Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Book Chapter 248

Chapter 248 Leaving This Place End Of The Artificial Limb Arc
Chapter 248: Leaving This Place (End of the Artificial Limb Arc)

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The sun had set when Xinghe left the hospital.

Xia Zhi was beside her, reminiscing about everything that had happened that day.

His sister not only completed the artificial human limb, but also exposed Ruobing, face-slapped her to hell and back, and even gained the Xi family's admiration and trust

The Xi family that once looked down on her finally approved and accepted her.

So much so that they wanted Xinghe to remarry Xi Mubai!

Who could have known so many things would happen in a day?

Xia Zhi was still having trouble wrapping his head around it.

"Sis, I still can't believe what happened today. You're too impressive!" Xia Zhi commented as he drove them home, "You've even managed to bring the entire Xi Family to their knees with your capability."

The more he thought about it, the happier he became.

"Now that they finally know what you're capable of, let's see who dares to look down on you now! Sis, you'd better not simply agree to take back that Xi Mubai. They have to show more sincerity before you can even consider that option."

"I will not remarry," Xinghe answered softly.

Xia Zhi was slightly startled before nodding in agreement. "It's good that you don't remarry. Go find someone better, better than that Xi Mubai!"

"I will not marry either."

"What?" Xia Zhi turned to look at her in shock. "Sis, how can you not marry? Sis, you need love in your life, I couldn't bear to see you ending up all alone."

"Zhi, follow me overseas," Xinghe said out of nowhere.

"Overseas, why?" Xia Zhi was caught by surprise.

"I wish to spend a few years overseas to see the world. Will you like to come with me? Of course, we'll bring uncle along," Xinghe explained while staring at him seriously.

"But why overseas?" Xia Zhi didn't quite get it.

"To get away from here."

Xia Zhi filled in the blanks himself.

His sister had suffered a lot in Hwa Xia. She'd survived murder attempts, multiple other grievances, and it was where her father had died. The only reason she stayed was to fight for Lin Lin. Now that she accomplished that, it was not so surprising to find out she wanted to start anew with a change of scenery.

The place probably reminded her too much of her sad past.

"Sis, you serious about this?" Xia Zhi asked to confirm.

Xinghe nodded, "Yes, after taking Lin Lin, I will fly overseas. I've made up my mind."

"Okay, we'll definitely follow you!" Xia Zhi accepted the offer without hesitation or any other questions.

Xinghe was touched. "Thank you."

Xia Zhi frowned unhappily. "Sis, we're family, what are you thanking me for? Makes me feel like a stranger all of a sudden."

Xinghe finally smiled. "You're right, we're a family. In fact, I feel very fortunate to have you and uncle as my family."

Alas, she was unable to accompany them for long.

If possible, she wanted to spend the rest of her life around her family, but fate had decided otherwise.

With the decision made, Xinghe started preparing the moment she reached home.

The company would be left for Xiao Mo to manage.

Xinghe would not intervene no matter the direction he wanted the company to advance in.

She had more than enough cash on her hands that made leaving the country an easy feat. With a little packing and she would be ready to go.

Chengwu was excited to leave the country with her when he was asked.

Xinghe had them promise to keep this a secret and both of Chengwu and Xia Zhi agreed.

Now, she only needed to wait for Old Madam Xi to have the artificial arm reattached and she would be free to pick up Lin Lin. After that, it was time to leave.

The surgery was scheduled to be in three days' time.

Xinghe was anxious to leave.

Other than her immediate family, no one was privy to this plan of hers.