Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 151

Chapter 151 Reincarnation
Chapter 151: Reincarnation?

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When Xia Zhi saw her awake at such an early hour, he asked in surprise, "Sis, why are you up so early? Are you not feeling well?"

Xinghe shook her head. "I'm fine, just going to the kitchen to grab a glass of water."

"Okay." Xia Zhi turned back to the football match.

Xinghe poured herself a glass of water and joined Xia Zhi on the sofa. She took two slow sips of the water and said nonchalantly, "Actually, I haven't been sleeping"

Xia Zhi turned to her curiously. "Then what were you doing? Was the sound of the TV too loud?"

"No, that's fine. I was actually up reading a novel."

"What novel is so interesting that you're up all night reading it?"

"No, it's because I couldn't sleep that I picked up a random novel to read, not the other way around. It was a weird story that starts with the main character having the same dream over and over again. I couldn't understand it so I eventually put it away."

Xia Zhi reared up with interest. "Sis, it must be a reincarnation novel!"

"Reincarnation?" Xinghe repeated the unfamiliar word.

"Yup, basically the main character somehow returns to the past but they don't realize they've been reincarnated. As proof, the memories return to him in forms of recurring dreams, reminding him that he has indeed reincarnated. In other words, the events in his dreams, normally tragedies, are things that will happen in the future. The main character is sent back to the past to redo certain things, and to remake certain choices in order to prevent the tragedies from happening."

Xinghe was stumped. "This kind of thing can happen in real life?"

"Of course not, it's completely fictional. But I have to say they are quite interesting. Sis, how could you not have heard about a genre as famous as reincarnation? You should definitely give these webnovels a look-see. There's not only reincarnation novels but also time travelling and, my preferred genre to read, transmigrations"

Xia Zhi droned on but Xinghe stopped paying him attention.

Her mind latched on to the word 'reincarnation' instead.

Could she have reincarnated?

She had reincarnated to prevent the gruesome death that would otherwise befall the future Xinghe and Lin Lin?

Xinghe returned to her bedroom and started researching the meaning of 'reincarnation'. None of the definitions matched the idea she had in her mind.

The religious experience aside, the 'reincarnation' Xia Zhi spoke of had main characters that typically remember their lives or the things that had happened to them in the future prior to their reincarnation.

However, Xinghe only dreamed about images of her own and her son's death.

Could hers still be counted as reincarnation? Or was it something else completely?

Xinghe couldn't figure out an answer but for some reason, she couldn't shake off the feeling that this was something she needed to deal with vigilantly.

She wasn't willing to bet her son's life by treating it willy-nilly.

Lin Lin was everything to her. She had done plenty of wrong by him already, so she couldn't take any more risks when it came to him.

She was deathly afraid that her dream might come true.

Therefore, to ensure her dream wouldn't be a reality, she needed to go to the hospital to conduct a body check.

In her dreams, she died from sickness. She was still young when she died, way before Lin Lin's death.

If her dream was true, then there should be something wrong with her body.

In other words, the truth would be revealed with a hospital visit.

Before the sun rose, Xinghe left for the hospital. When she arrived, there was already a long line of patients.

Xinghe filled out the required forms, and attended the diagnostics.

Finally, her report arrived