Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Book Chapter 205

Chapter 205 Get Out The Three Of You End Of Lab Arc
Chapter 205: Get Out, The Three of You! (End of Lab Arc)

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"Her computer skills are that good?" someone in the crowd asked curiously.

"Speaking of the Hacker Competition, I did hear rumors that a woman won the whole thing, beating out all the hackers and crushing all her competition."

"Could it really be her?"

"It has to be her!"

Almost instantly, the way the crowd viewed Xinghe changed.

Previously, there were signs of condescension in their gaze but now there was admiration.

Xinghe was not only scarily good in math but also proficient with a computer.

After all, the lab was an institute of knowledge. They valued wisdom and intelligence above all else. Xinghe had both beauty and brains. She was definitely someone worth admiring. The admiration was coupled with respect and not envy.

"So, are we still continuing this computer test or not?" Xinghe suddenly asked, "Or, would Leader Yun like to compete herself?"

Ruobing's face was red with fury.

She gripped her hands tightly, so angry that she could barely speak a word.

Then again, what else could she say at a time like this? What kind of test could she still throw at Xinghe?

Competing with Xinghe herself would only invite public humiliation!

There was no way she would set herself up for that but on the other hand, but she couldn't just sit tight and watch Xinghe ruin her decades worth of hard work at the lab.

Neither outcome sat right with her.

If she knew Xinghe was such a force to be reckoned with, she would have thought of some other plans to deal with her.

Alas, it was all too late

"Yun Ruobing, have you made up your mind or not?" Xinghe asked impatiently, "If you're too much of a coward to face me personally, then you know what the consequence is!"

The three of you, pack your bags and leave!

Ruobing's face immediately blanched and so did her two lackeys.

Is this really the end?

News was going to spread after they got kicked out of the place. No reputable labs would want to hire them.

However, could they really be that shameless to stay?

That would entail at least a sincere apology to Xinghe and bow down to her month-long tyranny. Ruobing knew she didn't have it in her to endure a torment like that!

She balled her fists tighter and glared angrily at Xinghe. "Xia Xinghe, aren't you pushing this way too far. I was just going for a friendly competition and you aimed to have me thrown out? What black monstrosity you have as a heart! But fine, today evil wins! I'll leave! But don't think for a minute this is a victory for you, you will never perfect the artificial limb technology in a month! One month from now, you'll suffer the same fate as I do today!"

That was right. She only needed to practice her patience for one whole month.

After that, Xinghe would have to vacate the lab in shame following the failure of her project. At the end of the day, she would still one day return to rule the place.

I'll take revenge on the b*tch then!

Ruobing said her piece and swept around to leave.

"Looks like you plan to shamelessly return after the month is over," Xinghe added with a smile.

Ruobing's leg hung in mid-air and her body was shaking with shame and fury from having her plan read out loud.

Xinghe sharpened her tone to say, "I'm sorry to tell you but that will only happen in your dreams!"

The lab would no longer need her service after the month!

Ruobing collected herself, swiveled around and scoffed at her adversary, "You think your project will be a success? Then, I guess we shall see who is really living in the dream world!"

"That's fine by me and by the way, don't let the door hit your *ss on the way out," Xinghe retorted with an indifferent air, but it only riled Ruobing up even further.

Ruobing's plan to leave the place with whatever dignity she could salvage was ruined and she stomped out of the lab with an expression twisted by anger. In effect, it felt like she had fled the place with her tail in between her legs

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