Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Book Chapter 670

Chapter 670 He Lan Family End Of Lin Family Arc
Chapter 670: He Lan Family (End of Lin Family Arc)
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Mubai resisted the urge to snatch her phone and snap it in two. Who dared to ruin such a precious moment with a phone call?

He pretended the phone wasn't ringing but Xinghe shoved him away. There was resentment and unwillingness swirling in his eyes when their lips parted.

"Who is it?" he asked nonchalantly, even though his eyes were glowering darkly.

"It's Xie Xiaoxi," Xinghe replied as she answered the phone.

"Hello, is this Xinghe? It's me, Xiaoxi. I've asked my mom about my father," Xiaoxi said cautiously on the other end of the phone.

Xinghe treated it with equal seriousness. "What did you find out?"

Xiaoxi trusted her completely so she revealed everything. "My mother said that my father once mentioned this family by the name of He Lan. It sounded like they were right in the middle of this Project Galaxy. However, my father had tried many years to locate this He Lan family, but it was to no avail. Other than that, he told my mom, Project Galaxy is bigger than we can possibly imagine because it relates to the survivability of the entire planet. However, he was afraid that telling my mother too much would put her in harm's way, so that was all he said, and that was all I could get from my mother."

"He Lan" Xinghe repeated the unfamiliar name and after a short pause, continued, "Thank you, your information has been incredibly helpful, leave the rest to me. I will keep you updated if we manage to get any information on your father."

"Okay! If you still need our help, please do say," Xiaoxi replied.

"I will." Xinghe hung up her phone and looked at Mubai seriously.

"What did she say?" Mubai asked in a low voice.

Xinghe explained, "Xiaoxi's father said, this Project Galaxy is related to a family by the name of He Lan and the project is very important as it relates to the fate of the entire planet. That's all she got. By the way, have you heard of this He Lan family?"

Mubai shook his head. "No, it's my first time hearing about them."

"Xiaoxi's father was looking for this family as well, and he turned up no results. Looks like this is one elusive family. Locating them will probably lead us one step closer to the truth!" Xinghe concluded with confidence.

Mubai nodded. "Leave this to me then, I'll try my best to look for this family. Don't worry, they will be located before you know it."

Xinghe nodded and she decided to take part in the search herself. With the goal in mind, Xinghe started scouring the internet. There were many that had the surname He Lan, but none were the one she was looking for.

Since the He Lan family she needed was related to Project Galaxy, they had to be of a certain stature, but the ones Xinghe found were all normal citizens. However, to be safe, she still went through them all. Mubai was also helping her to the best of his ability.

This search was conducted in secret by the both of them. They still didn't think it was safe to reveal such a big secret. The time was not yet ripe. Who knew what would happen if the news was leaked?

The two spent days unearthing many He Lans, but there were none that fit their criteria. Xinghe suspected this family was highly secretive and outsiders wouldn't be able to find anything on them.

In other words, unless there was a fresh opening, they weren't going to come up with any results.

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