Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 110

Chapter 110 She Is 001
Chapter 110: She is 001!

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He wasn't at all surprised Xinghe openly challenged Chui Ming, but he was shocked that Xinghe knew her way around the computer!

Not only that, she was a hacker!

Mubai found it impossible to accept that the hacker before him and his ex-wife were one and the same.

In Mubai's mind, Xia Xinghe was a woman who didn't know anything so why would she suddenly know how to operate the computer?

Plus, based on her technique, she was very good at it.

Since she dared to declare war against Chui Ming, it meant that she was confident. Even though their X PC Manager was at the brink of being broken through, she still had faith she could take down Chui Corps' security software before then.

Either she was bluffing, which was unlikely, or she was indeed really good at her job.

The drastic transformation, pre- and post-divorce, in Xinghe was hard for Mubai to stomach.

However, he quickly came to terms with reality.

Tracing back the sudden changes in Xinghe and the series of events that had happened, Mubai seemed to have understood something.

Before Xinghe married him, she was a student from the Mathematics Faculty of Academy S.

Academy S was one of the top ten schools in the world. The entrance exam was said to be extremely hard. Furthermore, the Mathematics Faculty was the department that Academy S was famous for.

It had produced many famed mathematicians.

If Xinghe was from that faculty, it wouldn't be such a stretch to see her as a computer expert. Therefore, Mubai concluded, she had once been very handy with the computer.

The amnesia just so happened to eclipse her talent.

She must have recently recovered her memory because it was the only explanation to her sudden changes!

No wonder she could find the funds to pay Xia Chengwu's operation and get all dressed up to attend Lin Lin's party

She probably earned those funds using her extraordinary computer skills.

This meant that she is 001!

She must be because the timeline lined up simply too perfectly.

She was the 001 that helped Chui Corps solve their virus issue for the huge reward.

In fact, it might have been her who wrote the virus that targeted Chui Corps' security software in the first place

Therefore, it was also only logical that she was the main programmer behind this X PC Manager!

After Mubai figured out the whole picture, for some reason, he wanted to laugh out loud.

He felt assaulted by great pleasure. This was a sensation that he hadn't experienced in a long, long time.

Like Magellan discovering the New World, he felt his blood boiling with anticipation and joy.

His eyes on Xinghe also became unusually bright.

Junting immediately sensed the weird changes in his friend. He nudged Mubai concernedly and whispered, "Why are you looking at the woman like that?"

Mubai refused to take his eyes of Xinghe. He replied, "What do you mean?"

The tone of his voice was still the same but it did nothing to hide the joyful undertone.

Junting was spooked.

He had been friends with Mubai for many years, this was the first and only time he saw his friend act this way especially over a woman so intensely.

Isn't he completely uninterested in women?

Mubai hadn't once seriously laid his eyes on a woman so much so that, for a period, his friends suspected he was gay.

After he got married and had children, they finally realized, it wasn't that he wasn't into women, but there wasn't a woman in the world that was able to pique his interest.