Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 147

Chapter 147 Value Her
Chapter 147: Value Her

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But Mubai gave her the same treatment she gave Xinghe. His eyes were locked onto Xinghe's as he asked, "What were you going to discuss with me about?"

The moment unfortunately had passed and Xinghe didn't feel like talking about it anymore. "It's nothing."

Her tone had dropped multiple levels. Her reticence obviously caused by Chu Tianxin's sudden appearance.

Mubai looked at Tianxin and ordered, "Wait for me outside, we have something important to discuss."

Tianxin blinked and pouted. "What's so important that I can't be involved in it?"

No one answered her. She smiled to smooth over the awkwardness and said, "Alright, I'll wait for you outside, Mubai."

She was even considerate enough to close the door on her way out.

However, the moment the door closed behind her, her face changed.

Mubai repeated up his question, "Tell me, what did you want to discuss?"

Xinghe didn't expect him to value her so much that he would have Tianxin leave the room for her sake.

However, the moment truly had passed and the timing wasn't right.

"Actually, it is really nothing. I'll see you around," Xinghe replied and Mubai knew she wouldn't be saying any more than that.

He laid his eyes on her one last time and said, "Okay, come find me when you want to talk about it."

Then, he turned to leave.

Tianxin who was waiting outside smiled when she saw him exit Xinghe's ward. "Mubai, your discussion finished so fast?"

Mubai didn't answer and strode past her to the exit.

Tianxin hurried to catch up to him. "Mubai, wait for me"

After confirming their receding footsteps, Xia Zhi - who had been awake since Mubai first walked in - sprung up from his bedside perch. "Sis, what is it that you wanted to discuss with Mubai?"

He was definitely curious.

Instead of answering him, Xinghe asked her own question, "How is Xiao Mo?"

"Brother Xiao is doing fine. He even dropped by to visit you earlier. However, things are not looking good for a certain someone!" Xia Zhi smiled gleefully. Xinghe scolded him lightly, one shouldn't take pleasure in others' misery.

But she was quick to realize who he meant. "You're talking about Xia Wushuang?"

"How did you know" Xia Zhi's face sunk. "Sis, can you not steal my thunder every time? It's no fun. How are you going to find a man if you keep acting like this?"

Xinghe ignored him and asked directly, "What happened to Xia Wushuang?"

"She" Just as Xia Zhi was going to answer, two policemen walked into the room.

They announced formally, "Miss Xia, we're here to ask you some simple questions, hopefully we're not disturbing your rest."

Both Xinghe and Xia Zhi thought they were there to follow up on Wu Rong or Chui Ming's cases.

But they were sorely mistaken!

"Miss Xia Wushuang accused you of being the perpetrator behind the car accident that almost took her life. Therefore, we're here to ask, what you were doing yesterday"

Xia Zhi lit up with anger and countered, "How can my sister be the perpetrator when the obvious culprit is Chui Ming!"

The police smiled helplessly. "To be honest, we also suspect it was Chui Ming behind the deed but the driver claimed it was an accident and refused to say anything else. On the other hand, Miss Xia Wushuang insisted your sister is the one behind the accident so we have no choice but to disturb the both of you"

"I didn't do anything. Ask whatever question you want." Xinghe was cooperative.

Xinghe truthfully answered the questions the police posed.

The police saw how collected Xinghe was and there were witnesses verifying her account so they left after the routine questions.

Xia Zhi was still fuming. "Xia Wushuang is so brainless. It is so obvious that Chui Ming wanted to kill her, how come she keeps coming after us"

"That's because she'll go crazy if she ever suspects Chui Ming." Xinghe pulled off the sheet and climbed out of bed.

Xia Zhi asked hurriedly, "Sis, what are you doing?"