Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 100

Chapter 100 Kneel Never
Chapter 100: Kneel? Never!

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"The girl's too dumb to realize she's courting death!" Wu Rong chided, "Wushuang, don't waste your time chewing words. Bring her in and let's teach her a lesson!"

Wushuang smiled triumphantly, adding, "Mom, you're right. It is time for the b*tch to learn her lesson. You guys, book this woman and let us have a private talk with her."

The police had been bought by Chui Ming.

Xinghe was led to an interrogation room that had no camera.

Wushuang and Wu Rong followed.

The moment the door closed, Wu Rong rushed forward to give Xinghe a resounding slap on the face. Fueled by anger, there was great strength behind that slap.

Wu Rong had been nurturing it ever since she was chased out of her villa.

Now that Xia Xinghe had fallen into their hands, she was going to enjoy torturing the nasty c*nt!

However, Xinghe had expected such a response from them so when the slap came flying at her, she gave a powerful forward kick

"Ouch!" Wu Rong slumped to the floor from the force, her face grimacing with pain.

"Mom!" Wushuang rushed to assist her mother. She leveled Xinghe a venomous stare, ordering, "Make the b*tch kneel!"

Xinghe felt a sudden kick to the back of her knees. Her legs bent from the pain but she didn't kneel.

"Keep it going!" Wu Rong clambered up with difficulty and roared ferociously.

She was going to torture Xia Xinghe, that c*nt until she died!

"Kneel!" The two policemen pressed heavily on Xinghe's shoulders and sent another mighty kick to the back of her knees.

Xinghe tried her darndest to struggle loose but she, a woman was no match for two trained policemen. They kept kicking the back of her knees.

Xinghe gritted her teeth and suffered through the pain. Her face was blanched and beads of sweat were pouring down her face.

However, her legs remained as hard as steel. No matter what, she wouldn't kneel.

"I order you to kneel--" Her refusal to yield inflamed the two policemen, causing them to kick harder.

She was just a woman, how dare she disobey them?

Xinghe returned them a fiery gaze. Under her scrutiny, the policemen felt like an avenging angel was staring into their soul. Xinghe said, "You two better kill me if you want this body to kneel!"

The policemen were shook.

Xinghe's gaze was no less domineering than the criminals they'd apprehended. However, in her sharp gaze, instead of evilness, there was a regal vindication.

The two men were stunned into submission. They halted. They stood still like a statue propping Xinghe up.

"I'll take care of the b*tch myself!" Wushuang suddenly ran forward and launched a flying kick at Xinghe's abdomen.

Xinghe scrunched up her face in pain.

Wushuang was wearing a pair of 8 centimeters heels. Combined with Wushuang's force, the sharp heel almost pierced through Xinghe's stomach.

Xinghe doubled-over in pain, droplets of sweat dripping to the floor.

But there was not a trace of fear on her face.

She even lifted her head and stared challengingly at Wushuang.

Wushuang saw an endless pit of darkness in Xinghe's eyes. There were chills radiating off them.

It incensed her further. It made her more determined to ruin Xinghe!

Wushuang caught a police baton out of the corner of her eye. She grabbed hold of it and swung it right at Xinghe's head