Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 148

Chapter 148 The Truth
Chapter 148: The Truth

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"To see Xia Wushuang," Xinghe answered.

Wushuang was also hospitalized at the same place. When Xinghe walked into her ward, it only hit her how serious Wushuang's situation was.

Her whole body, especially her face, was bandaged. The bandage started from the bottom left of her chin, crossed her nose, and circled her head.

Even though the injuries were hidden under the bandage, it was obvious her face was badly wounded.

In fact, she was so banged up that one would have difficulty telling that it was Wushuang lying in the bed.

If not for the pair of hate-filled eyes that glared straight at Xinghe, Xinghe wouldn't be certain it was indeed her.

"B*tch, you will pay for this" Wushuang growled like a broken windpipe the moment Xinghe walked in.

Xinghe smiled lightly. "Oh, it's you, Xia Wushuang. I'm surprised you're still alive."

"You evil witch!" Wushuang was riled up. If not for her physical condition, she would attack Xinghe. "God will punish you for injuring me like this! You and your family will be struck by lightning for having such a vicious heart. You will die alongside your son because that is the ending you deserve! All of you will die a horrible death! Just you wait and see!"

"Shut up!" Xia Zhi scolded her severely, "Xia Wushuang, you are the one with the vicious heart so if anything, you're the one who deserves a horrible death!"

"I'm vicious? Xia Xinghe is evil! I, Xia Wushuang, swear I'll make you pay as long as I still have a breath in me!" Resentment radiated off of Wushuang. It clogged up the small room, suffocating everyone in it.

Xinghe dropped her smile and sauntered over to Wushuang's side. The eyes that regarded her were as cold as the winter's breath.

"You really think I'm the one responsible for your current condition?" Xinghe asked flatly.

Wushuang tried to struggle up but she couldn't summon up any energy in her lower body. She finally resorted to glaring at Xinghe as she said, "Of course. Who else could it be? It must be you!"

"I hate to break it to you at a time like this, but putting our differences aside, I think you deserve the truth. Do you know what Chui Ming's initial plan was?"

"" Wushuang didn't answer but her interest was piqued.

Xinghe looked at her and continued in a voice devoid of emotion, "Chui Ming was going to use you as a stepping stone to get to me, killing two birds with one stone. Actually, his plan is mighty interesting, do you want to hear about it?"

"Don't lie! The only one who has it out for me is you!" Wushuang got increasingly agitated. "You can stop spinning your story because I'm dead sure you are the culprit behind my accident!"

Xinghe ignored Wushuang's struggle and continued in a voice that rang as clear as day.

"He knew you would send someone to get rid of me so he had his own scheme in place. He had his men come over to my place before yours, take care of us and wait for your people to arrive.

"First, his men would get me and my family knocked out, and then kill Black Three when he arrived. This would create the impression that I've killed Black Three. Being charged with murder would ruin me and my company's name so our software couldn't work with Xi Empire anymore. Naturally, the partnership would fall to the runner up, Chui Corps.

"Then, he would have his men leave evidence around for the police to tie Black Three's appearance to you and your mother. You yourself know what would happen after that."