Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 155

Chapter 155 Closer To My Son
Chapter 155: Closer to My Son

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"Is that so? Did they mention when the transfer will happen?" Xinghe asked matter-of-factly, as if she were asking about the weather.

"Sis, how come you don't seem even a little bit excited about this?" Xia Zhi asked, "Aren't you happy you're getting the money back?"

"Because this is all part of the plan, there's nothing to get excited about."

"But, with so much money, at least you won't need to worry about money problems anymore in your life."

"Alas, this amount of money is nothing but a tip of the iceberg when compared to Xi Family," Xinghe sighed with emotions.

Xia Zhi scratched his head, "Why the sudden comparison? There's no need to compare ourselves to them."

How can we compete with them if there's no comparison?

If the opponent wasn't drastically more powerful than them like Chui Ming, Xinghe could still figure out ways to deal with them.

That was why she dared to go against Chui Corps even though she had practically nothing.

However, even though she was worth something now, she couldn't rival Xi Empire.

Xi Mubai was not Chui Ming, he would be a lot tougher to deal with.

Furthermore, Xi Empire's estates seemed impossibly immense.

How could her one billion in properties ever compete with Xi Empire's hundreds of billions?

They could crush her with a finger.

Therefore, she couldn't deal with them the same way she dealt with Chui Ming.

"You still haven't answered me, when will they make the transfer?" Xinghe repeated.

"Oh, the policeman said you can make the transfer anytime you want since the money is lawfully yours."

Xinghe turned to leave. Xia Zhi called after her, "Sis, where are you going? Didn't you just return?"

"To withdraw money."

"Take me with you!" Xia Zhi rushed to catch up to her. There was no better feeling than withdrawing money.

The first thing Xinghe did after she withdrew the money was to go house-shopping.

She eventually bought a mansion with a large garden at Purple Jade Villa, not far away from the Xi Family's home.

Xinghe decided to relieve herself of the business side of things. She would leave the company to Xiao Mo and Xia Zhi's care.

She would focus fully on writing software and figuring out ways to earn Lin Lin's custody.

The purchase of the mansion and refurnishing was completed within a day.

Xia Zhi was confused. "Sis, why did you buy this place? It's so close to the Xi Family's house."

Purple Jade Villa was City T's biggest silk-stocking district. It was next to the national garden and covered a lot of grounds.

The biggest mansion here belonged to the Xi Family. They said their garden was as large as a football field.

The total area was larger than several football fields combined

"This place is closest to my son," Xinghe explained.

Understanding dawned for Xia Zhi. "You plan to visit Lin Lin often?"


Since she couldn't bring Lin Lin to her, she was going to bring herself to Lin Lin.

She swore to teach him the values of independence and determination before she died!

As long as he didn't run away from home, he should be safe.

Xinghe didn't waste much time to move into her new home. She left Xia Family's villa to Xiao Mo and Xiao Lin.

Chengwu and Xia Zhi naturally moved in with Xinghe.

Xinghe originally planned to buy them another villa but both of them refused, citing their preference to stay with her. Xinghe didn't reject since they would inherit the house after she passed away.

Other than that, she gave her uncle and Xia Zhi two hundred million worth of estate and Xia Zhi 20 percent of the company shares. That way, they would not have to worry about their livelihood even after she was gone.

Xinghe had settled everything with those around her; the only one left was her son.