Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 103

Chapter 103 Ill Show You Cocky
Chapter 103: I'll Show You Cocky!

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The chief said firmly, "I promise you we will look further into Xia Xinghe's libel case but we won't be detaining her today."

"Alright then, I shall await the result of your investigation," Wushuang replied through clenched teeth. She had to compromise today but she was sure the charge would eventually stick.

Xia Xinghe had no way to prove her innocence, so if Wushuang couldn't finish her today, she could wait. She didn't mind having Xinghe sweat for a little while either.

Wushuang was certain, someday, Xinghe would fall into her hands again.

Even with Mubai's help, Xinghe wouldn't be able to extricate herself from this.

Wushuang stared at Xinghe mercilessly. "Xia Xinghe, count yourself lucky today. But don't think you can breathe easy because I will hunt you to the end of the world!"

Wushuang felt smug in her declaration. After all, she had Chui Ming behind her back. He would do anything to help her revenge against Xinghe.

What did Xinghe have?

She was a divorcee, Mubai might lend his aid once in a blue moon but he wouldn't do more than that.

In other words, Xia Xinghe was dead meat! She was no match for them!

As if reading her mind, Xinghe scoffed, "Is that so? Xia Wushuang, I have one thing I need to let you know."

Wushuang frowned in confusion. Xinghe continued, "If you can't take me down today, it'll be your turn tomorrow."

For some reason, Wushuang felt that her heart chilled.

Xinghe walked slowly towards her, her every step spoke of immense confidence.

Wushuang felt herself yielding to the assurance in Xinghe's eyes and her anxiety mounted.

It was as if Xinghe had read her doom. An unrealistic fear crept up in her heart.

However, Wushuang didn't show it on her face. Instead, she glared savagely at Xinghe.

Xinghe returned a similar glare at her but instead of a feral savagery, Xinghe's eyes communicated regality and sovereignty, like she was untouchable and above Wushuang.

Wushuang felt belittled and shamed like she was truly beneath Xinghe.

This feeling twisted her features.

"Xia Xinghe, what do you plan to do? I warn you, don't be too cocky!" These two sentences escaped Wushuang's mouth as Xinghe inched closer. No one knew this was the side of Xinghe that she despised the most. The one that made her feel inadequate.

She wanted to sh*t on Xinghe both figuratively and literally so that the other woman would feel like trash the rest of her life.

However, Xinghe had always been that one goal she couldn't beat.

"Cocky?" Xinghe laughed impudently. Like a chime that rang in the middle of the night, her laughs were hauntingly beautiful. She finished, "Then you better open your eyes because from this moment onwards, I'll show you cocky!"

Xinghe said her piece and turned to leave.

She was determined to reveal to them the real Xia Xinghe!

She would serve every single one of them their deserved comeuppance.

She would let them know that Xia Xinghe was not one to be bullied!

Xinghe strode out of the police station and Chang An chased after her.

For some subconscious reasons, Chang An was always deferential towards Xinghe. He asked, "Ms. Xia, may I ask where you are going? Do you want a lift?"

Xinghe didn't enquire why they came to her aid and she didn't stand on ceremony.

With a firm gaze, she pointed down a direction and announced steadily, "I'm going to the Hacker Competition!"