Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 101

Chapter 101 A Person Of Importance
Chapter 101: A Person of Importance

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Right at that moment, the door was kicked open. "Stop it!" Chang An who saw what Wushuang is doing, rushed in and knocked her out of the way.

Wushuang was sent flying into the wall and she saw stars in front of her eyes.

"Everyone cease and desist, what the hell is happening in here" The chief constable who stepped in after Chang An scanned the room and asked with authority.

When the two policemen saw the sudden rush of people, especially the chief constable, their faces changed immediately. They let go of Xinghe and took a wide berth away from her.

Without the men holding her up, Xinghe's weakened body went collapsing to the floor.

"Miss Xia!" Luckily Chang An caught her in midair and asked worriedly, "Are you okay?"

Xinghe calmed her breathing, struggled into a standing position with Chang An's help and replied with overflowing serenity, "I'm fine."

However, both Wushuang and Wu Rong felt things were not fine for them!

With so many additional witnesses, their plan would have to change.

"It's great that you guys are here. Xia Xinghe accused us baselessly, causing great damage to Chui Corps. Lock her up immediately. We, Chui Corps, will use everything we have to charge her for libel!"

Just as she finished talking, a slap landed right on her cheek.

Wushuang was stunned, she felt her face sizzle.

Holding the side of her face that was slapped, Wushuang looked at Xinghe bewilderedly.

"You b*tch, how dare you lay your hands on me! I'm going to kill you!"

Wushuang clawed crazily at Xinghe but Xinghe caught her flailing arm and shoved heavily. Wushuang went crashing to the floor, spraining her ankles because she was wearing heels that were too high. She screamed out in agony.

"Wushuang!" Wu Rong rushed to give her daughter a helping hand, asking with utmost care, "My darling daughter, are you alright?"

"Mom, I want to kill her, I have to kill her" Wushuang struggled to stand up but due to the piercing pain from her ankles, she kept slipping in Wu Rong's arms.

The chief saw things were going south so he stopped them with a booming shout, "This is the police station. Whoever steps out of line next will be punished by the law!"

"Didn't you see how that woman hurt my daughter? You're going to let her go just like that" Wu Rong shrieked like a crazy woman.

"What about the things you people did to Miss. Xia?" The chief reprimanded severely. To be fair, the chief wasn't actually siding with Xinghe. After all, it was him who allowed his men to treat Xinghe the way they did.

Therefore, he almost shat his pants when Chang An appeared at his precinct. He didn't expect Xi Mubai to send his men over to bail out Xia Xinghe and pressured him into letting her go.

He couldn't have known CEO Xi would value this nameless woman so much. If anything were to happen to Xinghe, his days as the chief constable would be numbered.

However, Wushuang and Wu Rong were clueless to the chief constable's worry.

They thought the whole police station was still under their command.

Wushuang finally stood upright. With every last ounce of her energy, she came at Xinghe. She would not take this humiliation lying down!

Xinghe saw that coming and nimbly stepped out of her way. Wushuang lost her mark and careened to the floor.

"Wushuang" Wu Rong ran to her daughter's side, her face as white as sheet.

"Did no one hear me? Men, get in there and separate them! Cuff anyone that refuses to cooperate!" the chief ordered. The room was finally peaceful after the police segregated the two opposing parties.

Wushuang had calmed down by then. With Wu Rong's aid, she stood up steadily. The stare she threw Xinghe was scarily toxic.