Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 156

Chapter 156 Xia Xinghe Is Coming Over Tomorrow
Chapter 156: Xia Xinghe Is Coming Over Tomorrow

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After she had settled everything to do with Lin Lin, maybe then she could leave this world in peace

After Xinghe moved into her new home, she immediately informed Xi Family that she would be visiting the day after.

Old Mrs. Xi heard the message from the butler and was shocked. "Xia Xinghe is coming over tomorrow?"

Tianxin was by her side. Ever since her engagement to Mubai, she was a guest at the house almost daily.

"What did she say she will be here for?" Tianxin asked innocently.

The butler answered politely, "She said it's to pay Young Master a visit."

"She ignored him for so many years so why did she choose to come back now?" Old Mrs. Xi said with a sneer, "Most likely she couldn't survive on her own out there and is trying to find a way to get close to my Mubai."

In Old Mrs. Xi's eyes, other than Tianxin, all the women that approached Mubai were for their own benefits.

"Xinghe's not someone like that" Tianxin explained kindly, "Things might not be looking up for her now but I hear she's getting her share of the Xia Family's estate soon."

The fact that Chui Ming and his crew failed to kill Xinghe, and lost the Hacker Competition was open news.

However, the knowledge that Xinghe was the creator behind X PC Manager was not known to the public. Even Tianxin was unaware of that.

"Those estates are nothing," Old Mrs. Xi said haughtily, "The greedy woman must be on the lookout for more."

"Should we tell Mubai about this?" Tianxin finally got to the question that she wanted to ask.

Old Mrs. Xi rejected the idea outright, "Of course not. We mustn't let the both of them meet. We must keep Lin Lin away from the woman as well. I'll personally see her tomorrow, to let her know that she is not welcomed here!"

Tianxin smiled and nodded. To play the part of a daughter-in-law right, she could only smile and nod no matter what her future mother-in-law did or say.

But on this issue, of course, she agreed completely with Old Mrs. Xi!

She also wanted to meet the b*tch, Xia Xinghe, tomorrow.

Tianxin felt something had changed within Xinghe. She couldn't pinpoint it but recently, she felt inexplicably threatened by Xinghe.

Therefore, she must stamp out the embers before it burst into flames.

The next morning, Old Mrs. Xi and Tianxin were all dressed up waiting for Xinghe's arrival.

The both of them decided to use their elegance, affluence and nobility to suppress Xinghe.

However, there was no trace of Xinghe all day long.

The both of them waited until the sun had almost set but Xinghe was still nowhere to be seen!

Old Mrs. Xi was fit to be tied. "Is this Xia Xinghe playing me for a fool? I've waited the whole day for her to make her appearance but she decided to pull a no-show"

Old Mrs. Xi had spent her whole life being flattered and fawned upon. This was her first time waiting for others and not only that, for a whole damn day!

She was ready to blow her top off.

Tianxin too was nurturing a ball of fire inside her.

She was all psyched up to have a showdown with Xinghe, but the b*tch had the audacity to stand her up

However, she couldn't show the anger on her face.

"Auntie, I bet she is too afraid to come," Tianxin suggested.

Old Mrs. Xi scoffed, "If that's case, at least the girl still knows her place! This is not some location she can just waltz into!"

"Well, on the brighter side, at least Auntie won't get angered over her if she doesn't show up," Tianxin said tactfully, "Auntie, let's go back in to prepare dinner. I believe Mubai is almost home."

"You're right. But I'm still in no mood to have dinner" Because she was still angry.

Naturally, Tianxin snatched the opportunity to please and ingratiate herself to Old Mrs. Xi.