Monster Paradise Chapter 885

885 Blamed Out Of Nowhere

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It was almost 2 a.m. when the Union Government army rushed back to Weiyang City after their failed mission.

They spread the news of the passing of the monster horde the next morning. However, they did not mention that they were beaten and took the credit of solving the monster horde crisis.

Lin Huang was elated to hear the news from the Union Government early that morning. The way the Union Government hid the truth was precisely the outcome he wanted.

He did not care that they took the credit. He had all of the physical benefits in his storage space anyway. All he cared about was the hushed fortune that he was getting.

However, the people from the Heaven Alliance were shocked to hear the news.

"They're worthy of their name to be daring enough to go to the gully and fight the source of the monster horde." Even Tan Lang admired the Union Government's guts.

"They've got the upper hand of people in numbers. We could've done it too if there were 200 of @@
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