Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Book Chapter 59

Chapter 59 End Of Virus Arc Already Invited Xia Xinghe
Chapter 59: End of Virus Arc - Already Invited Xia Xinghe

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She couldn't stomach the sight of her and she had thought that her daughter felt the same way.

So, why would she want to invite Xinghe?

Tianxin clutched her mother's arm softly, saying with a smile, "Mom, how could you not get it? Xia Xinghe is old and ugly now, not much different from a beggar. She would be too embarrassed to accept the invitation but if she is really that thick-skinned, all the better. We'll have a free clown there to entertain everyone."

The attendees for Xi Lin's party were City T's rich and famous.

The tone for the night would understandably be one of sophistication and grace.

Xinghe, that hussy will stick out like an ugly sore thumb in such an environment.

She'll probably have something on that was worse than what the waitresses will be wearing.

Therefore, she will definitely be the laughing stock of the party, shaming not only herself but her bastard son as well.

Tianxin promised she would shine the spotlight on Xinghe if that hussy had the audacity to attend. She would make the other woman die from embarrassment.

Tianxin's smile got bigger just thinking about it.

That b*tch dared to humiliate me last time; I'll be sure to repay her kindness!

After learning her daughter's motive, Old Mrs. Chu patted Tianxin's palm that was on her arm affectionately. She smiled and said, "Such a great idea, my daughter is as bright as ever. You're right, we should take this chance to teach her a lesson so that she'll know her place! Let her see the truth that she'll never be my daughter's competition."

"I'll give Mubai a call now," encouraged by her mom, Tianxin picked up the phone and called Mubai.

Mubai was surprised when Tianxin told him over the phone to send Xinghe an invitation.

"Mubai, Lin Lin hasn't seen his mom for so many years, it is good decorum on our part to invite her. It is another thing when we have no idea where she is but now that we have her contact details, we should definitely send her an invitation. I'm sure Lin Lin wants to meet her as well. This time let's invite her or else I'm afraid she will have reservations to visit Lin Lin after we get married."

Tianxin's scheming mind wasn't there for nothing. She knew Mubai cared deeply for his bastard son so she used Xi Lin as pretext to extend Xinghe the invitation.

She believed for Xi Lin's sake, Mubai would agree.

Little did she know Mubai had already unofficially invited Xinghe a long time ago.

Of course, Mubai didn't reveal that to her, he only said in a low voice, "I will invite her. Anything else?"

"That's all. Mubai, I'll be sure to be early for the party."


"Then, I'll hang up now" Tianxin's mouth curved into a victorious smile after she said her sweet goodbye. Xia Xinghe, you're dead this time!

On the other end of the phone, Mubai realized Lin Lin was staring at him curiously after he put down the phone.

Lin Lin obviously overheard his father's conversation and he was wondering who was this 'her' Mubai planned to invite.

He had an indescribable feeling telling him that this 'her' was someone very special.

Mubai leaned down to talk to the little guy, "Tomorrow's your birthday, what present do you want?"

"I don't want anything," Lin Lin answered honestly.

The boy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He really didn't need anything nor did he specifically want anything.

Plus, this kind of birthday party had always been a boring affair for him. The adults socialized with each other and he would be forgotten at the side. If possible, he'd rather not attend the party.

Mubai smirked mischievously. "Are you sure you don't want anything? This is the only time I'll grant any of your wishes so don't miss out on the opportunity."

Lin Lin's little face scrunched up with hesitation.

Lin Lin did have one wish on his mind but he didn't think it could be a reality.

Because they would never agree to it

He didn't want to raise his wish to have it rejected, so he shook his head lamely and walked out of the room.

Mubai saw his son's desolate shadow retreating and held back his urge to tell him about inviting Xinghe.