Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 128

Chapter 128 Planning A Murder
Chapter 128: Planning a Murder

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What you give is what you get.

The thought of how Chui Ming treated her that day made her boil with anger.

There is no good man in the world!

There was no reason for her to give up her life of luxury for a man.

Furthermore, Chui Ming did say he would come for her if she couldn't take care of Xia Xinghe.

His exact words were to bury her alongside Chui Corps if she couldn't deal with Xinghe.

Wushuang shivered involuntarily thinking about the malice she saw in Chui Ming's eyes.

Envy and resentment twisted her heart when her thoughts went to the newly transformed Xinghe.

She really had to remove the b*tch from her life or she wouldn't be able to enjoy a day of peace!

Her mouth curved into a sinister smile and she told Wu Rong, "Mom, go contact Black Three. I want Xia Xinghe dead this very instant!"

Wu Rong cackled. "Don't worry. She won't be able to live to see tomorrow's dawn."

The mother and daughter shared a look, and the scene looked like two evil witches plotting to curse their victim.

Wu Rong wasted no time in contacting Black Three and they sat waiting for his good news.

The thought of Xinghe's impending doom made Wushuang's heart palpitate with excitement and nervousness.

Even though she had not personally killed someone before but planning a murder made her abuzz with vitality and energy.

Dictating someone's life or death made her feel immensely powerful like she was a god.

She reveled in the euphoric rush of murder!

Wushuang stopped worrying and slowly savored the twisted joy of holding the power to end someone's life.

On the other side of the city, Xinghe's friends and family were having a party of their own.

In the basement workroom, Xia Zhi and Xiao Mo were glued to the computer screen. They were watching Chui Corps' stock numbers.

The lower the numbers fell, the higher their mood became.

"Let's make a bet to see whether Chui Ming will announce bankruptcy tomorrow," Xia Zhi suggested excitedly.

Xiao Mo smirked. "I'd rather he declare himself bankrupt today!"

"Brother Xiao, don't you worry. Based on how things are looking, it'll definitely happen today or tomorrow. Who would have known Chui Ming's comeuppance would arrive so fast?"

Xiao Mo nodded solemnly. "You're right. I certainly didn't see it coming so fast."

"Let's go for a grand meal later to celebrate!" Xia Zhi proposed happily.

Xiao Mo was quick to agree. "That sounds like a wonderful idea."

Xinghe who had been working on her computer silently rejected it, "No, it's still too early to celebrate."

"Why?" Xia Zhi queried, "Sis, even if Chui Corps could somehow miraculously survive this, its life will be hanging on a thread. Furthermore, we did sign the partnership with Xi Empire today. That's cause for celebration."

Xinghe turned to look at them. "You two think we're in a comfortably good position now?"

Xia Zhi and Xiao Mo stared at one another, confused by her words.

"Sis, are you not happy about this?" Xia Zhi asked.

Xinghe's face was grim. "Of course I'm happy about Chui Corps' quick downfall but I cautioned myself not to be too happy."

"Why would you do that?" It was Xiao Mo who posed the question this time.

Xinghe explained softly, "Because too much of anything is bad for you, happiness included as it begets carelessness. We've not removed the root of our problem yet so we can't afford to be careless especially not now."

Xiao Mo and Xia Zhi were taught a valuable lesson.

It was as if someone sounded out an alarm in their head.

Yes, it's not yet time for us to celebrate. Chui Ming could come for us at anytime.