Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 106

Chapter 106 Hes Better Than My Sister
Chapter 106: He's Better Than My Sister?

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A worried Xiao Mo replied, "Let's wait and see. Miss Xia's software is not so easily hacked."

"Okay. We should try our best to break through Chui Corps' software in the meantime."


The two quickly returned to the battlefield.

They had been focusing solely on Chui Corps' King Kong Internet Security since the very beginning but even after so long, there hadn't been much progress.

Looked like Chui Corps came prepared this year.

Xia Zhi was still new at this. Even after so long, he only managed to break down King Kong Internet Security's first line of defense.

In comparison, ET used only several minutes to hack through X PC Manager's first wall of defense!

Xia Zhi was worried sick. "What to do? Our opponent is truly a capable expert. If only my sister is here, we would have won a long time ago!"

Xiao Mo thought the same.

Xinghe was detained at the police station but since they couldn't save her, persisting with their best was the only thing they could do.

Initially, they believed there was a chance at victory.

However, after ET entered the stage, that chance was blown out like a candle in the wind.

Without a doubt, Xia Zhi and he were no match for ET.

Even though Xiao Mo was talented at writing programs but he was practically a newbie when it came to hacking. He was only slightly better than Xia Zhi.

While ET was miles above them.

No, ET was miles above every single hacker in the competition.

Soon or later, he was bound to take down X PC Manager!

After another 10 minutes, ET successfully broke through X PC Manager's second line of defense.

It wouldn't be long until he hacked through the rest!

"How is he so good at this?" Xia Zhi fidgeted in distress, grumbling, "This is created by my sister, could it be that he's better than my sister?"

"I have no clue" Xiao Mo replied in a voice that was laced with worry.

On the other hand, ET was beaming with excitement!

This was interesting, way too interesting!

ET's eyes glowed passionately as his fingers flew over the keyboard. Those who were familiar with him would know he was in a state of euphoria.

He hadn't been so thrilled in such a long time.

Because there hadn't been a software that could pique his interest in a long time.

The defense capability of this X PC Manager was well beyond his expectation. He thought he will only need 10 minutes to completely hack through it.

Who knew the first line of defense alone took him about several minutes, and the second wall of defense about 10 minutes.

He could count on his fingers the number of software packages that required him this long to hack through.

He didn't expect to find such a master programmer in a small city like this.

ET's excitement grew when he started working on the third line of defense.

This third barrier was stronger than the two preceding it.

The harder the challenge, the more eager ET was. There was nothing in the world he loved more than a good challenge. By now, he held the whole venue's attention, they were curious to see how long he would take to hack through X PC Manager.

Xia Zhi hoped vehemently that he would take ten thousand years!

Being shown the stark difference in ability, Xia Zhi had lost his will of combat. However, he knew they couldn't lose, they mustn't lose!

"We can't let this go on anymore; I'm going to grab my sister! Even if I have to bust her out of jail, I will do it!" Xia Zhi said through gritted teeth.

As he stood up from his seat, Xiao Mo pulled him back down. "Zhi, wait!"