Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Kill Xia Xinghe Tonight
Chapter 127: Kill Xia Xinghe Tonight

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Wushuang said through gritted teeth, "That's because she lost her memory. But now that she's recovered them, she's coming for us."

"No wonder she was so cocky at the precinct!" Wu Rong groused, "That b*tch, I shouldn't have spared her that time."

"Mom, we have to finish the job we started soon or else it'll be us on the chopping block," Wushuang warned seriously.

Wu Rong nodded in agreement.

"Of course, you're right. Since she went for Chui Ming, she won't ignore the both of us. Hitting Chui Ming was to cut off our retreat. The moment Chui Corps falls, she's coming for us next"

"Xia Xinghe will not let us off easy!" Wushuang said firmly.

She was at least certain about that.

Xinghe would not show any mercy towards them.

The moment they fell into Xinghe's hands, their lives would be over.

Wu Rong had spent her entire lifetime trying to achieve her current status and it was equally difficult for Wushuang to claw her way to the top.

Neither of them would let Xinghe ruin everything that they had.

They were willing to plot and kill for the Xia family's estate so naturally, they wouldn't be handing it over without a fight.

It was a battle to the death now. There was no holding back.

"Looks like it's time to ask Black Three to the stage," Wu Rong said with a chilling smile.

Wushuang's eyes lit up with recognition. "Mom, you can still contact that person?"

Wushuang didn't know much about this mysterious Black Three. The only thing she knew was that he was a professional assassin.

Years ago, Wu Rong bought his service to take care of Chengwu and Xinghe.

Black Three was famed within certain circles for his clean handiwork. He never left evidence for the police to trace back to him.

Wushuang felt comforted that it would be him representing them.

Wu Rong smiled smugly. "Of course I can find his contact. I'll call him in a minute to have him take care of that b*tch, Xia Xinghe!"

Wushuang was both excited and worried. "But if we do it now, won't we be the prime suspect"

After all Xinghe only just crossed Chui Ming. If anything was to happen to her, people would naturally suspect them.

Wu Rong glared at her impatiently. "So what if they suspect us, there must be proof! Plus, at the state we're in, do think we still have time to waste? Chui Ming is going down soon, the next in line will be us. We have to strike before Xia Xinghe does or it'll be too late."

"But this will heavily implicate Chui Ming"

"Do you think Chui Ming can be taken down so easily? Plus, he won't be directly involved so they can't pin anything on him. I hate to remind you but at the end of the day, I'd rather him take the fall than us. Wushuang, at a time like this, sacrifices must be made."

Wushuang was slowly persuaded by her mother's words.

Her mother was right, at this juncture, scruples didn't mean anything anymore. She had to do everything she could to save her own skin even if it meant pushing Chui Ming to take the fall.

She had to save herself. She had worked too hard to lose it like that.

Furthermore, Wushuang believed Chui Ming would have done the same. His wrath was aimed at her the moment trouble struck Chui Corps. Obviously, he didn't care for her; so, why should she care for him?