Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 123

Chapter 123 The Brain Circuit Of A Genius
Chapter 123: The Brain Circuit of a Genius

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Xinghe blinked. "What are you two staring at?"

"Sis, you went in for less than five minutes and the partnership is already done?" Xia Zhi asked disbelievingly.

Xinghe nodded and confirmed, "Yup, everything's ready. Xiao Mo, you can go and sign the contract tomorrow. I've read the contract, there's no problem."

"Alright." Xiao Mo kept the criticism in his mind to himself.

But Xia Zhi wasn't that diplomatic. "Sis, this partnership is something very important. How can you finish everything in less than five minutes? Isn't that a bit too hasty? Aren't you afraid Xi Mubai would take advantage of us?"

"What advantage do we have?" Xinghe questioned him in return.

"" Xia Zhi was rendered speechless. Indeed, what advantage did they have?

It was already a cause for celebration that Xi Mubai was willing to work with them.

No matter how one looked at it, there was only benefit for them in this partnership.

Xiao Mo came to that conclusion as well. After he pored through the contract, he realized the benefits Mubai allowed them were actually quite generous.

"Xi Empire has offered us a good deal, it should be fine cooperating with them," he said with a smile but that smile quickly dimmed, "But the fact is we did steal this contract from under Chui Ming's nose. Coupled that with the humiliation that he has suffered today, I'm afraid he'll mean both of you harm. Miss Xia, please be extra careful. Chui Ming is capable of the most despicable deeds if they get the job done."

Xia Zhi was worried. "Sis, why don't we hire some bodyguards? I'm not afraid of Chui Ming myself but I'm afraid for your safety."

Xinghe shrugged with ease. "I'm more afraid he won't have time to come at us."

"Why?" A shocked Xia Zhi glanced at her through the rear-view mirror.

"Because he's probably too busy."

"Sis, this is not the time for a joke!" Xia Zhi was speechless. He could never understand how the brain circuit of a genius works.

Little did they know, Xinghe was absolutely right. Chui Ming was indeed too busy to deal with them.

After he left the Hacker Competition, he called for an emergency shareholders' meeting to solve the approaching crisis.

In truth, losing the competition and even the chance at partnership with Xi Empire was not supposed to be a big crisis.

It was Chui Ming's own fault for being so high-profile, telling the world, Chui Corps will be partnering with Xi Empire.

This caused a natural rise in their stock price.

However, the partnership had fallen through. Chui Ming was also publicly humiliated by Xinghe, admitting to a room of influential players in the business that he had lost. This was a huge blow to Chui Corps' reputation.

The moment this news spread to the public, their stock price would definitely plummet!

The big disaster would happen tomorrow

Therefore, Chui Ming had been stuck at his company, trying to find ways to stave off the imminent disaster. He didn't have time to return home much less answer Wushuang's calls.

Wushuang didn't know Xinghe had beaten Chui Corps. The only thought on her mind was asking her husband to help her take revenge against Xinghe.

She was still fuming from the incident at the precinct. But no matter, if they couldn't do it fair and square, there were more than enough ways to off someone from the dark. After Chui Ming returned home, she would ask him to hire someone to bestow Xia Xinghe a gruesome death!

Thinking about Xinghe's impending doom elevated her mood.

She brought Wu Rong, who had also suffered quite a bit under Xinghe's hands, to the spa to relax. They also went for a shiatsu massage to knead the stress out of their body. It was a day of luxurious indulgences for the both of them.

They couldn't have known that this was the last time they could so freely enjoy themselves

Early the next morning, Xiao Mo signed the contract with Mubai.

News of the partnership was publicized immediately. Chui Corps' stocks felt its effect almost instantly.

Chui Ming knew the stocks would drop but he wasn't expecting them to have such a scary drop.