Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Book Chapter 266

Chapter 266 Losing Consciousness End Of Chu Family Arc
Chapter 266: Losing Consciousness (End of Chu Family Arc)

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It took Xinghe a single night to take out the entire Chu Family.

Her preparedness and impeccable planning greatly impressed Mubai.

However, it couldn't take away from the fact that it was still a great risk.

Thankfully, he followed or else she might have ended up in physical danger.

"I will handle the whole issue expediently. Don't worry, they are not getting out of this easily. So now, please follow me back to the hospital. You really need to rest," Mubai said in a voice full of concern.

Xinghe took a look at him and after some debate in her mind, nodded.


Xinghe struggled to stand up but was immediately swept into Mubai's arms!

Xinghe was stunned before starting to struggle. However, she was quick to realize she was trapped in his powerful hug and finally decided to yield this time. This was not a battle worth fighting.

Mubai saw her stop struggling and he was tickled pink.

As he carried her out of the Chu Family's gate, he said with a smile big enough to block out the sun, "When you're feeling better, we'll have to reschedule our family lunch."

Xinghe was reminded of the fact that she was initially on the way to have lunch with Mubai and Lin Lin.

It was rudely interrupted by Chu Tianxin

"How much does Lin Lin know?" Xinghe asked with a hint of anxiety, she didn't want her son to worry unnecessarily about her.

"I didn't tell him anything other than you're safe and sound."

That's good.

"Let's have that lunch in a few days," she said suddenly.

Mubai scanned her face intensely and smiled. "Your wish is my command!"

Xinghe ignored him. She prayed that her body would recover by then because she couldn't miss this lunch.

Her original plan was to leave the country with Lin Lin the day after tomorrow.

However, with her injury, her plan had to be delayed.

She hoped that there would still be time

Suddenly, she felt a surging headache.

Her heart also started to palpitate.

She grabbed at the front of Mubai's shirt unconsciously. She had difficulties catching her breath and she heard Mubai's anxious and surprised voice asking, "What's wrong?"

"I" Xinghe opened her mouth to say that she was not feeling well but she was overwhelmed by a world of darkness.

"Xinghe!" The last thing she heard was Mubai calling her name frantically.

Sometime later, Xinghe finally regained her consciousness.

Before she opened her eyes, she could already smell the disinfectant in the air.

She should be inside a hospital.

Was that a symptom of the disease? Does that mean Mubai knows about my condition now?

If he knows, there is no way he would allow Lin Lin to follow me overseas.

Xinghe slowly opened her eyes and as she expected, the first thing that entered her eyes was the off-white ceiling.

There was no one else in the room but herself.

Xinghe turned to sit up but couldn't summon any strength. It was as if her strength had seeped out of her body from lying in bed for so long.

"You're awake!" Suddenly, the room door was pushed open by a nurse. The nurse saw her and broke into a surprised smile. "You're finally awake. You have no idea how long you've been out. We were getting worried."

Before Xinghe could say a word in return, the nurse dashed out of the room after she said, "I'm going to inform your family!"

That was a downer for Xinghe. From the looks of things, her uncle and Xia Zhi should know about her condition by now. How was she going to face them?

Plus, it appeared as if she had been unconscious for a long period of time. The tumor must have worsened and the end of her life was drawing ever closer.

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