Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 204

Chapter 204 Four Stars Of Yuzhou

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“It’s just ahead of us. You go ahead, I won’t be coming with.” Niu Di smiled. He looked as if there was something he wanted to say, but he couldn’t.

Gao Peng nodded at Niu Di to show his appreciation for showing him the way.

Walking through the open field, Gao Peng saw that there was a group of people gathered. They looked different from the serious looking people who were there to register as students. Although there were computers, registration forms, and other such things present, the people who were there were just sitting. Most of them were chatting, seeming very relaxed. A few familiars were playing on the field.

When one of them spotted Gao Peng, he shouted, “There’s another new student. Stop chatting.”

When Gao Peng walked over, he could feel dozens of eyes looking at him.

“Brother, what’s your profession? Monster trainer or monster breeder?” a white-haired youth asked Gao Peng with a smile on his face. He gave Gao Peng a wink.

“Monster trainer.”


Gao Peng felt half of the people stop looking at him.

The change in attitude was extremely obvious.

“Come over here to register. Have you brought your Examination Admission Ticket?”

“Yes.” Gao Peng handed the Examination Admission Ticket over. The person who took it scanned it using a machine, and the computer quickly showed Gao Peng’s information.

Name: Gao Peng

Age: 18 and a half years old

Examination Results: Highest scoring candidate in the first round exam in Chang’an City. Ranked 11th in the second round exam in Huaxia Region.

The data shown was simple and straightforward.

The name, age, and exam results could all be seen at a glance.

The old man who sat behind the computer suddenly stopped breathing for a second. He had initially thought Gao Peng was a nobody. It turned out that he was someone important.

This is the 11th ranked candidate in the whole Huaxia Region and the highest scoring in Chang’an City.

The two guys looked at Gao Peng carefully. The person who was responsible for registration suddenly expressed his shock. He slapped his forehead, pointed at Gao Peng, and said, “I remember now. The loafer. You were that loafer!”

The smile on Gao Peng’s face suddenly froze.

What loafer?!

The loafers are my stupid and lazy familiars! I’m only the one who had to take responsibility for their actions!

The person seemed to realize he was being rude. He quickly apologized, “Sorry, I was just a bit surprised.”

Another person who was helping a candidate register for the exam turned around and asked, “What’s going on?”

“Another god is coming to Yuzhou University. The 11th ranked candidate in the second round examination. Even most of the sophomores and juniors in our school won’t be able to beat him.”

“Do you think he’ll be able to challenge Mingge and his gang?”

“Umm, I think you’re thinking about it too much.”

“I’m not talking about now. I’m talking about in three or four years.”

“Hou Mingge and all of the others would have graduated by then, you idiot.”

The people who had walked away before all came back and started to stare at Gao Peng, sizing him up.

He was ranked 11th after all. That wasn’t a low ranking by any means.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a big shock to them, as a female who was ranked fourth had already come and registered earlier. As that had already given them a shock, it was hard for them to be shocked again for the second time within a such a short timespan.

“Oh yeah. The new student who came earlier was also from Chang’an right? What a coincidence, both of the stars from Chang’an came to Yuzhou,” a person on the side said, laughing as he spoke.

Another person from Chang’an? Gao Peng’s heart skipped a beat.

“Hello. May I ask the name of that new student?”

The person replied, laughing, “I forgot that you guys might know each other, since you both came from the same place. Her name is Jun Moyi. Her personality is very cold. You should know her, right?”

Jun Moyi. Gao Peng thought about the giant black anaconda and started to recall some of his memories.

“I’ve met her before.” Gao Peng smiled.

After completing the registration, another senior, who was a monster trainer in his sophomore year, brought him to the dormitory. The dorms were a bit far away from the school, so they needed a car to get there.

“At the beginning, the school was worried that we might accidentally destroy the school buildings and the dormitory, so they built us another dormitory somewhere else. From their point of view, familiars are all violent, but they were able to slowly learn the true nature of the familiars, so they began to allow familiars to access the other school areas. However, there are still many areas where familiars are not allowed.”

Gao Peng listened in silence.

The senior appeared to be very talkative. He didn’t care that Gao Peng wasn’t responding. Throughout the journey, he kept happily sharing stories of Yuzhou University’s more well-known figures.

Because the age for signing a Blood Contract and the age for going to college were both 18, it was very likely these strong and enthusiastic youngsters would become very strong monster trainers.

Some of the students who had too much free time would give nicknames to the monster trainers at Yuzhou University. Some of the names that were given made it seem like they were extremely talented.

Of course, these names were only used within the school. If these names were used in the real world, people would most likely not agree with the ones that were given.

However, there were four exceptions to this.

These four were the best monster trainers among all of the university students in Yuzhou City. Even the non-university students in Yuzhou City knew who they were.

Their abilities and their fame had greatly exceeded the confines of the university.

Of the four, two were from Yuzhou University. One was a student in his senior year, Xue Ming, and another was a junior student named Lin Xinrui. Neither of them had majored in monster training, but they had both switched to it after the school established the monster trainer department.

“Xue Ming is a permanent honorary member of the council of the base of Yuzhou. He basically isn’t involved with the school anymore. Lin Xinrui doesn’t appear in school that often, either. She’s a world huntress. She’s not in Yuzhou most of the time, though most of the areas around Yuzhou were explored by her.” When he mentioned these two people, the senior suddenly seemed very proud.

While they were chatting, they arrived in front of a small double-story bungalow with red bricks and a white fence. Green Boston Ivy climbed up the fence.

“They’re all single bedrooms, one student per room. Although there isn’t a lot of space inside, they’re well-furnished, and they all have air-conditioning and a fridge. They were donated by the chairman of Yuzhou University, Mr. Ji.

“Mr. Ji?” Gao Peng was slightly stunned. There weren’t a lot of people with that last name.

“Yes. Ji Hanwu, director of the Southern Sky Group. We just call him Mr. Ji. Mr. Ji is Yuzhou City’s protector. Yuzhou City has been invaded quite a few times by dangerous monsters, but they were all pushed back by Mr. Ji. Yuzhou City isn’t in a good geological position. We’re surrounded by mountains, and ever since the Cataclysm, there have been a lot of monsters. If it weren’t for Mr. Ji, we definitely wouldn’t have been able to live as peacefully as we do now,” the senior said in reverence.

Gao Peng was silent. Only now did he realize that his plain looking grandpa had so many hidden stories.