Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Book Chapter 81

Chapter 81 Beautiful Beyond Compare End Of Birthday Party Arc
Chapter 81: Beautiful Beyond Compare (End of Birthday Party Arc)

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Such a moving declaration.

Some of the simpler women in the crowd were deeply touched by Chui Ming's open display of love.

The impression they had of Wushuang mellowed considerably.

Of course, Chui Ming's little act couldn't fool everyone.

Xinghe had hardened her heart dealing with these pests so, no matter how hard Wushuang cried or how grandeur Chui Ming's declaration of love was, she remained unmoved.

Wushuang knew this was the best she was going to get out of the situation.

It was time to go, stubbornly staying would only lead to more embarrassment.

Their original plan that day was to completely ruin Xia Xinghe but the b*tch had launched a perfect counterattack.

Wushuang had thoroughly lost all face!

Her social standing was wrecked, it would take years for her to undo the damage, that is, if it was still possible.

With her years of effort lying wasted at her feet, Wushuang yearned deeply to wipe Xinghe's existence off the face of Earth.

As she was led out by the police, she glared viciously at Xinghe. It spoke of the unspeakable terrors she would have in place for her.

Chui Ming gave her an equally nasty side glance.

The war horn had officially sounded.

It could only be resolved after one party was dead!

Xinghe was unfazed. She had taken them down that night and she was more than willing to do it again.

After Chui Ming left, Xinghe also made to depart.

"Xinghe," Mubai suddenly called out her name. With weighted concern, he added, "I have to warn you to be careful. Chui Ming is not a simple character."

She might have won the battle that day but the war was still undecided.

And it wasn't in Xinghe's favor because she lacked one crucial thing that Chui Ming had, resources.

"I know," Xinghe replied succinctly before excusing herself with unhurried steps.

Watching her arched back that was slowly retreating out of his view, at that moment, Mubai suddenly felt Xinghe was beautiful beyond belief.

She commanded a beauty that was both elegant and tenacious.

Her beauty was blinding and memorable.

Mubai was not the only one who thought that way, it was a thought shared by Lu Qi and many other guests.

When they thought about that birthday celebration, the image of a woman in red burning - like flame - appeared in their mind

For the first time ever since their reencounter, Tianxin felt truly threatened by Xinghe's presence.

She sidled to Mubai's side and whispered timidly like a spooked mouse, "Mubai, it was so scary just now. Xinghe was almost framed into jail but thankfully she was proven innocent in the end. But why would she carry a pen recorder to her son's birthday party?"

Tianxin let her question linger.

One possible explanation was Xinghe was laying a trap of her own.

The hunted had become the hunter, a maneuver that would require plenty of tact and cunningness to pull off.

Tianxin wanted to create an impression in Mubai's mind that Xinghe was a highly manipulative woman.

Because she believed all men preferred kind-hearted and weak women, the damsels in distress

Mubai looked at her and said disinterestedly, "That has nothing to do with me."

So what if Xinghe was really laying a trap for Wushuang? He didn't really care. In fact, he was mighty impressed that she did.

Tianxin was secretly thrilled, she thought the 'that' Mubai mentioned referred to Xia Xinghe, as in Xia Xinghe had nothing to do with him.

She was confident Mubai had no eyes for Xia Xinghe since she knew he had no eyes for any woman.