Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 152

Chapter 152 I Want My Sons Custody
Chapter 152: I Want My Son's Custody

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They'd found a tumor in her brain!

One month earlier, when Xinghe got involved in the car accident, she had a CAT scan but they found nothing.

However, in just a month, something like a tumor had grown inside her brain.

And it wasn't small

The doctor said it was probably malignant so he advised that she undergo a course of chemotherapy as soon as possible.

Surgery was the last resort because the tumor was found in an awkward position. The risk of surgery was too high.

Furthermore, the success rate for removing the tumor was only five percent.

In conclusion, chemo was Xinghe's best option despite it not being the most effective solution.

It wasn't looking great for Xinghe.

Her nightmare might just come true which meant she would die and Lin Lin would too.

Her heart dropped to the floor when she thought of that possibility.

Xinghe wasn't afraid of death but she couldn't let her son perish at such a young age!

Xinghe made a decision at the hospital, she needed to meet Xi Mubai!

Mubai was in the middle of a meeting when he received her call.

Xinghe asked over the phone, "Are you free for a meet-up today? I have something to discuss with you."

This was the first time Xinghe actively went looking for him after their divorce.

Mubai immediately called off the meeting and left to meet Xinghe.

For some reason, recently, his thoughts kept circling around Xinghe. A day hadn't gone by without him thinking about her.

Therefore, he emptied his schedule the moment he heard her request

Mubai himself didn't realize how much he wanted to see her in person.

Mubai arrived quickly at the caf Xinghe picked to meet at.

It was in the middle of a working day so the caf was practically deserted.

The moment Mubai walked in, he spotted her sitting at the corner.

Xinghe had on a simple sleeveless blouse, no make-up, and no gaudy accessories. It showcased Xinghe's natural allure, blooming like an elegant, untainted jasmine.

Mubai stopped to admire Xinghe before taking wide strides to her table.

"What do you want to discuss?" he asked as he sat down.

"What drink do you want?" Xinghe asked instead of answered.

"Blue Mountain."

Xinghe helped him order a Blue Mountain coffee, stared at him and said, "Mubai, I have something I need to discuss with you."

Mubai took a sip of his coffee, raised his brow slightly and asked, "Tell me."

He was prepared to agree to any of her demands.

However, he was truly blindsided by what she said next.

"I want my son's custody."

Mubai furrowed his brow. "You want Lin Lin?"

Xinghe nodded. She held his eye contact and said directly, "I'm more than capable of raising him now and can give him the best life possible. Furthermore, I will never remarry in my life so I will focus completely on him so please let me raise our son. Of course, you will always be his father, I just want to fulfill my part as his mother better. Lastly, your attention will also be divided after you have more children."

Mubai put down his cup of coffee, stared at her emotionlessly and said in a low rumble, "You should know Lin Lin will always be a part of the Xi Family."

"I know Xi Family will be able to provide him with everything he could ever need. That's why I never thought to fight for his custody before. But now I can do that too. I want to be by his side and watch him grow into a respectable young man. Of course, he'll always be a part of the Xi Family, I'm not denying that."

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