Monster Paradise Chapter 387

Chapter 387 the supreme relic
Chapter 387: The Supreme Relic
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Mr. Fu brought Lin Huang to a villa district that was less than one kilometer from the Martial Hunter College. A plump middle-aged man approached them as soon as they appeared, he was passionate and respectful towards Mr. Fu. As he was looking at Lin Huang, Lin Huang was checking him out too.

The man looked like he was in his 40s and slightly chubby. He was wearing a high-end casual branded piece of clothing that seemed like he did not care and it felt like he had just put them on. He had a light shampoo fragrance on him, he must have gotten out of the shower not long ago. Although he was plump, his features were sharp. Though short, he had an aura that made people feel like he was not someone to be offended. What Lin Huang thought odd was he was way too passionate when he saw Mr. Fu.

"Is this person gay" Lin Huang had his guard up considering all the signs that he noticed.

"Mr. Fu, this is" The man asked after chatting with Mr. Fu for a while.

"This is my apprentice Lin Huang, hes only 16 this year." Mr. Fu patted Lin Huangs shoulder proudly.

"You have an apprentice now?!" The man was shocked at first and soon he started checking out Lin Huang. He noticed that the way the man looked at him became odd, he then walked towards Mr. Fu.

"Yes, this little guy is perfect for me, theres nothing that I dont like about him. Others would definitely take him away if I didnt pick him up quick." Mr. Fu laughed.

"Oh yea, let me introduce you. This is the Xiao Liu that I was telling you about. His real name is Liu Ming, hes the dean of the Martial Hunter College in Division7. Hes also an immortal-level fire-element sword master. He has nine Life Fires lit. Once he burnt a B-grade foothold of the Saints with one sword and from that one slash, the fire burnt for seven days and seven days before it died off."

"That small matter isnt worth mentioning. Without your teaching sir, Im afraid I might still be holy fire-level now. Dont talk about nine Life Fires being lit, it would've been impossible for me to even reach immortal-level." Liu Ming shook his head and sighed. He then looked at Lin Huang.

"Too bad I cant be like brother Lin, to be able to be taught by sir all the time."

"So hes just a big fan" Lin Huang was relieved after hearing what the man said. He realized that the man was looking at him with envy instead of anything else.

"Which level is master really at that an immortal-level with nine Life Fire lit respects him so much" Lin Huang had always thought that Mr. Fu was an imperial-level but now he was not sure anymore.

"What are you doing, why are you not responding?" Mr. Fu slapped the back of Lin Huangs head.

"Oh. Nice meeting you, sir!" Lin Huang snapped out of his zone.

"Dont call me sir. Im Mr. Fus half-apprentice, you can call me brother Liu." Liu Ming secretly looked at Mr. Fu as he said that as he was worried that Mr. Fu would deny him. Mr. Fu despised people calling themselves his apprentice, however, Mr. Fu did not respond at all.

Lin Huang looked at Mr. Fu as he did not know if such address was appropriate. After all, Liu Ming was an immortal-level who had nine Life Fires lit.

Mr. Fu then nodded and smiled at Lin Huang.

"Nice meeting you brother Liu!" Lin Huang said.

"Its our first time meeting, I should get you a gift. But sir only informed me that he was bringing someone without saying who that is so I didnt prepare anything. Since you're also a sword master, I'll get you a sword then." Liu Ming said and took out a sword from his Emperors Heart Ring.

It was a thin battle sword, the body was as thin as a cicadas wing that was half silver and half black, it was clear that the sword for perfect if one was looking to perform well in the speed department. Lin Huang used it for a while and sensed that it was a grade-5 relic or even higher.

"Take it, this is a supreme relic, you know." Mr. Fu was satisfied with the gift that Liu Ming gave Lin Huang.

"Thats very generous of you, Xiao Liu." Mr. Fu said.

"Its nothing, hes family." Liu Ming smiled and looked at Lin Huang. He then passed him the sword.

"This is one of the supreme swords in my collections, its name is Zenonia. This is its original form, you can change into three different forms following your need. Hope you like it."

Lin Huang took the sword over and started playing with it carefully. Although he could not use the supreme relic with his current combat level, he was still very excited. He did not expect to receive such an expensive gift from Liu Ming. A supreme relic was relic above grade-5, it was the highest equipment that humans could manufacture as demigod relics were impossible for man to make as the strength was just slightly weaker than an original relic that was dropped by an imperial-level monster. Any supreme relic would cost at least 100,000 Life Crystals at the auction while the sword that Lin Huang was holding would cost at least 300,000 Life Crystals. If the demand was high, the price might even go beyond 500,000 Life Crystals.

He had to admit that Liu Ming was really generous.

"Keep it, lets talk business." Mr. Fu could see how much Lin Huang loved his new sword.

Lin Huang then kept the sword unwillingly while following behind Liu Ming and Mr. Fu into the house.

"Sir you told me that you have found a teacher for my college, do you mean brother Lin?" Liu Ming poured tea casually for the both of them and asked.

"What do you think?" Mr. Fu took a sip and asked.

"Thats great, looking at his combat level and training, hes suitable to be our teacher." Liu Ming did not have any rejections towards Lin Huang. As a sword master himself, he could sense that Lin Huang was level-2 on his Sword Dao. It was unbelievable for a 16-year-old to have such an achievement.

"Dont worry, you can tell me the truth." Mr. Fu put down the teacup and looked at Liu Ming.

"Erm Hes good enough as a whole. However, theres one problem which is his basic knowledge. Without that, our students might be unhappy." Lin Huang was only 16, Liu Ming could tell that he had never gone to college.

"Thats it?" Mr. Fu asked.

"Yes, hes qualified in other prospects." Liu Ming nodded.

"You heard him. For the sake of not misleading the kids, you should seize the time to learn." Mr. Fu looked at Lin Huang.

"I understand. Lin Huang smiled awkwardly and nodded.

"Its a deal then, I shall hand this kid to you." Mr. Fu patted Lin Huangs shoulder.

"Im on it." Liu Ming nodded immediately.