Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 105

Chapter 105 Et
Chapter 105: ET

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Chui Ming turned to whisper to his assistant, "Bring me the information on all the participating companies."

"Yes, sir." After some time, the assistant passed him a set of documents.

Chui Ming flipped through it quickly to locate the page on 'X PC Manager'.

Like what CEO Wong said, it was by a newly registered company, so new that it had been in existence for less than a week!

Its legal representative was

Chui Ming's hands that held the document were shaking, he had half a mind to tear the document apart.

The name was Xiao Mo!

This software had something to do with him!

Chui Ming's eyes sought out Xiao Mo among the crowded room. His world was upended.

He was certain Xiao Mo could no longer create any good software much less one that could rival his own King Kong Internet Security.

But now reality had proven otherwise!

No other software should manage to hold out this long other than his own King Kong Internet Security.

If X PC Manager was written by Xiao Mo alone, then the guy was a monster. Chui Ming felt rage and envy bubbled up within him.

Xiao Mo couldn't be allowed to live!

X PC Manager will never beat King Kong Internet Security!

Chui Ming gave an evil smirk and told his assistant, "Get ET out there"

There was a switch of players within the competition area.

A 185 centimeters-tall man with perfect physique, dressed in a black tracksuit and a black cap entered the competition space.

His entrance didn't attract much attention but those that did notice him felt he was no ordinary hacker.

"That's the hacker specially hired by Chui Corps," Junting who sat beside Mubai said in way of explanation, "Looks like Chui Ming is getting angsty from the pressure caused by this X PC Manager. Interestingly enough, X PC Manager's creator had a long history with Chui Ming, one that is not particularly pretty if I may add."

Mubai looked at him and said thoughtfully, "How so? Tell me more about it."

Junting, who was very much a gossip, scooted forward excitedly. "Have you heard of this person by the name of Xiao Mo?"

"I have," Mubai answered flatly.

Xiao Mo's fame was wiped out right as he was rising to prominence, so not all in the industry knew about him, but those that did knew of his history with Chui Ming.

Rumors said he was King Kong's Internet Security's original creator and Chui Ming forcefully stole it from him.

Even though there was no concrete proof, many chose to believe the rumors.

After all, Chui Ming wasn't actually known for his moral conduct.

Junting smiled and concluded, "The legal representative for the company behind X PC Manager is Xiao Mo."

Mubai was surprised.

Junting pointed towards a man inside the competition area, adding, "That's Xiao Mo."

Mubai was following the direction of Junting's finger when his friend suddenly said, "Wait, isn't that Xia Zhi beside Xiao Mo?"

Both Junting and Mubai were shocked.

Xia Zhi and Xiao Mo knew each other?

At this moment, Xia Zhi and Xiao Mo were sweating bullets. Xia Zhi whispered to Xiao Mo when he saw the hacker by the name of ET walked in, "Brother Xiao, that person is from Chui Corps. The moment he sat down, he came down hard on our software's defense. What should we do? He doesn't seem like a simple character."

Transparency of the competition meant that everyone could see the software each hacker was challenging.

Chui Corps suddenly changed their representative and the moment ET entered the ring, he targeted X PC Manager.

If X PC Manager was hacked, they would lose this competition!

They couldn't allow that to happen because they wouldn't be able to defeat Chui Corps then.