Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 139

Chapter 139 A Piece Of Advice
Chapter 139: A Piece of Advice

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Xinghe looked beyond the horizon and said in her usual calm way, "No worries, it'll be their turn soon enough. Let's go, we still have things to do."

Indeed, they still had things to be done.

Xinghe needed to strike while the iron was hot.

Xinghe herself had said earlier she was going to make sure every single one of them was punished and she wasn't one to go back on her words.

Unsurprisingly, Wu Rong voluntarily shouldered all of the blame.

Wushuang insisted she had nothing to do with the attempted murders and, since they already had a confession from Wu Rong, the police couldn't do anything against her.

After giving her statement, Wushuang wanted to rush home to get Chui Ming.

Only Chui Ming could save her mother now.

Or else she would lose everything.

Even her claim to the Xia Family fortune

"Xia Wushuang," Suddenly Xinghe called from behind her. Wushuang turned, her eyes filled with a mixture of anger and fear towards Xinghe.

Finally, she had learnt that Xinghe was not someone she could take down easily.

Xinghe looked at her icily but her words surprised Wushuang. "Due to the fact that we were once sisters, I'm willing to give you some advice. This is your only way out now, so you want to hear it or not?"

"You would be so kind?" Wushuang scoffed.

"Of course."

Doubts entered Wushuang's heart. Just what kind of tricks is Xia Xinghe playing?

However, beggars can't be choosers. She was willing to take anyone's advice then.

"What advice?"

"It's simple. Go back in there to surrender and accept your punishment," Xinghe said plainly.

"B*tch, in your dreams!" Wushuang cursed angrily; she should have known Xinghe couldn't have given her any good advice.

Xia Xinghe wants her to go down with the sinking ship? In her dreams!

"Xia Xinghe, don't be too happy. This is not over yet!" Wushuang turned to leave. She swore then to make Xia Xinghe pay even if she had to give up everything!

By then, the only card she could play was Chui Ming.

They were after all married and had a common enemy. She believed he would help her take on Xia Xinghe.

Wushuang left in a terrible fit of rage. Xia Zhi said worriedly, "Sis, Xia Wushuang looks like she is ready to die together with us. Did you purposely provoke her just now?"

"I didn't."

"You mean your advice was genuine?"

"Yes. Sadly, she chose a fate worse than the law's punishment."

"How come I don't understand what you're talking about?" Xia Zhi scratched his head. However, he had gotten used to the cryptic way his sister spoke.

The moment Wushuang stepped into her home, she knew something was wrong.

The sprawling villa was as still as the cemetery.

Normally, four or five housemaids would bustle about the house but now there wasn't even one of them. The living room's door was wide open but Wushuang was hesitant to enter because it gave her the feeling that it was an entrance to a monster's lair.

Regardless, she steeled herself and walked in. She saw Chui Ming sitting at the bar counter.

He had uncorked a bottle of wine and was pouring himself a glass. The sound of rushing liquid filled Wushuang's ears.

Chui Ming swirled the glass in his hand leisurely like he had no worry in the world.

Wushuang sighed in relief noticing Chui Ming's relaxed mood. "Honey, why are you home alone, where's the help?" She moved forward and asked softly.

Chui Ming turned to look at her and asked his own question, "Where have you been?"