the Volcanic Giants defense. Now, it had been killed by Yi Yeyu in one hit. She recalled the Rainbow Sparrow and landed slowly. Lin Huang was puzzled.

"Didnt you say you could fly when you reached white flame-level? Why do you still need to ride on your Rainbow Sparrow?"

"I havent built my anti-gravitational Life Power force field yet. Of course I cant fly yet" Yi Yeyu looked at Lin Huang in confusion.

"Did you really think that everyone can fly naturally once they reached white flame-level?"

Li Lang looked at Lin Huang with a judging face.

"Oh, isnt that how it works?" Lin Huang had always thought so as he recalled all Transcendent humans could fly.

"Of course not!" Yi Yeyu shook her head.

"You'll need to wait for your Life Power to stabilize as you reached white flame level before you could even build your Life Power force field. With the Life Power force field, a human can only break the restriction of gravity. My Life Power isnt stable, so I cant build the Life Power force field yet. That's why Im unable to fly now."

"How can you not know about this? Isnt it common sense? If its really like what you said, why didnt you think about the many Transcendent monsters with wings that are unable to fly?" Li Lang laughed at Lin Huang.

"Ahh is that so? That means those Transcendent monsters that are unable to fly have yet to master the way to build their Life Power force field?" Lin Huang understood immediately.

"No matter monster or human, those that are below Demigod level must build their Life Power force field to break the gravity in order to fly. For humans, building the Life Power force field will need at least one to two weeks to be completely mastered. Therefore, monsters that are unintelligent wont be able to fly while for those that are, without the guidance to build their Life Power force field from humans, they are unable to fly as well," Yi Yeyu explained.

"Didnt Mr. Fu tell you about that?"

"Oh No, he didnt. I havent been his apprentice for long and we spent most of the time training outside. There's still much to learn. Whenever I have questions, I'll ask him," Lin Huang explained helplessly.

"Im so jealous of you! Your master actually lets you out like that. My master beat me with a bat since I was young." Li Lang expressed his envy of Lin Huang.

"It seems like putting you out there is a great way to learn. If I did that since I was young, I might be a white flame-level now"

"Youre thinking too much." Yi Yeyu rolled her eyes at Li Lang.

"This only works for geniuses like Lin Huang. If you did that, you might not even be a silver-level now."

Li Lang wanted to argue back but he thought what Yi Yeyu said was right. He was a lazy person and without somebody guiding him every day, he could not imagine what would he turn out to be today. He decided to shut up.

"Yeyu, please refill his Life Power. If we were to wait for him to fill up his Life Power at his normal speed, we can only kill two monsters a day. Thats too inefficient." Looking at Li Langs condition, Lin Huang figured that he would need more than 10 hours for his Life Power to recover with the rotation of his Life Skill.

"Sure!" Yi Yeyu then put away the monster carcass and agreed to transfer her Life Power to Li Lang. In less than a minute, Li Langs Life Power was filled.

"Lets go to the next destination," Lin Huang said while summoning his dimensional relic.

The three of them stepped into the relic and arrived at the location of their second target.

"What is it this time?" Li Lang asked carefully.

"An Undead Soldier," Lin Huang smirked.

"Undead Soldier?!" Li Lang and Yi Yeyu screamed almost at the same time.

"This monster cant be killed, can it?" Li Lang thought Lin Huang was messing with him.

"There are not many non-fire element monsters in this ruins. The Undead Soldier isnt considered powerful in the holy fire-level, but its difficult to be killed, so its the best candidate for Yi Yeyu to train herself."

The Undead Soldier had no pain receptors. Even if its head was chopped off, it would not die. The only way to kill it was to destroy its flesh completely or to cleanse the undead energy inside its body using purification force.

"You go first!" Yi Yeyu noticed a couple of Undead Soldiers wandering around. She was excited. Li Lang agreed to fight it unwillingly. Although he knew he would not be able to kill this monster, it was better than not being able to break through its defense like the monster before. He comforted himself.

Li Lang then took out his gun and dashed towards the Undead Soldier while Lin Huang and Yi Yeyu watched. The Undead Soldier was much faster than the Volcanic Giant, but luckily, it was much weaker than the Volcanic Giant. Though clumsy, Li Lang soon adapted the Undead Soldiers rhythm and managed to defend himself. As half an hour passed by, Li Lang was improving, confirming Lin Huang deduction that it was the right way to train. Just when he was enjoying the battle, a message came from Bloody, "Master, I've found a double mutated sword type monster!"