Monster Paradise Chapter 384

Chapter 384 qi muxiongs secret
Chapter 384: Qi Muxiongs Secret
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Initially, Lin Huang wanted to bring Leng Yuexin to tour around the footholds to thank her for bringing him to the auction. However, she decided to leave after dinner. It was past eight at night, since it was boring to be in Haitian City on his own, Lin Huang decided to head back to the White Capitals. In the middle of the night, Lin Huang took out two Emperors Heart Rings in a luxurious hotel in the A-grade foothold, White Capital. They belonged to the two immortal-level guardians at the auction.

"You have obtained the demigods brain, mission accomplished!"

"Reward: Memory Card x1"

"Thats considered as an accomplished mission?" Lin Huang was confused.

"Yes, I have already extracted the demigods brain from the Emperors Heart Ring. The mission is accomplished."

"You could extract items from an owner-less Emperors Heart Ring?" Lin Huang raised his eyebrow.

"Why didnt you tell me that when I gave 30% commission to Yang Ling for unlocking the Emperors Heart Ring last time?" He asked.

"I cant do that. I could this time due to the mission card which allowed me to extract the mission item from the ring. I cant extract anything thats other than mission item, at least for now."

"Oh" Lin Huang realized that it was his misunderstanding.

"Oh, yeah. Which ring was the demigods brain in?"

"In Fei Yuans ring, the man in the vest."

"People in the Mystery are so sly. The skillful old man told the Purple Crow that the items were with him." Lin Huang exclaimed.

Although the trip was interrupted by the attack of the Purple Crow, Lin Huang became the bigger winner of the incident. He obtained three immortal-level bodies, many auction items including the demigod brain, three gold flame-level fiend cards, and two Legendary Skill Cards. What he wanted from the auction was the dracaena but he received all those by surprise.

"Whats the function of the Memory Card?" Lin Huang took out the reward card that he obtained from accomplishing the mission. It was a golden card with a golden brain image on the card. He found it peculiar. He then turned the card around to read the detailed descriptions.

"Memory Card (Activated): The activation of this card allows the user to store any information that the user wants to save. It'll then exist in the users brain, working like a separate memory for the brain."

"Remark 1: The incoming data must be in good condition."

"Remark 2: The incoming data must belong to either no one or the card user."

"Remark 3: The incoming data would be categorized automatically."

"Remark 4: The missing data from the memory would be remedied as much as it can."

"Remark 5: To prevent the user from damages, the incoming data is restricted to users combat level."

"Remark 6: The card exists individually, it won't damage or interfere with the users brain."

"Remark 7: Each card can only be activated once."

"Remark 8: This card has been activated, part of the data came from the demigod brain of Qi Muxiong ."

"So that means with this card, I have an extra memory chip in my brain. Is that it?" Lin Huang asked Xiao Hei after reading the description.

"Yes, that's what it means if you put it that way."

"Is there a limit to the number of card use?" Lin Huang asked.

"No, as long as the memory space is sufficient, you can save any data into your body. It won't do any damage to your brain. However, the Memory Card is considered to be a rare card, I suggest you not exploit it."

"Of course, it would be a waste if I save any data thats below a demigod." Lin Huang knew how precious the card was.

"Inheriting the demigod Qi Muxiongs brain" Lin Huangs heart was racing as he looked at the card. He took a deep breath.

"I would like to use this card!"

The golden card then transformed into a golden glow and shot into him between his eyebrows. Soon, the golden glow faded away. Lin Huang could feel that there was something added to his brain. However, since he was not a holy fire-level yet, he was unable to explore his brain. All he could feel was the existence of the Memory Card.

As soon as his conscious mind kicked in, Lin Huang got in touch with the cards memory. It was like a dream, he started to live his life in Qi Muxiongs point-of-view. Everything started from the moment he was born. He managed to learn human language two days after he was born, he could project his spirit into the brain of others. He managed to walk when he was one-week old with the help of his self-discovered floating skill. He learned to do all sorts of house chores when he was one year old as well as reality shifting to change the real world.

When he was three, his ability was comparable with a gold-level

He reached imperial-level when he was seven

He became a demigod when he was 15

When he was one step away from being a god, the virtual eye opened and the god creatures arrived and he joined the team to battle

The battle lasted for more than two years which destroyed the world. 18 demigods died in the battle and the god was killed eventually. However, the remaining demigods were injured with broken Life Wheels. The battle seemed to change the rule of training which caused Qi Muxiong and the other demigods to be stuck, unable to break through the level barrier. He was dead from not having any Life Power left.

"So Qi Muxiong is also a traveler" It was noon on the second day when Lin Huang got out of the dream. Lin Xin did not disturb his rest, she was out for lunch with Kylie. Looking at Qi Muxiongs life from his point-of-view, Lin Huang found out the biggest secret of the legendary demigod - He was a traveler. However, he was not a traveler from earth but another world. The world had an even more powerful natural laws. According to Qi Muxiongs memories, that world seemed to have actual gods

Qi Muxiongs Goldfinger was an energy source the size of a fist and was the main reason how he managed to level up so fast. Realizing that he could not recover from his injuries, Qi Muxiong removed the energy force from his body and hid in a dimensional ruin. That caused his injuries to worsen and accelerated his death. However, Lin Huang did not see where the energy source was stored. He figured that piece of information must be too high that he was unable to retrieve due to his current combat level.

"A dimensional ruin of a demigod isnt what I can manage now. Only when I arrive at imperial-level, only will I have the rights to look for this dimensional ruin." Lin Huang knew it himself.

Just when Lin Huang was ready to explore into Qi Muxiongs training, Lin Xin knocked on his door.

"Brother wake up, I brought you some lunch!"

"Oh, Ill be right there after my shower!"