Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 154

Chapter 154 The Loss And Gain
Chapter 154: The Loss and Gain

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The child would forever be a part of the Xi Family; her wish was impossible.

In other words, he couldn't give in to her demands.

"No matter what, I can't give you Lin Lin," Mubai rejected firmly.

Xinghe frowned. "Is there no room for negotiation?"

"There is none" unless you're still my wife.

The thought suddenly flashed across Mubai's mind and he shuddered.

Iciness crept into Xinghe's voice, "I am Lin Lin's mother. Can't I look after him for a few years?"

"You can visit him any time you want."

"But I want to be a constant part of his life, to give him everything he deserves"

"My Xi Family can provide him with everything, better than what you could provide," Mubai said over her. It silenced Xinghe.

He was right, the Xi Family could give Lin Lin everything he needed and more.

If not for that recurring dream, Xinghe wouldn't have approached Mubai with this demand so soon. Her standing was still lower than the Xi Family's.

However, the dream had necessitated changes to her plans. She had to fight for Lin Lin now or else her dream would come true and he would die following her death.

She had to change the child's destiny while she was still alive.

However, Xi Family was a giant roadblock that stood in her way.

She couldn't use her death as an argument either because she had no idea when she would die, but most importantly, how could Xi Family be willing to hand Lin Lin over to a dying woman.

It was like Mubai said. She could visit Lin Lin any time she wanted but not take him away.

"What if I appeal to the courts" Xinghe began but was again cut off by Mubai.

"You have less of a chance that way."


"Therefore, no matter what, you will not give me Lin Lin's custody?" Xinghe asked apathetically.

Mubai nodded firmly.

Even if, somehow, she could persuade him to hand Lin Lin over, his parents wouldn't allow it, no one in the Xi Family would agree to it.

Xinghe was definitely no match for the entire Xi Family.

Xinghe knew there is no point continuing the conversation.

She stood up and said, "I will not give up on my son."

Then, she turned to leave. Mubai sat in his chair, staring at her back emotionlessly.

Xinghe left for home after leaving the caf.

Xia Zhi's schedule was wide open now that they've dealt with Chui Ming, Wushuang, and Wu Rong, so his schedule consisted of mostly watching television and playing games.

When Xinghe returned, he was playing a console game, surrounded by a plethora of snacks and drinks.

He sprung up from his seated position and ran towards Xinghe when he saw her walked in. "Sis, I have a fabulous piece of news to tell you! I assure you that you'll be happy to hear this!"

"What fabulous news?" Xinghe asked with a straight face, not at all intrigued by Xia Zhi's proclamation.

Xia Zhi cheered, "The police just called. The inheritance is now all yours! There is one billion in cash and several hundred million in real estate! They are all yours! Sis, you're a billionaire now!"

Chengwen's original estate wasn't worth that much but Wu Rong was a business minded person. She had accrued and increased the Xia Family's fortune over the years. Now, it all belonged to Xinghe.

She had no choice, it was loss compensation.

Xia Zhi thought Xinghe would show at least some semblance of joy knowing one billion would soon enter her accounts, but her face was stone cold.